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Silhouettes And Bright Energy Of Beings


I don't know exactly how to start this, so please, bear with me.

But for as long as I can remember, I could see silhouettes and bright energy of beings walking all around at night, and sometimes even in the day. It always makes me afraid of sleeping alone in a room at night.

I've had quite a depressing life, from birth to age 14. I always knew there were things in this mysterious life. And recently, I've been encountering what I've read recently, 'shadow people'. It has occurred twice in my life and I'm afraid it might just happen again. I also had a dream right after the first encountering, It was something about demons all around me, everywhere I go. I even found shadowing, glowing words of "You knew it was coming" on my curtains when I woke up in my dream. But for now, I'll explain my experiences,

Once, was when my brothers and sisters were playing outside and it started getting really dark. Suddenly, there was a bright flash in the corner of my left eye as I yelled out for them to come inside but it was only for a quick instant, like it was zooming or running in an unpredictable speed. I felt really confused and felt it might be some sort of jinn/demon walking around in the neighborhood. Even before, I always wake up between 2-5am for no apparent reason until I noticed my Parakeets have done the same thing but with flapping around screeching in fear. I started playing the verses of my holy book to keep away and bring peace into the house. The second time was 1-2 days ago, I was hanging out with a really good friend of mine and we drove in front of her cousin's apartment complex waiting for her cousin to come back from the store. I was looking at a couple of silhouette beings until my friend wanted to sleep in the backseat since it was very dark and tiring for the wait. As soon as she lay down, I suddenly looked back and in a flash, there was a very dark, black, zooming past shadow. I can't explain the feeling, it's too confusing to bring the puzzle pieces together. I suddenly had to calm my anxiety since it felt very stressful, I've always had the feeling someone always watched me. But the feeling is getting worse.

The next day, I closed my door and I was sitting alone in my room, It was daytime, I felt very horrible, worried and depressed. I didn't want to lose my sanity. So I actually tried to meditate, the first time in about 1-2 years! As soon as I tried to meditate, after 3 seconds there was someone trying to open the door. My door was locked but you could open it if you turned it with force. I started getting really worried and calling my mother as LOUD AS I COULD!, She ended up coming and she mentioned to me over and over, there was no one there.

I know I'm not crazy. But I hope this site can help me and determine what's happening and what to do.

Thank you all for reading.:)

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AnandaHya (guest)
11 years ago (2011-01-29)
Callie, that is great advice.

Whoosh, I transform the emotion personally from fear to either curiousity of what will happen next, anger at them for trying to trick me, love for them for spending the time to try and teach me or something else depending on the being and what their motives and intentions for manifesting in a manner that forces me to acknowledge their existance. These "shadow people" often have a message. Not always good but not always bad either. I just wait and see what they say and go from there. However shields and psychic weapons are good.

If they lie and tell you no one loves you, then throw them memories of times when others have helped and loved you: being fed as a baby, etc.

I would suggest living life in such a way the you have a store of memories to draw from an counter any act to your heart or mind.

Peace, light and love,

jatashi (1 stories) (57 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-26)
i would put up a cross with god in your house this may sound weird but please don't laugh see there are such things called dementors they do what they do in the the movie they they take your happynes away and leave you with negative feelings I ave a source my source also showed me this
I hope this helps
Callie (68 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-26)
I would ask that someone who follows more of a meditative path to answer the question in regards to the ultimate control of fear through that route, there definitely *is* one. I tend to control the fear response brought about by these sorts of encounters more through an act of 'force of will'/'will to power' as opposed to an 'observe and accept, but do not react' (which is more of the meditative angle as I understand it anyway) - so someone who uses that path would be far better to help you in how to meditate on the release of fearful emotions than I am. My brain has always been a little too jumpy for anything more than very light or 'walking' meditation.:)
Whoosh (3 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-26)
Thank you so much for your kind and helpful advice:)
Don't worry, I was smiling the whole time and having a sense of relief. Sorry for the confusion xD I tend to confuse my titles and not match them up with my stories/experiences.
And Thank you for the Meditation advice,
I'll start practicing more often:)
And you are 100% right on the experiences. Its sort of the same thing, from almost the same source, but It's always experienced uniquely like different exquisite patterns in a piece of art:DD.
But I would like to ask,
As I try to progress, as in my senses working to be stronger, How do I get rid of the fear I have in life? Is that when meditation comes in or it's something that I have to work on constantly?
Thank you, once again for your kindness and help:D
Callie (68 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-25)
Well, first, smile. Just do it. Right now.:)

Whats happening, you seem to already know. I guess the real question is, 'What now?'

As I've been posting here the past couple of days I have begun to feel myself struggle as to how to offer my bit of advice. Everyone goes through their own 'psychic drama' when going through these hyperactive periods in their life, and though a lot of them are 'the same', they're also painfully unique, so blanket answers seem inappropriate at best. (Like the hordes of self-help books out there. What's the point of a self-help book? If it's supposed to be self help, shouldn't it be blank?)

There are a couple of routes you can obviously follow. The first and most escapist is to just shut down completely. How - that's usually the first question. In my experience its almost what you could call meditating in reverse. Throw yourself into the mundane and ONLY the mundane. Ignore and discredit everything you see. (Sort of like the idea behind 'every time someone says they do not believe in fairies, a fairy dies'.)

This can be, however, a one way road. For a lot of people, once they close those doors, they can not easily be re-opened, sometimes, they never are. And it doesn't mean that they can't live a full normal healthy 'life', but for some people who take that route, they feel a pang of regret for doing it that way. It took me a long time to 'wake up' again after fleeing my childhood/teen experiences when I decided to re-explore them as an adult.

The second is - continue your reading. Continue your research. Continue *seeking*, and you will find, piece by piece, the ways to deal with what you are experiencing that will work for you.

Here's one quick answer to one question though. You tried to meditate. Good! However that tends to heighten sensitivity unless it is a meditation focused to do the opposite. Astral/etheric sounds can come into sharper clarity in a meditative state. So in the Real World, no, no one was rattling the door. But you became aware of it when you allowed your senses to open and 'relax' in that state. As a wild guess.

If verses from your holy book seem to help to bring peace, incorporate this activity into your times of meditation. Try purification rituals that fit with your beliefs to clear and sanctify your own space - starting with your bedroom. All of these things are tools or foci to help hone your will in the desired direction, and using archetypical power symbols or tools allows less of your concious mind to focus on their purpose (as their purpose is already 'pre-programmed' by the collective unconcious).

And there's never anything wrong with a night-light. I still use them.

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