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The Spirit In The Basement


For years I have ignored the ability to feel the emotions of persons long gone from this world. I have discounted the overwhelming experiences of anxiety, nausea, anger, and sadness as coincidence, happenstance. Surely there is no such thing as a true sensitive. Empath? Me?

Recently these experiences have manifested themselves more often. I began to seek answers. Googling psychic and paranormal experiences. Searching for something similar, or some explanation of what I have felt.

My first experience that I can recall with utter clarity was 12 years ago this December. I'm certain I had some small encounters as I was growing up but never as strong as this.

My husband and I were newly weds. We were also expecting our first child together. We had been house hunting for several weeks when our agent called to tell us she had one more home she would like for us to take a look at. She described it as perfect. Ready to move in. Just what we were looking for. We made plans to meet and drive out to see the home the next day.

My husband and I set out early to meet with the agent. We took her vehicle to the home. I remember thinking as well approached, this is very nice, the closest thing to what we've been looking for and I remember feeling especially well and very excited to see the interior.

After spending some time inspecting the upper level the agent asked us to come see the unfinished basement. It would be perfect for additional bedrooms, a game-room or den.

The agent went ahead of us and opened the basement door. My husband went next. The moment I reached the threshold of the door an overwhelming sense of nausea overcame me... There was a horrible smell. I made the first two steps only to have to retreat back up and out the front door. I was dizzy, sweating, faint, and on the verge of being sick on the front porch. They both assumed it was because I was pregnant... Morning sickness.

Minutes passed. I felt OK and decided to go back in. Again, I made it only just inside the door of the basement stairs. Waves of nausea rolled through me and I yelled down the steps that I was sick again. Couldn't they smell that smell? "What smell?" they both asked looking confused. I replied that there was a horrible odor of gas fumes and that it was making me terribly ill.

The agent looked at me and I immediately noticed a look of horror on her face. She said it was probably best that we leave since I wasn't feeling well. Once we were back in her car with the air conditioner blowing in my face to relieve the sickness she said she had something she should tell us.

Over the next few minutes she told us about the rules of disclosure. Explaining that by law she did not have to disclose any information regarding traumatic or illegal events in a home that was for sale as long as it did not involve the most recent tenet. Fortunately she decided it was in our best interest to explain to us anyway that the next to the last homeowner had committed suicide 4 years prior. In the basement. Via carbon monoxide poisoning. Any fumes had long since been gone from the basement and the rest of the home. Neither her nor my husband nor the current home owner had ever had a similar experience.

For a while I believed that maybe I was just more sensitive because I was pregnant... Maybe it was just coincidence. As time passed, too many other occurrences have assured me there is more to it than only that. But, those are stories for another day. I worry this one is a tad long for my first post, however, I do wish that someone who understands this better than I or who has had similar experiences can offer some insight.

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