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Not Afraid Of The Dark, Just Jittery


Once when I was in my room, I had no light around me at all. It was about maybe ten to twelve and my room was pitch black. I was sitting in my bed listening to music and then all of a sudden I turned abruptly and saw a bit dark thing try to grab me. I immediately jumped up and turned on my light. I was about eleven,twelve, or younger. I still can't explain that at all, but it hasn't happened since.

I remember begging in the elementary school, sitting on the bus waiting to get off. I used to think about what I wanted to eat, practically taste in my mouth, and quietly say to myself that that's what I desired. A lot of times when I walked in the cafeteria that's what I had. I always thought of it as luck, and I still don't know if I should take to it as more.

Now, at fifteen, I'm extremely interested in paranormal things, and I don't feel right in the dark. Like last night I feel the air from my fan, and then I get chills and a rush of panic and fear. Then all of a sudden I feel a wave of relief and a cold feeling washes over me. Sometimes I feel like someone is watching me, and at times, I can't even sleep with my light off.

This has happened on more than one occassion...

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Keidarth (9 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-30)
I faced the same problem, and I'm able to sleep alone in complete darkness. So simple way to put it: You're a big boy now you can handle it. At age 13 I would sleep at the source of that stuff and not even feel fear, even if the shadow wanted me to. I'm not saying you're weak or a wuss, since I understand why you're afraid. But I think you should just face your fear. If it disappears and relies on forcing you to feel these things, then its more afraid of what will happen once you face it.
sar (guest)
14 years ago (2010-10-19)
Well the dark figure sounds like a shadow. As for tasting something in the future is would say its clairgustance in a premention format. Basically you are tasting the future.

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