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Predicting A Death


My Spanish teacher is small and young, but very scary! Lately she's been missing a lot of school because her mother is in the hospital, and while we all feel bad about it, we're plenty glad to be rid of her!

About a week ago I was standing outside the classroom talking with some of my classmates and someone asked me if I thought she was going to be gone today. I said yes without even stopping to think, but when we went in a minute later and she was there at her desk I felt pretty stupid.

She started the lesson and as usual I was hanging on her every word in case she decided to call on me, which can be a very terrifying experience. Suddenly I couldn't see her anymore, all I could see was my grandpa's workshop where he does woodwork. I could smell the varnish he uses, and the dust and wood. Then I was moving outside and into the car, and something about the feel of the night (this was around nine in the morning) told me that it was the night he'd had to go to the hospital and we were all super worried he was going to die. Then I could see the teacher again, but I could also smell this antiseptic hospital smell. Finally, I felt something crushing in a way that's hard to describe. A few seconds passed. I mentally tried to pull myself together and scolded myself for letting my mind wander, which at first was what I thought it was. Then the teacher's cell phone rang. She answered it, gasped, and began to cry, then ran out of the room and didn't come back. We later found out that her mother had died, which freaked the heck out of me since it had been almost a year since I'd predicted anything.

Am I starting to predict again?

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sar (guest)
14 years ago (2010-10-19)
It sounds like premention there, seeing your grandpal and talking to him is different so I would say it was just your spirit guide taking his form.

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