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I Could Feel The Mourners' Pain


I'm sixteen and since forever I've been more than a little emotional and strange, by common standards. I lived in a haunted house most my life, seeing a ghostly lady at like 3, while my grams was home. From that day I've come to accept that death is never the end, that humans are capable of holding onto the world of flesh even after death. Hell, you'd have to be a believer after my home. A disembodied person read a bedtime story to my sisters (they thought it was mom but mom wasn't awake, and they found out the next day). Another incident was when my sister had been pushed down the stairs. We thought she fell at first (trust me, she's not the smartest kid) but it seemed too stupid how she fell and she kept claiming she was "nudged" off balance. It always felt like something was there and some rooms would be freezing for no reason.

On top of that, the two story building was about 100 years old, older now, and had a past. I felt pretty bad vibes in that house, heard and saw things in the dark... It was scary being home alone. Any who, I managed to accept the unexplainable pretty easily do to that. What I'm about to explain doesn't seem to be all too common in my town (I don't know anyone else like this).

Back on the topic of how I'm 'emotional' and caring. Yeah, I'm a sensitive guy, I guess. Half the time, though, I feel like they aren't my emotions.

This one day at school, some popular chick had died. Almost everyone was pretty depressed, and it was understandable. They all lost a friend. I didn't know her and though I felt a little bad, when I went to school I felt emotionally drained, like I could feel the mourners pain all at once. Could be nothing but I have a lot of other strange things going on, too.

One night I was asleep. It was this winter break. The last dream before I woke up was me lying on the ground writhing in pain. When I woke up I could still feel the physical pain. It really scared me, ALOT.

I could ramble on more, but I'll stop here. I'm hoping some of you can explain this to me. Am I freak? Different? Or what? And please don't assume I'm inventing stuff. I'm only trying to find answers. This is all a true documentation. Any answers would help me, thank you.

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lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
12 years ago (2011-05-25)
I am very sorry for not reading your comment intill now If I knew I would have offered help back then.
One of the things I do for my empathy when it gets out of hand is Imagining a clear bubble surrounding my body but for this I relax myself first then imagine the bubble. You should try it, it works for me and have used it for over 2 years now. Good luck and please keep me updated
Snapkracklepop (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-17)
Thank you. Sometimes the worlds emotions hurt. All the happy, sad, nervous, whatever... Makes me sick. Can someone help me control it or something. I don't know the real me really.
lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-14)
There are similar stories just like your own story you should check on psychic experiences at the top of the page and click on Telepathy / Empath you will find stories like your own. In my own opinion I would say that you have empathy since you felt everyone pain when the girl died.
AnandaHya (guest)
12 years ago (2011-01-12)
read some of the "similar titles" on this page and you will see that there are others on this site that have had similar experiences.

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