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I Discovered That I Might Be An Empath



I've been bullied for almost 9 years. I think that I've always been a little bit different from everyone. Teachers tried to do everything to stop it and my family was supporting me.

I really didn't know why I was bullied and I was angry.

When I got to 9. Grade, I got interested in psychics and psionics, and since then I have believed in them from whole heart.

But really, what was behind everything? It might be that I never understand that. While being at 8. Grade, something happened at school for me, something that wasn't right but that still happened. I felt like my whole world turned around. It everything started from the writing project I wrote and which leaded to more serious problems. I never actually got over it.

At 9. Grade I became pretty quiet and pretty shy (except at home where I have always been safe at) and teachers started to got a little worried because of that. I have never liked to show my emotions, at least not anymore. I've always been pretty sensitive, and I often feel sad when/if I read books or watch movies and if somebody dies. Sometimes I might even flood few tears of that.

I didn't really know what was wrong with me until I went to one forum and I told there that I'm terrible tired at school and I get odd feelings there. I told about my experiences with school and they told that it is a psychological thing. Some told me that it can be vamping, but then one of them answered me that I must be an empath. He told me about his own experience and I noticed that those matched.

I started to look more information from the internet about empaths and I found out that those signs referred to me too.

I understood that all I was experiencing, was feeling what others were thinking about me. Those feelings were pretty much negative, but now when I try to remember how I felt if somebody asked some questions (most of them caused negative feelings). I've always been pretty good at interpreting body language too.

I don't know if this is a real experience, but I just wanted to share this because I need some advice too. I hope that there is somebody who can help me.

One thing to mention: I'm 15 year old, male. Please, don't judge me because of that.


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Lyro (468 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-20)
I'm sorry, but I disagree. Being stronger isn't because someone was bullied. However, when someone is bullied they feel more alone, and because of that reach out for other things. When they feel different they stay to themselves, but seek answers, and to find others like themselves. Spend more time alone, and meditating, and you'll get stronger as a whole. And not just with "psychic stuff", but as a person.

And it's a gift, no matter how much you were bullied this is a part of you. I proudly say that I'm a freak, but it's because I am different. And I'm happy that I am. I'm not like everyone else, and I'm proud of that. I've seen lives get better because of things that I've done, seen peoples lives saved because of people like us. It's hard not to fear something different, but the first step is to accept it, and work with it to get better.

I myself started as an empath, and I know how scary it feels, and how alone you feel. You're not alone, there are many others, and everyone feels this way when they start. There's others all around you staying quiet, but you're not alone. Feel free to E-mail me with any questions you may have, just click my name. And just so you know, the first thing you should work on is controlling the connections you make with other people.
wat123 (41 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-20)
Bullied people are most of the time also stronger in psychic stuff so I guess you could see it as a challenge and if you persevere you get a reward in the end. Though 9 years is a little long? I wish I lived in Finland we would've certainly been friends, I've been bullied too luckily I had one friend at the time which really helped me.
DestinySky (3 stories) (7 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-22)
This is my whole life story in a nutshell.

I feel for you ❤

It would be nice if I got to know you a little more though, so I'd have someone besides my family to talk about this stuff with:)
Draun (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-22)
DisguisedIntentions: Well, somebody may think that I'm just depressed but I think that I'm not. I'm pretty positive against everything and happy at home.

Doublemint: Thanks for the tips. I will definitely try those out.

Starsign88: It is just so hard for me to even look at somebody... I even remember how brave I was at last summer, before the schools started and I turned shy and quiet. Of course I like being quiet rather than shouting and being noisy as other students in my school are. There is just so much negativity in my school.

I've started to notice, how every dog comes to me when I come across with them, and I just would love to pat them. As soon as the schools started after the last summer, I quit eating any meat. Now I'm a happy vegetarian. But so far I have noticed that I'm not so sensitive that I would like to be. I know that it is unordinary for guy such as me to be sensitive person but... It would be nice. Still I often feel sad for animals, and sometimes even for the plants. Often, when my mother is going to throw some plants away, I ask her if I may have then (I just don't want them to be thrown away). I don't know if this can be counted in as empathy but...

