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Little Hand Waving Hello


So here's the story- I was showering this morning because I felt sleepy and oddly cold. So, while I was showering I got a headache. I wrote a story already explaining that these headaches are signs of something to do with pain or death.

Soon after the headache, probably 5 minutes, (I was still in the shower by the way) I was rinsing my shampoo, when from the door way, a little white... I think it was a hand, waved at me. SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME.

There was no speaking, or any kind of noise. So I thought it was my little bro trying to annoy me. So I took the bottle of conditioner, and threw it at the floor of the door- in an attempt to freak my bro out, and to get him to shriek, so I could know it was him.

But there was no response. And 4 minutes later, my mom walks in, I didn't say anything about what a saw though, just in case I sounded crazy. So I got out the shower, and looked around the corner of the door to see what or where the hand came from.

There was no one there. And when I went back to my room, it was cold. Which is weird in this case, because my room is always warm. And I've been getting headaches throughout the day so far - but I don't know what it means. I'm not asking for help or anything, I just want to tell you for the sake of personal experiences you could relate to.

I would try and ask (to no one in particular) out loud in my room, who's hand that was. But, I'm getting the feeling some one's watching me, that's why I stopped meditating too. I'm freaking out a little.

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