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I have been debating for some time as to whether or not I should post this as it's personal and I feel slightly foolish, but I need to get it off my chest and perhaps get a little advice if anyone fancies reading this epistle. I've never considered myself to be psychic, but this goes beyond great imagination... And at this point tossing my thoughts out into the universe is the only thing that seems to make sense.

When I was twelve I met this boy through a rather amusing series of events. As a child I was always a bit of a loner, not by choice, but simply because children seemed to not warm to me. On the day this boy and I met I had watched as some girls I knew made plans to go to the beach together. I longed to be invited to join, but knew it was hopeless.

A little while later while rollerblading around the marina (I grew up in a family of sailors) where I lived, and desperately trying to work out what was so wrong with me, I started a one-way conversation with God. Basically I questioned if it was too much to ask that I might have just one friend to share my thoughts, feelings, and experiences with. I hadn't even finished that thought when I heard someone say, "Oh thank God, someone my own age."

We clicked instantly, talking about everything and nothing, and when we each had to go home the peace I had felt turned into this strange feeling of not wanting to be separated. We made plans to meet the next day, ending up at the annual boaters thanksgiving party, and then walking the beach together while he picked seashells for me to listen to. His family was leaving the next day to continue their travels, and we were discussing ways to stay in contact when he said he wished I could go with him. Ultimately we agreed to exchange addresses and write to each other.

A few days after he left I received a letter saying he missed me and that it felt like a hundred years had passed. For reasons I will never fully understand I didn't write back. I thought about him every day, and tried to ignore the empty feeling that came to light after he left, but no matter how many times I started to write nothing was sent.

Over the months this strong sense of longing grew, and I started to have these reoccurring dreams. At first they were of this little girl playing on a rocky beach, and of her meeting a boy fishing, but as they progressed the boy and girl grew up and came to love each other. That sounds pretty standard I know, but what I can't explain is that I have never been or seen where this dream occurred, the girl always wore long dark dresses not of this time, and rode a horse bareback along dark coastal cliffs. During the dream I felt like she and I were one, I could feel the cold damp air on my/her skin and smell the salty air, and feel the horse galloping. Perhaps the hardest part was how strongly I felt her love for the young man.

Three years later when I was fifteen my family and I arrived home from a Christmas dinner with friends to a message on our answering machine from none other than the young boy that I had lost touch with. His family was back at the old marina where I once lived, and he had gone around the entire place until he found someone who knew my family and how to contact me. He was going to be there for a few days and wanted to see me. It was the same feeling again; as if no time had passed we just were at peace with each other. Then on the final day we were going to meet up when a friend of my mothers called and asked if her daughter could come over. My mother wasn't keen, and kept saying she didn't think it was a good idea, but I told her not to be crazy, and that she could go visit my friend with me. The day went well until the evening when I left the girl with my friend while I went to have a quick word with my mother. When I arrived back they were gone so I walked around looking for them only to see a kiss.

The betrayal I felt was so painful I could barely breath. I couldn't remember ever thinking of him that way, yet with that one glimpse I felt as if something had just gone terribly wrong, that I should have been there in her place. I left without a word, even as he called after me, and spent the next two weeks crying myself to sleep.

Sometime after that I started having another reoccurring dream. In this one I was a young woman living in northern Italy I think while the invasions by Germanic tribes were taking place. I was an herbalist, and was out gathering the day my home was attacked. I arrived back to ashes, a dying father, and the news that my adopted sister had been taken. With my father dead I had nothing, so I decided I would try to go after my sister. Ultimately I was captured by scouts and kept prisoner. Often I would get a sense that someone was watching me from the shadows at night, and sometimes I would catch sight of a young man.

Somehow I came to be freed and allowed to move about the camp. Then I finally met and communicated with the young man who had always watched me. He had a kind and gentle soul, and I found myself growing more and more attached to him. The last part I remember is that there was a battle, and that he was obligated to be a part of it. In the dream I desperately tried to come up with reasons for him not to. The dream always ended with me feeling his death, seeing him as if he were in front of me, and my dying in the attempt to reach him. There have been other dreams since, but this one has always lingered, I suppose because every time I woke from it I could feel the pain of how I died, and his loss.

