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Random Dream Came True. Could I Be An Involuntary Psychic?


I had one Psychic experience from where I am aware of, and this happened just last month at my friends party. I saw it a month before it happened. I dreamed it when I was sleeping, usually I dream what I want, when I want. But this time as I started dreaming, It seems like my brain is controlling it instead of ~well... Me.

It's way different than my other dreams, I couldn't change or even stop it. I was just there --watching. So anyways, the place was all orange, It feels like something covering my eyes. I... I'm not really sure if it was me but 'it' took a step forward and ate something from above. Behind was people cheering and it sounds like people I know... My friends. About a month has past and I never thought of it --even once.

Then one day, I went to my friends party. After having a bit of a chat, we went to play a game where we line a string across and eat a doughnut blind-folded without touching it. I waited for my turn. So it was my go, I felt this discomfort without even knowing the reason why. They put a blind-fold around my eyes --It was orange, Then I took a step forward. At this point, I stopped for a couple of seconds because I was shocked. 'I remember this happening. This already happened, wait... It was a dream.' I wondered. I suddenly heard people cheering, It was my friends. This exactly happened in my dream. So, I kept eating the doughnuts and I won.

After the game, I was confused and the same time amazed. I searched a lot about it, could I be an Involuntary Psychic?

Thank you for having the time to read it! Comments, thoughts and suggestions are appreciated!

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whitebuffalo (guest)
13 years ago (2010-12-04)
Involuntary Psychic is a really good way to word that. I really like it.
There are SOME people who can "hit and miss" on precognitive dreams, visions or thoughts. They would not be classified as "psychic" as the actual term of the word indicates, but they are just as Psychic as the next.
Meaning: The accuracy OF the visions are dead on. Only, very sporadic.

For instance. If I wake up, and BEG my Life Partner not to go somewhere, not to do something that was planned, Race tends to take heed.
Not so much because I have to monumental dreams that ALWAYS come true... But because Race does not want to deal with what MIGHT happen if this vision turns out to BE right. Maybe... Ten times in my life have these dreams turned out to be futuristic glimpses.
You are right, those dreams are quite different. For ME, a "fog" rolls in and the figures at play in them kind of come out OF that fog. THAT is MY clue to pay attention.
I am adding a link to the color scheme, as I was ALWAYS taught that the colors, feel and sensations OF visions are key. I know that your orange turned out to be the blind fold, but in the future, should you have a "color vision" (which are QUITE confusing) it may be of assistance TO you.


Thank you.
RookDygin (5 stories) (324 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-04)
Thanks for sharing... This could be a precog dream... Or a very vivid case of DeJa Vu.

The fact that you remembered having the dream points towards possible prgognitive abilities as the feeling of Deja vu is just the feeling of having been somewhere, or done something before even though it's your first time doing it/being there.

Start a dream journal, write down all the dreams that you remember... Then when you have this feling again you can look back an see if you 'saw it' in a dream...It's a good way to start developing this ability, and can provide dated proof that your not crazy... 😉


lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-04)
i totally agree with what darkstar saying you defintely sound like you are having precognition dreams meaning you dream of the future while asleep and sometimes you forget the dream and you remember it when the dream comes true that called deja vu you probably are an involuntary psychic but it a cool ability I have it too 😁
Darkstar (guest)
13 years ago (2010-12-03)
Sounds like you had a precog dream. Now you might of had other precog dreams but forgot them, deja vu is always a sign that you had a precog dream but forgot it.

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