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Connecting with Lost Loved Ones


On September 2nd of this year, my best friend's mother died. The next day a close friend, Paula, died after a year long battle with lung cancer. I've talked to angels since I was about 12 years old, and in the last year or so I've become more spiritually aware than ever. The day after Paula died I was home alone, crying over her death and feeling guilty for not visiting her more before she passed.

I don't know if I have ever cried so hard in my life or felt so much despair. Suddenly, I felt her energy and knew she had come into the room. I felt her presence all around me and I stopped crying immediately - instead I felt overwhelmingly happy. "Hi Paula" I said. I felt a hand on my cheek and another holding my own hand as she spoke to me.

"Do not be sad for me, it is more beautiful than you could ever imagine. Death is not the end - only a transition from one reality to another, we are never really gone. We are all connected through one divine source and power - love. Do not be afraid, I will never leave you, all you have to do is call me and I will come..."

I told my mom what I had experienced and she told me Paula had come to her earlier that day, telling her "it is so beautiful here". Paula has kept her word, whenever I feel scared or sad or confused I call on her and she always comes.

The weekend after this all took place I was at my dad's house sitting quietly, not thinking about anything. I then had a vision of walking down a staircase and coming to a door with a brilliant light shining behind it. I knew without a doubt someone was behind that door waiting to talk to me. I walked through the door and spoke to the spirit behind it.

I asked her name, and she replied "Patricia Fasanelli" - my best friend's last name. I knew immediately that this was my friends mother, though we had never met while she was alive and I was never told her name. She told me about death - how it was elegant and she was surrounded by angels and love. She told me so much more that I cannot even begin to explain now, like messages for all her children. When I came out of the vision I called my only friend who knew about my psychic and medium abilities and asked the mother's name - she told me it was Patricia.

It took me a couple weeks to find the courage to tell my friend that I had made contact with her mother, but I got such a positive reaction from her I don't know what I had been afraid of.

Since these two events I no longer doubt my ability as a medium, which I have done for many years. I have always denied that spirits speak to me, telling myself it is only a figment of my imagination. Instead of fearing it, I now embrace it. In a way I am grateful towards Paula for helping me find my direction. I am only 16, but I hope to pursue and further develop my abilities.

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imranokazmi (1 posts)
14 years ago (2007-12-07)
Dear Jamaisvu, I need YOUR help, please read about

Its about little 2 year old Riley Ann Sawyers ruthlessly murdered by her stepfather and real mom (awaiting trial) please I miss the girl I never met, I cry for her and have a rose for her in my house. Can she come back from the dead? As a human or as a soul?

Regards for your patience and assistance.

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