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Ouija Board Invites Trouble


I was 15 years old when this happened, and this is one experience I'd rather forget...

It was September 1982, a Saturday night and I do not remember the date. My friend Paula and I were sitting around her house talking about, well things, mostly why I couldn't meet her best friend Samantha. (later to be my 1st wife... That is another story.) Her parents were gone for the week-end and her younger sister was next door for a birthday sleep over at the neighbor's house.

About 9pm her sister and the neighbor and the other two sleep-over attendees came over with one of the gifts, it was an Ouija board (Parker Brothers all the way...) they wanted to use it and they knew Paula and I were into the Occult. (I had been a solo practitioner for 3 years. Paula and her sister were raised in a Wiccan household.) They wanted Paula to teach them how to use the board because Paula was able to use a spirit board that had been made by her grandmother-it was a maple board with a hickory planchete (pointer).

The girls insisted that the new 'game' be used, so Paula and I, her sister and the b-day girl sat down around the card table and Paula explained what was going to be done, how it worked-how to open and close the board. I asked that everyone think good/happy thoughts as we attempted to contact a spirit.

At first there was nothing, I guess this was about 45 minutes. Then, we got a response. The spirit said it was male and answered a few questions that only the birthday girl would know the answers to. (It was her party after all). The spirit became agitated, and when asked why it spelled out one word, S H A D O W.

For ten minutes that's all we could get from the board, which then went 'dead'. I mean you could feel that the spirit had left. So Paula closed the board and we all got up and were talking about what we had just experienced.

I had to go to the bathroom, so I went to exit the room and as I was about to walk into the hallway I stopped, I didn't like the way the hall felt, didn't matter I had to pee, I wasn't going into the hall, no way no how.

I turned back into the room and remember Paula asking me, "Are you..." that was as far as she got, I was attacked by...something, not physically, but this thing grabbed at my mind. I dropped to one knee and Paula rushed over and grabbed my hands as I fought for control. Paula added her strength to mine, helping me to fight whatever this thing was but it was growing stronger. Paula asked if any of the other girls knew the Lord's Prayer and when none of them could say it she had her sister grab the family bible from the next room. (Wiccan household, Yes... Everybody in the Family...No. They found the Prayer and Paula's sister and the birthday girl began the say it out loud. It got worse, I'm not sure how Paula and I ended up back at the table, sitting across from each other, still holding hands but there we were then suddenly it was gone, just gone. No more fighting for control. No more pressure inside my head, whatever it had been was gone. It was 1 minute past midnight... Sunday morning.

It was then that it struck me; Paula had asked the girls to say the Lord's Prayer. She was not one to do that, quite the opposite in fact. Paula was, I'll just say very Dark. This was to my Light. It's why we always felt we worked so good together. Paula never told me why she had done that, asked the girls for the Lord's Prayer, and I never pressed her for it.

That was 29 years ago, Paula and I have recently gotten back in contact with each other (see my story Assisting Friends). We both were sure that whatever attacked me had been attracted to the open link from the Ouija board and that the reason it had gotten through was there were no wards, no protectives 'built' into the 'game' board because it was just that... A mass produced game board. I have never used a Parker Brothers Ouija Game Board since and I never will. I feel they 'invite trouble' by offering a very open way to communicate with the 'other side' to people who have no idea what they are doing, and even those that do know have a problem because the 'opening' is not tuned, warded/guarded...basically it has no precautions in place.



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RookDygin (5 stories) (324 posts)
11 years ago (2011-07-15)

Everyone gets messages in different ways. It seems as if your Grandmother returned to make sure you never touch a board.

Thanks for your comment.


chillz (7 stories) (19 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-28)
I'm 31 and have never touched a ouji board, never been in the presence of one... Not to my knowlege. A few years ago my ex and I were watching a tv show about paranormal activity and he mentioned he wanted to get his sister's ouji board from his house. (note him and I had a son together that passed away a few years before this) my immediate response was NO! Then he made me feel bad, carrying on about how he never got to say goodbye (he was stationed in Japan when our son passed) went on about how he knew with my abilities we'd def. Be able to contact him. I started to think about it, but not even for a minute and I felt someone tug my hair. I looked over at him and asked did you do that? What? He said. I felt my grandma's presence and she burned my right arm it started at the wrist like a hand grabbed me, then felt like fire traveling up my arm. She forced me to yell out "I will never touch a ouiji board" He looked at me like I was crazy, then asked why I was sweating. I extended out my arm to show it was bright red. I've always known it's something I'm not suppose to be around, now I know not to even entertain the idea!
Javelina (67 posts)
11 years ago (2011-03-01)
Good point! I don't travel the shops, wouldn't know what to look for if I did anyway. But the fact that they're not a specialty item in those shops is a bit curious. I wonder if that is the case in Europe? It seems not to have the stigma attached to it there as much as here in the states. Of course I don't really know that for sure, I'm just going with what I see on TV programs from 'across the pond' that suggest the practice isn't as frowned upon as much. I just know what I read and hear about from others, and that's enough to keep an inexperienced person like me from diving into the deep end without knowing what else is swimming in the water.
And yes, my mother was a pretty tough cookie, nothing got past her. You didn't even really try to sneak out, you felt those eyes watching and just gave up on the idea. Besides, if she ever warned us about not going somewhere and we did it anyway, we soon learned what a mistake that was! Something would always happen, you learned real fast to pay heed to those warnings. 😊
Tortilla (42 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-28)
Javelina, your Mom sounds like an amazing woman. My hats off to her for handling 8 kids. I can barely control my one. 😉

