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Trying To Accept Psychic Gifts


I have been "sensing" spirits since I was a child. The first thing I remember was that I would see black shadow cat shaped figures out of the corner of my eye and when I would turn around there would be nothing there. I have always sensed other people or things with me. 99% of the time I feel as if I am not alone. It scares me but I am trying to learn to live with it and embrace it because most spirits wish us no harm.

My grandfather died when I was 4, and my grandmother (who is psychic) would always say that I could talk to him just like she could. I remember seeing him as a child, and talking to him but I was so young that I was scared of it. I assume that he knew that it scared me, because after a few experiences he stopped coming to me but he would still visit my grandmother.

My uncle died when I was a teenager. I went to the store for my mother one day and I saw him in line in front of me. He was talking to the girl at the register and he called her the nickname that he always called women. When it finally hit me that it was him was right when he was leaving the store. He didn't turn around to face me but I knew it was him. I dropped the items I was holding and went running out of the store after him but he wasn't there. When I came back in I was out of breath and the cashier asked me if I was okay. I asked her did she know who that man was and she said "hun, there wasn't anyone in line in front of you."

I believe that the house that my husband and I bought 2 years ago is haunted. The spirit doesn't seem to wish harm to me, and I can sense someone there. Even my husband has noticed strange things, such as lights being on once we have turned them off, the rooms getting cold for no reason, and noises. I feel the person almost all the time that I am in the house, I haven't tried to make contact with them because I am a little scared. I don't know how to begin to become comfortable with my "senses" and get over my fear. I would appreciate any help or suggestions that you all have. Thank you.

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Govinda (1 stories) (17 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-17)
hmm, if you try to suppress what is natural, it usually ends up coming out in unnatural ways. Nobody knows was spirits are. I know this is likely to cause shock and outrage to a few but: nobody actually can prove it is a soul left behind when the physical body dies. I am not even sure I believe it is. Maybe it's left over energy, I don't know. However you, like many on this site, have the opportunity to interact with these energies and find out what they are. If it doesn't seem negative and harmful, perhaps trying to reach out will help ease your mind about having an extra "roommate". Plus, whether or not you want to accept this gift, you've already got it, so it is probably best for your health and sanity to come to terms with it.

You are going about it right though, I think. You'll never experience a problem someone hasn't written about, so when in doubt, research.
A5 (2 stories) (144 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-17)
It's a little freaky and might still seem that way for a while yet. Most ghosts simply need someone to talk to. It's hard being where no one can see them. So many people don't even think they exist, and they aren't sure they do either sometimes. It can be a lonely and depressing existence.
As far as accepting your abilities, you don't really have much choice. I didn't anyway. The thing to remember is you aren't alone and that means a lot of things on a lot of levels for people like us.
Talk to your husband about these things too. This website is a good place to learn stuff about what you can or can't control.
Best of luck
DCinAZ (guest)
12 years ago (2010-12-17)
Madiemic, I apologize for using your page for the previous post. It won't happen again. So we know you've been sensitive to the spirit world all your life. Now in order to go further we have to find a way to get beyond the fear. And the main thing I've noticed about your situation are the ties to family members. Most people will say it should be a comfort to know you've got family spirits hanging around to keep you company. Well, I would get creeped out too knowing it's probably an uncle or a grandfather there constantly breathing down my neck! I mean, come on, how about some privacy for a change? I apologize in advance if what I have to say in any way offends you but I don't know if what you're experiencing can be attributed to merely a fear of these spirits. I'm thinking you'd be justified in feeling 'highly annoyed' by this time. You haven't said anything about your grandmother having passing away so I'm assuming she's still with us? (If not, I'm very sorry) If so, then your grandfather may be waiting for your grandmother so they can 'cross over' together. But in the meantime your uncle (and any other relatives) may just need some help crossing over themselves. And that's something your grandmother should be able to help you with. On the other hand, if they're not ready to go then you need to set some ground rules and they can either abide by them or move on. Put your foot down and take back your home and your privacy. Now, I hope I'm right about all this and I pray you find some relief after all these years. Please let me khow what you think. ❤
DCinAZ (guest)
12 years ago (2010-12-15)
[to madiemic] Please ignore the request from Zishu to discuss your situation through email. Zishu is trying to recruit people into something called "God's Allies". I'm not certain what that actually is, but it is not sanctioned by anyone here and it does sound cult-like from where I stand so just be very careful. Thank you and have a glorious day!
ZiShu (129 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-15)
If you accept these gifts, I can tell you that this would help you more in life. There is not many negative things to accepting this gift. Hiding from unsolved situations will only cause it to either build up and return to you in a worst form. If you want, email me and I can try my best to help you feel more comfortable with your "gifts". If you can see orbs as well, I'd like to speak to you more about those.
lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-15)
look at your abilites as an amazing gift don't look at them as a curse. Find yourself and make peace with your fears and worries. Meditation is very helpful to relax and remove stress and it will help you to let go of your fear. Good luck
Darkstar (guest)
12 years ago (2010-12-15)
Based off what I have read I would say your a medium and that you have some clairvoyance, the ability to see ghost.
Lyla (guest)
12 years ago (2010-12-15)
You should become comfortable with accepting your gifts, since they are a part of you. Try mediating each day to center yourself.

Peace & Love

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