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Understanding Dreams, Visions, And Signs


I've had deja vu since I was very young. I remember having deja vu on a weekly basis since I was 5. As I grew older the deja vu started fading away. Now that I am in high school my life is getting very hectic and the deja vu only comes in once in a while. I know I have some sort of psychic ability but I didn't know how strong it was.

Last year during school I would just have a feeling of "I think we are watching a movie today" or "I think we have a pop quiz" I would always be right. Recently for about the last two months I've had many visions. This can be thought of as me zoning out randomly and seeing an event which lasts for about 3-7 seconds. They usually happen in about a few days or a week.

Signs are when people say something or I see something and it helps me interpret. I feel like that there was a meaning to what they said. An example... Two girls were walking down the hallway just talking to each other, and I heard one say "this girl" and the other "where is she"? When I heard that, it felt kind of weird. It didn't seem right. Later probably 45min later during the next class I decided to reflect on what the two girls said... Immediately I knew that there was going to be some girl in music class. I didn't know who it was and what that girl will be doing. I just knew that there was going to be a girl in the class another hour passed and I thought about the topic again. This time I knew that the girl will be somebody that we have never seen before. I was not able to go to that class that day because I had to be somewhere for that period. During the period I was supposed to be in music I knew that the event about the girl had to be a day when I was there. So the next day while walking to music class I was anticipating that something will happen. Turns out a new girl from Arizona moved and is now in our music class. I was actually happy when this happened I knew that it couldn't have been just luck. When I said that I "knew" it meant that the idea just popped into my mind.

For the topic of dreams, I think I am the odd one out. My dreams never happen. I think that if I dream about something it won't happen or the complete opposite happens. Example... I dream about talking my girlfriend to the mall two days later we break up. That could be just luck... But who knows. Sometimes the dreams, visions, and signs all work together and help me decipher the future.

I just need someone to tell me if I'm just a good guesser or I have something. Also is it possible for me to dream about something and the total opposite happens because it happens a lot.

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baelamoon (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2011-07-09)
Look at my post "many signs" I get signs of things to come, I don't know why some people have this and some don't but I don't think your "just a good guesser" your precognitive. I have had it all my life, one day (something was telling me to pay attention) I kept getting visions. My baby falling off a certain object getting a cut on his lip, happened hours later. Certain people calling. Well this happened like 7 times in one day, just little things. Then I got a vision of a tree branch falling. So I wrote it on a piece of paper and put it in a drawer. I'm sitting out side knowing lighting is about to strike something from a random storm were having and then it does hit a tree 30 feet away almost hitting the house (I had told my husband to park in a diff. Spot) the tree lands in the spot he normally parks, I run inside and tell him to get the paper. HE turned white as aghost!

Ive learned meditation is THE BEST way to make it more on point. When I do I'm able to tell someone FULLY about their day and their past, even future. But never have much time to meditate. I suggest getting a book on meditation and a recorder or ipod and record a meditation for yourself. You will have images FLOOD your head of things that will happen. If you get images of objects that seem to make NO sense, I have learned writting out these object (such as volcano, cat, snake etc., even mall) then a short couple of words as to what they mean to you. This will help you decipher their meanings. Have you ever had a fight at the mall? If so you'd know that the mall is a 'bad sign' for you!

Exceptionally long story short I have learned a few things that work Great to make it better. Write back if you want. Youre not weird though, your just 'sensitive' to vibrations and energy around you.
Ocean_Tarot2012 (5 posts)
11 years ago (2011-05-14)
Deja Vu is somewhat common but I think you have something because I was the same way except I relied very heavily on my dreams. I suggest you keep a journal of your dreams, feelings, and visions and see how accurate you are and to see if anything is connected with the other.
larinna (2 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-25)
Deja Vu is something I expirience all the time. And just little things. Once I bought a toddler bed. As I was taking it out of the back of my pickup, I knew I had done that before. It was scary. Almost like a warning deja vu... I immediately stopped, picked up my young child and brought her in the house. I then went out and grabbed the toddler bed. I knew I could not carry the bed and have her walk across the road with me. I certainly didn't want to just do it and go against my warning or "find out the hard way" I should have listened.
It certainly is weird to "know" stuff before it happens. I don't have much advice to offer, just that I do that too and this seems to be a good place where we all can learn from each other.

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