I find it a tad humerus that I frequent many metaphysical shops and have never come across one that carried a Ouija board but I see them all the time at Target and Walmart.
Javelina (67 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-27)
Hello Rook,
Thanks for bringing up this subect. I read so many accounts of people "playing" with the Quija Board, and 9 times out of 10 it ends badly. Most of those accounts have them using a Parker Bros board purchased at Toys 'R' Us. It really gets me how you can buy this miniature WMD at a toy store.
I like the reasons you gave for not using these types of boards.
I've never been a fan of them myself, it just wasn't my gig. However, I do find the rules fascinating. I don't recall if those rules were ever followed from any of the slumber parties I attended in my youth. I would never sit in the 'circle' or be part of the group when they did. I was fortunate to have been raised by a mother who 'knew' spirits were a reality and dealt with them. Her thoughts on using Ouija board weren't that they were dangerous, it was more like she had enough on her hands already with the spirits she knew, why invite more to the table? She was divorced with 8 kids, worked 2 jobs, and raised pedigree Great Danes. Unwritten rule of the house was not to bring home anyone/thing without asking first.
Great story Rook,"lessons learned" should be a category here. ❤ 😊 ❤
RookDygin (5 stories) (324 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-26)

There are ways to ensure a safe disposal of a board. I'll go over the one Paula and I used... But first...

The 'power' of the board is neither the Planchet nor the Board itself... Together however they allow a group of people to 'open' a 'portal' and through this Spirits then can communicate with us via the 'means provided' (the marks on the Board and the Planchet).

Safe disposal of a board...I've only done this once... And it was the board involved with this story. I'll sum up how we came to understand that it needed to be disposed of and how we did it.

After this experience the Birthday girl let my friend Paula keep the board, she had gotten scared enough that she wanted nothing to do with it, or the occult, anymore. Paula started using the board by herself... I did not know this until May of 1983, The way I found out was this: I had stopped by to visit Paula and it took her a bit longer to answer the door than 'normal'. She let me in and we went into the Living Room and started talking... Suddenly there was a loud 'CRASH' from the hall closet, then there came a tapping noise against the closet door... From the inside... I looked at Paula and she kind of shrugged her shoulders saying, "I had the Board out but when you knocked I put it up in the top of the closet. I guess the games I set it on fell over." The tapping started again and I asked, "So what's that noise?" Again she shrugged and we both got up and went to the closet... The tapping began coming at a faster rhythm... When she opened the door, she had been correct, the pile of games that she had set the Board on had fallen over... The Board and Palnchet had fallen out of their box and the Planchet was moving back and forth... Tapping on the closet door... Pointing at me.

Paula picked up the Plachet and I picked up the board and I asked, "Did you close you session?" Paula replied "Yes...well I'm pretty sure I did..."

"Close it again." I said as I put the Board on the table. Paula did so. I then took the Board and the Planchet and said to her... We have to get rid of this, do you mind. Paula shook her head No. I placed the Board and Planchet back in it's box, took it home with me and tossed it in the garbage can. Garbage pick up was the next day... End of problem Right? Wrong... Three days later I get a call from Paula, she's in tears telling me I have to come over NOW. I get to her house and she points towards the hall closet door where there is a tapping sound coming from... Open the door and... The Game is back in her Closet... The Planchet tapping on the door again... And she has no idea how it got there.

This time when we removed the Board and Palnchet we sat down together and closed the Board. (just as the 'rules' say... Point the Planchet at the word Goodbye). For me this was also (forgive the pun) the 'Game Over' moment for me. We took the board to my house, placed it on my 'alter' and with a bit of holy water and my 'ritual knife' we blessed the Planchet and carved a Cross on the back of the board. We 'felt' a change in the air and we both 'knew' that now we could simply throw away the Board and Planchet.

I do not know if this is a 'proper' way of doing it but I do know that this method worked for us in this situation.

A Ouija board is just a tool and if used properly can be a very good one. Problems develop when inexperienced people go out and buy one of these advertised 'games' and use it for 'fun' or to 'scare' their Friends... They use no Type of Shield, Do not Protect themselves in any way and then haphazardly contact any Spirits that 'want' to come through. This leads to contact with the 'most eager' Spirits and these are not usually the nicest ones. Then these inexperienced people either do not close the 'session' or they do not do so properly which allows the 'connection' to remain open which allows these 'Spirits' to enter this realm.

So for the record, I do not use Ouija Boards, however, when used by experienced people and used properly they can be a valuable tool for contacting the 'other side'.

Knowledge is Power, please research and understand whatever it is that you wish to attempt before you make the attempt.


Tortilla (42 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-26)
I don't allow Ouija boards in my house, period. Rook do you have any advice for the masses on how to properly dispose of a board? I heard that the main power of the board is in the planchete.
katiekelly1992 (2 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-25)
ive done the ouji board with a friend... And the things I saw was quit amazing I wrote down so much info also about a young boy who was killed at 10 years old... But the thing was he was a good spirit we had done the ouji properly... But there are people in this world who love to mess around with the thing... And its really not a toy... I should know this because my friend got possed by one and it was the boy... If it was a bad spirit then I would be in danger not only me but her aswell... I strongly recomend if your going to do this... Do I with a proffesional NOT! With a friend...

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