I couldn't get this dream out of my thoughts, and for some reason it always led to thoughts of the young man I had met in the present. I found him a few years later, and we spoke over the phone getting on like before, but when we saw each other once again in person something was wrong. I've always had a strong sense of what people feel, to the point where it can be unnerving at times, and I still feel unhinged by this last meeting. He wasn't at peace anymore, but angry, and frustrated, like he was fighting an internal battle. I knew he was having issues with his girlfriend at the time, but I got the sense that the strange energy had something to do with me. When we were near each other, or accidentally touched one another it feel a bit like an electric shock, and it there was a vibratory hum coming from my core.

The last time we were in touch he told me our paths had actually first crossed when we were six, and that his father had a picture of us together. For years I have tried to make sense of everything, but I'm at a loss. We never really kept in touch after that, yet as hard as I try to forget the past... Thoughts of him come to me, often a few days before the anniversary of our second meeting, usually when that has been the last thing on my mind.

My question at the end of all this is... Could there be a connection between the young man in the dreams, and the one I met in this life, and a reason for why I feel something is always missing.

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Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
12 years ago (2011-02-18)

It's perfectly normal to be psychic! We're all psychic, but to varying degrees. Most people get "gut feelings", which is generated by our intuition, and then there are a few people who are able to tap into the spiritual realm for more detailed information information.

This is a little over-dramatised, but still interesting viewing regarding the resurfacing of past life memories:


I have heard that people can re-experience physical pain from a past life, which may explain your situation.

Gypsywind (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2011-02-16)
First thank you to everyone who took the time to comment, I really appreciate the input because as you know this has been on my mind for year, and I am beginning to think at my age (25) I should really have been able move on by now and not still be stuck with what feels at times like such a teenage hangup.

[at] Leeshy88 I have considered that the dreams are possibly lessons to try and teach me about the experience, even contemplating that perhaps for the sake of both our happiness we should not be in touch because it always seems to be a bit disastrous. Then I remember how I would always wake up from that one dream where I felt my death. My whole body would feel normal, yet the area just by the upward curve of my ribs in the center of my chest felt sticky, damp, and like someone had cracked my ribs right where the sword went in, in the dream. The pain went right through my body, and felt tender for days. I can't explain that, but enough about my issues, you have more than enough on your plate at the moment! Wish I could help in some way, I'll refrain from saying think positive though as that can be annoying, one can't drive positive thoughts to work;). So I will just have to settle for sending good energy your way on the ether. As for the guy, do you by any chance have some beefy male friends that could have a 'talk' to him!

[at] Tortilla it's an interesting point you raise about soul groups, as I have talked about this for years with my mother. We have actually managed to work out that she was my grandmother in one of these dreams/past lives that I remember. As for the boy, now young man... I would happily keep him as a friend, but he seems to have a problem with it as he says when we are in communication he can't seem to focus on anything else. He stopped talking to me three years ago because of this, and of all the ironies popped up a few days ago wanting to be in touch again. I'm in two minds, one I agree with you in that there is a purpose in this... I feel that strongly, and I know he does... But on the other hand there is a side of me that doesn't trust my intuition...?

[at] Adaryn7 unusual thought, I've done a fair amount of reading along those lines trying to understand, and I seem to remember something about twin flames picking up each others vibrations, and resonating at the same frequency. It makes sense, when we were in each others company I was reminded of the hum created when you run your finger around the edge of a wine glass. Except I felt like I was coming apart at the seams. At the time my mother said our energy left her breathless. Speaking of my mother, I suppose that is why I don't really think of myself as being that psychic. Compared to her ability to see, hear, and smell spirits, as well as seeing auras as a kid, having the odd vision, and hearing peoples thoughts off and on... I feel rather We have an interesting connection though, in that I can send images and the odd thought to her telepathically.

