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Ping Pong Orbs


I can remember this as clearly as I'm writing this, living, breathing and seeing. I am 13 years old. And for the past few weeks I have been seeing ping pong sized white and brown orbs fly past me while I'm walking. I'll be at school and the next thing you know, it looks like I'm trying to dodge something! Sometimes I'm sitting down and they come flying at me like someone threw something. Or I'm waking and they go shooting past me on the wall and floor. I don't know it I'm going crazy or if this is normal. But my friends are starting to notice my "new behavior".

This happened to me just yesterday... I was walking to band class cause I was in school, and I was with one of my friends. I stopped dead in my tracks and my face went pale and I stared at the wall watching a ping pong sized white orb shoot across the wall! "are you okay?" is what she asked me. "Yeah, just thought I... Never mind it's not important." I said this and went into band. Later at lunch I saw a brown orb shoot from midair an come flying at me. I waved my hands around my head (thinking someone had thrown something at me) trying to block it. My friend stared at me like I just told her I was going to murder her. I looked around... And nothing was there. That's when I thought I was going crazy. " why are you acting weird today?" she asked this in a hushed whisper as if she didn't want anyone to notice my weird moment. I told her what happened. She, well I THINK she believed me. "Your a medium." I heard this voice and turned to see one of my other friends listening to us. "A what?" I still don't fully understand what that is. "A medium. Someone who can feel the emotion, sense and sometimes hear the dead." At this point I'm thinking, sure, right. But it started to dawn in me that I had been seeing shapes... Like... Pale shapes, day and night. Small shapes like orbs, people, and sometimes just dots.

Every now and then I get "the chills" and the hairs on my arms and neck stand up and I think I'm being watched by someone in class. I look around but no one is. It feels hard to breath when this happens like there's a weight on my chest and I'm waiting for something to happen. But I don't feel scared when these happen. I feel happy almost. Like someone is with me. When these do happen, something clicks in my mind and I look to someone in my class or around me, like I'm thinking of them. Naturally I haven't told my family. There way to skeptic. FThey'd say I'm making it up. But I don't think what I'm seeing is not real. I know it's something I just don't know what. Am I alone with this? Is there ANYONE who has this too?

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