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Dreams Coming True... And Talking People Up?


To begin with I think that I need to start with the fact that I am only 22, and my mother is a firm believer in ghosts and all things paranormal. Growing up picking and playing telling ghost stories and all in just fun and games.

I do not remember the first time that I had an experience with something paranormal since I was only 6. My younger brother was 3 at the time and we shared a bedroom in the front of our parents house. My mom worked swing shifts and my dad was at home with us some and worked some. It was a night that they were both home and my mom said it was around 3 in the morning when she woke up suddenly and had a feeling she needed to check on us, even though our room doors were barely 5 feet apart and open. When she entered the room she said that I was sitting on my bed and explained to her that an angel that was about a foot long but did not look like an angel it was just a long bright light came out of my closet and kissed me on my nose and disappeared. It was no more than 2 weeks later I think, that it was around the same time in the morning when my dad woke suddenly because of the smell of smoke. It was a night where my room door was shut due to the use of a humidifier (brother has allergies). When my dad rushed to our room he opened the door only to see that there wasn't any smoke in the room even though the gap between the door and the carpet is more than 3 in. It wasn't until I was almost 18 that anyone ever told me this story.

While I was in high school I dated a lot, and had a lot of male friends. My house was the house to hang out at. We had lots of land to play around on and my mom was considered a really cool and funny mom of all my friends. It was my junior year and the beginning of the last semester before my senior year. I was not dating anyone and in preparation of prom my mom and I sat down and talked about guys and dresses. Just playing around she said that she thought that next year I would go to prom with a guy in a blue car or truck and he was going to be tall and tan. A nice gentle guy, and she said that she pictured me in a yellow mermaid style dress with my hair long blonde and curly (which it already was). I did go to my senior prom but not to these details. However I am now married and when me and my husband met he drove a blue truck and he is tall and tan!

When a friend and I get together we talk about people we haven't seen in a while or just in conversation bring someone up that we don't or do want to see. It may be a day, hour, week; never longer than a week, that we see the person. I do it all the time and it ha become a joke but what does this mean?

I have also been having a lot of dreams lately that have been coming true and in detail, it is very scary... What does this mean?

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TheOneZeata (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-20)
I can explain everything to you girl just trust me contact me in email first please trust me I can help:_)

Zeata [at]
ghostgirl3512 (6 stories) (298 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-18)
You have psychic dreams and can tell when new people are coming.
I do something similar, when I'm daydreaming and just imagining a scenario- and then it happens not long after.
What you do is just a type of vision, and it seems to me that it works better when you have other people to bounce energy off of.

I'm only 14, and have know I was psychic since I was 13, and it's been strange. I know what it's like to be young in this.

Hope this helps!

Blessed be
Lolli ❤
Laura21 (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-18)
Hi, I'm Laura I'm 21 and I have been having dreams that come true since I was 11. I'm still trying to figure it all out its been confusing me for a long time because in my dreams it doesn't actually happen how it happens on the day, its like I have got to figure it out. My 1st dream was when I was 11 I had I dream that there was a house fire and 4 kittens got stuck in the fire. 2 days later me and afew friends and familey went to a park for the day but I couldn't stop thinking about that dream it made me feel very nervous so I told my sister something doesn't feel right so my sister said to take my mind off it let's go 4 a swim in the lake so I was just about to walk in to the water for a split second I forgot about the dream and I slipped, my sister grabbed me and she slipped then 2 of my cousin tried helpin and they slipped. 4 of us was stuck in the water just like the 4 kittens was stuck in that house fire. I don't know if its a psychic ability but the last 2 dreams I have had have been deaths in my familey 1 of them was my nan I knew it was going to happen 5months before it happened my dream even told me the date of her funeral, so now I blame myself for her death because I new it was going to happen and I didn't do anything to try and stop it. I know which of my dreams are going to come true because I remember them the day after like its already happend.

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