A while ago I even discovered that there has been paranormal abilities in my family. Especially my grandgrand parents had paranormal abilities: They were able to see spirits. Even my mother was able to see them until she decided that she doesn't want to have anything to do with them.
Unfortunately I'd love to see them too, but I'm not able to see them, either is my father or brother. They won't even believe in these kind things. Still I often think that my 3½ year old sister might be able to see them, because sometimes when she wokes up, she tells something to go away and cries. I still don't know if she has the ability to see spirits but...

Anyway, thanks for everybody.
Starsign88 (1 stories) (5 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-21)
When animals sense fear, they attack.

I was also bullied for no reason when I was a child. I was quiet and super shy. Kids like to pick on people like that, whom they think cannot defend themselves.

Today, it is hard for me to be in crowds, because I pick up a lot of emotions from others. When someone is sick, I feel sick too, until I leave the area then I am just fine.

Since then, I have overcome my shyness by working hard at not being afraid of people. They are no lesser than you and no better than you. That being said, you have to protect yourself physically and emotionally. Walk with confidence and use the protective shield that Doublemint mentioned above.

Learn to control your gift. Try to emit love and caring rather than anger and defensiveness and see what happens.
Doublemint (3 stories) (261 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-19)
Hi Draun,

Anne has provided some wonderful articles on this website one in particular that might catch your eye, is called 'Coping with Being an Empath.' For most of us empaths in this world it's all about setting boundaries and staying centered within ourselves. As an older empath I still have my days
When I forget to breath. There are some strategies that you can work with for example: Take a few minutes, center yourself by concentrating on your breath. What this does is connect you to your inner essence. Keep exhaling negativity, inhaling calm. This helps to ground yourself and purify fear or other difficult emotions now visualize negativity as gray fog lifting up and out away from your body, and hope as golden light entering. Shielding works well also try visualizing a bubble of white light (or any color you feel that imparts power) around your entire body. Think of it as a shield that blocks out negativity or physical discomfort but allows what's positive to filter in. Last bit of advice hang with positive people and situations relish hopeful words, songs, and art forms because it will lift your mood. There are many strategies to pick and choose from that will help with the emotional overload.

DisguisedIntentions (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-18)
I'm not sure you're an empath, what you described sounds more like depression from years of bullying, and may just be sensitive about death and things like that, you should see a therapist about years of bullying, have you ever spoke with your parents about it?
Draun (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-16)
It's definitely good to see people that have been in similar situations as I have. I wasn't really sure first if I'm an empath or not because, well, the feelings were so confusing. I try to avoid all "fighting" situations from the far so it is a lot easier for everybody.

Krislove (65 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-16)
I used to be bullied too but I always fight back when I know they're wrong. Got into quite a bit of fights too. From what you describe it sounds like you are one. I've known about empaths for a while now but have only recently come to accept it as a reality.

I'm also pretty shy and quite. I like to keep to myself and never show any emotion on the outside. In the recent weeks I've come to realize that this may be my way of coping with all the unfamiliar emotions that I receive. I used to be really moody when I was younger. Over the years I think I've started shutting off my emotions to the point where I come off as emotionless. If that makes sense at all.

I know it's hard at first but if you work hard at meditation and practice protection you should be good. I used to get a lot of headaches when I was in school, Now I still have them but ever since I've started meditating I haven't been getting any pain. If I feel it coming on I just think of a white shield protecting me and breathe in and out and I am fine again. Hang in there. If you need help you can message me.
eye24 (guest)
13 years ago (2011-03-15)
omgod I been bullied too and I'm Empath, telepathic, and many more. I had this since I was born. But look at this why everyone goes through a tough times and prove to yourself that you can get through it and never regret what you will do. So I use my powers to find out what people up to. Like are they going to fight me? Do they look unusual and why? And get prepared how I will act and how will accomplish something I want.

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