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Confused By All The Signs, Psychic Or Spiritual?


I've had strange happenings, too many to put here, but these are the more unusual or vivid happenings.

I can't really say when it started, but as far back as I remember I've had some strange happenings. My grandparents lived in an older house, one night I dreamed that I was playing in the house as my family was building it, there were several faces I knew, and I woke up convinced that this actually happened. When I mentioned it to my grandmother she told me that the house was built years before they bought it, but I didn't know what to believe. They lived in the house most of my life, as a kid I always watched TV in my grandparents' room, it was where I felt safest. When I spent the night I would try to put off going to bed as long as possible, and when I slept in the extra bedroom, next door to my grandparents' room, I would have stuffed animals filling the bed and would pull the blankets up so I couldn't see out the door. I felt that if I looked into the hall I would see something white pass by the door, and when I had to go down the hall at night I would run, it felt like something was chasing me.

I never liked being in the back of the house where they kept the computer, it always had strange vibes, but as I got older I would spend hours on the computer regardless. Instead of an actually door they had a plastic divider that put in the door, when I was back there the bottom of the divider would bow in real far like someone tried to step through, and it would happen several times a night. After the divider would return to its normal position the tanning bed that was just a few feet away, my back would be to it, would creak like some was leaning against it. After a while I would just mumble a 'hi' and continue with what I was doing, but even as I became a teenager the strange feelings, and happenings didn't go away. When I spent the night at that point I always slept in the living room, and always where I could look down the hall. I eventually stopped going out there as frequently, until they tore the house down.

After they moved into the house they built on the property, just behind were the old one stood, I found out most of the people that went into the old house had the same scary feelings as I did, and that my grandparents' had seen the figure of a man in a white suit stagger down the hall to where they kept the computer, they found out that the previous owner liked to drink and was buried in a white suit like the one the figure in the house was wearing.

While in middle school I had a dream, I've had only one like this, but it was extremely vivid. I was in school, heading to my last class, and I stopped just outside the door. I looked back down the hall to a clock, then I watched two girls walk past me one was in a purple shirt that started out light at the top and gradually got dark toward the bottom, and my a shiny butterfly design on the front with a pair of faded blue jeans. After the girls walked by my teacher for the last class walked out of the room I was standing in front of, and after a brief conversation I walked in the classroom. I woke not thinking much of it, but just as I was heading to my last class a strange feeling came over me, I looked down the hall to the clock that read the same time as in my dream. I watched two girls walk past my, one wearing the EXACT same outfit from my dream, and right on queue my teacher walked out and talked with my before I walked into the classroom.

I've had more dreams that have predicted things, but all of them were random and centered on a feeling, place, person/animal, or situation. It would be what the center of the dream was about that would happen, but it would be difficult for me to realize the message, until it happened, because all of my other dreams were completely random.

I had another odd dream, also while I was in middle school, that I had just bought a novel and was heading to a theater, where plays were performed. I took a seat in the second floor balcony, in the front, when a man dressed in an old gentleman's outfit, black tuxedo-like outfit with a black cape and top hat, sat beside me. He told me that if I ever needed help that he would be there, and wrote the words 'Brotto' and 'Borro' in very fancy cursive on the first page of my book. He closed it, gave it back to me, and stepped off the balcony; when I looked to see if he was alright he was gone, and when I opened the book the words that he wrote had turned from the beautiful hand writing to the same style as the book.

Brotto and Borro are two beings that are always by me, and when I ask them to help it almost always happens; I've also found that another being, Giovonny, also hangs around. On multiple occasions I've asked Borro to help me find things, and they have always turned up, once was a jacket my mom lost in Wal-Mart. Whenever I ask Giovonny a question, the answer pops into my head, like someone whispered it in my ear, and it is always about something I don't know.

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