[at] Araglas thank you for your practical advice, hopefully time will resolve all, and ultimately when it comes time to do so I hope I make the right choice.
Leeshy88 (1 stories) (9 posts)
12 years ago (2011-02-13)
great story Gypsywind. You express yourself in such a way that I could hear you talking right in my ear. I felt as if I was standing next to you at the marina! Lol

In my eyes nobody really knows what the real purpose of a dream or why we even do it. Its such a divine thing that can shed light on even the most darkest of emotions and yet its so elusive in the sense that there could be 50 different meanings to one dream.

however, I think a lot of dreams come around when we are troubled or happy for a very long time about one thing and then other stressors come into play and can elevate or depress your feelings, whatever they may be... For example I have been very worried about my car lately, its falling apart infront of my eyes; ontop of that I have to get to work, gym etc. I have house inspections every weekend until the house can be sold, I'm getting into a lot of debt, this guy I met is creeping me out because I went on one date and all he wants is to get in my pants and won't leave me the hell alone. All I'm dreaming about is sorting out these issues. I basically go through the same thing asleep AND awake... Generally they are produced when we bottle up our emotions or even talk to god when we feel hurt/happy. Gypsy... If you felt hurt/betrayed and you wanted to know why, your own brain created the answers for you in a dream to show you.

This is only what I think though.

your dreams had all the emotions you described when you were talking about your troubles... Think about it. The only difference was; it was in a different time and war was added. Your dreams are also trying to tell you that there are worse things off in this world than being hurt by a boy you felt a connection with and then kissed your friend. You could lose your family in a war, or never be freed from capture. You could even live in the past where finding someone again is a lot more difficult because of the technology they didn't have. If you think that this has someone to do with a past life, then that might be just it but no one is certain about reincarnation either. Its basically whatever you think or feel could be true.

Onto another subject: I think your friend kissed him because she got caught up wayy too deep in the moment. It was probably a really nice day, she was around some nice people and she probably hasn't felt that happy in a while. Her hormones could be going wild, and his too. A lot of people do things they don't think about... And it will hurt but I'm glad your mature enough to know what is right and wrong and you won't make the same mistake or better still you won't be like that.
Tortilla (42 posts)
12 years ago (2011-02-12)
I'm not sure about soul mate or twin flame but you definitely have past life connections. The dreams you had are probably glimpses of past lives and it wouldn't surprise me is you've had more lives than that with this person. There are groups of people that we incarnate with. You will run into different ones as you go through life. The ones you meet that you feel like you have known your whole life and drawn to like a magnet are usually the ones in your immediate circle that you incarnate hundreds of times with. I have been fortunate enough to find and identify 3 that I have had significant past life connections with. Try to keep up a friendship with this person. He is supposed to serve a purpose in your life which has not been fulfilled yet which is why he keep coming back into your life. Soul mates help you grow along your life path and help push you. They may not be the romance of the century but they will be one of the most significant people in your life you come across.
epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
12 years ago (2011-02-12)
I think twin flames are two person with a strong connection with each other. Either both are psychic with bizzare abilities or two normal person with a strong emotion of love attachment between them and also they really had past lives but their love ended in a tragedy.
Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
12 years ago (2011-02-12)

I think "Twin Flame" is the term Araglas is searching for here. A Twin Flame is basically a Soul Mate.

With coincidences this pointed, and your feelings so strong, I would say that this boy is likely to be your Twin Flame, and that you have reincarnated together, perhaps more than once. This sort of thing does happen.

Araglas is correct about something else: in life, some things are meant to be, and then the rest is up to us. If you and this boy are meant to be together in this life, then it will happen. You've met up several times now, even after he moved away and you did not stay in contact. There is definately a connection between you.

Trust your intuition. You may not consider yourself to be psychic, but that does not change the fact that you are. All beings a psychic to varying degrees.

Araglas (3 posts)
12 years ago (2011-02-12)
Well I don't know if this comment will be read or anything but from the sounds of it, this might be a past life relationship over several past lives. I guess you could call it "Soul Mate" or another term I can't think of at the moment. But, to me, it sounds like your dreams, and the feelings you get around him aren't something you can control.

The thing is, these past life relationships don't always end up how "Fate" or "Life" has planned them to. I guess the question to ask yourself is whether or not, you want to see him, or even go with these feelings you get when your around him? It might put everything in its right place for you. But this is for you to decide, in the end everyone can say their peace, but you have to decide whether or not to follow through with whatever you want to do.

I hope this helps.

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