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First Premonition


My story took place forty two years ago. I'd been to see a movie with a friend in a suburb of Liverpool [UK], we were both 16. The time was about ten pm as we waited to catch a bus home.

It was mid to late October, the road our bus stop was on was well lit, but pretty quiet with very little traffic.

We stopped talking for a few minutes, and were both occupied with our own thoughts. At this point I started to have, what I thought at the time, was a very vivid daydream.

In my mind's eye I saw a motorcycle, with a guy driving, and a girl on the back with long blonde hair. He tries to make a u-turn in the road,

But he, s traveling too fast, as he comes out of the turn he loses control, the bike rolls from side to side, I see the girls long hair shake from left to right. At this point she, s thrown of the back, and the bike goes over and skids on its side with the guy still holding on to the handlebars, for about ten yards.

After Id had this [daydream],I told it to my friend he just laughed and said, where did I get that from?

Within five minutes of me describing this to him, we heard the sound of an approaching vehicle,[the first in 10 minutes].It was as a motorbike, with a guy on the front, and a girl on the back with long blonde hair, and what Id just seen in my mind, began to unfold before

Our eyes, down to the finest detail.

Fortunately nobody was seriously hurt. I was in a state of shock. But with also a strange feeling of power, having seen something before it actually happened. I was just glad Id told my friend first, or he would never have believed me. I have had other similar experiences in my life. But this had the most profound effect on me. Up until this point I had only a passing interest in anything paranormal. But after this experience my view changed completely.

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