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Different Times


Times have changed and so has the things that happen to me.

I used to be able to see and hear things, but that hasn't happened to me in a while -well since the last time I posted- but recently I have been able to sense things before it happens and dreaming about it as well. I seem to sense good and evil and also emotions and the feel off the atmosphere sometimes. Things that fool others make me curious and also things that confuse others.

Although I still feel the presence off the passed I cannot see nor hear them and I do not know what has happened. It has not frightened me but one particular day my friend told me she was worried about someone that had passed in her family, the next night he appeared to me in my dream and told me who he was, I was shocked.

The dream fell apart and he left me standing all alone in the blackness, my father was stood there and we had a brief conversation.

I attempted to reach the other side by staring into a candle flame, but it did not work.

Things that I can now do compared to the things I cannot do confuse and irritate me I need advice and help on the things that connect me to the other side.

Thanks for listening and I hope to here from you soon.

Sincerely hiptumous:) <3

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violetstory (3 stories) (68 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-09)
Often times as psychics our abilities "take a break" This can be related to the cocoon state of a butterfly. Restructuring and getting stronger 😊 Try to live in the moment and pay attention to what abilities you are using now, this may be a chance for you to strengthen the abilities you don't tend to use. In time your others will come back stronger than they were last ❤

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