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Psychic Premonitions. Why Me?


So the title why me, may be apt because I wouldn't say I was a non believer but I was skeptical you know an agnostic approach to the clairvoyant type event?

I had been ill for a little while, a disorder that affects your nervous system; when I started taking my medication it was like it unlocked some kind of door. I know what you're thinking that here is a whack job or oh I get it she is loopy her drugs are sending her off on some weird trip?

But believe me that is not the case I am a thirty six year old mother of three student pretty grounded, say it how you see it kind of a girl.

I dream mostly when I am asleep, but sometimes when I am awake, I think something or I see it is a more accurate description and then it happens nothing ground breaking just basic stuff.

I was in a shop with a friend at the time my first awake one happened it was a realization I just knew what was going to happen. I thought *Caroline's phone will ring and then she will walk across to the ice cream freezer and answer the phone, I knew she wouldn't tell me who had called and I knew I wasn't interested. Then it happened no biggie right? But it happened and I just knew it wasn't normal. The dreams:

I dream a man is stung to death next day's paper 'man stung to death'

I dream a man is turned on by sniffing a dogs butt, yeah I know gross, next day I see a film I didn't know existed nutty professor 2 if you have seen it then self explanatory, if not man is weirdly sharing DNA of a pooch.

I was separated from my husband, I had a dream that my husband went to a pub met my friends and that their mother was with them this would be very unusual anyway they ended up together, It freaked me out to the extent I realized I still loved him and couldn't lose him.

The next night we got back together and he mentioned afterward, he was in fact meeting these friends; I wangled an invitation as I wanted to be with him, when we later arrived together guess who was there? Yeah you got it the mother, my jaw dropped I could hardly speak.

There have been a dozen other random dreams including one I couldn't shake, I had it after an attack one afternoon it was haunting me so I told my Mum, the dream ended by my friend who was in my dream being saved by a warm light a flame light like the sun, I knew it had saved her, yeah I know whatever, then my daughter came home, and my mum said what did you do today, she replied that she had been on a trip to a church, she also said I lit a candle in the church, my mother turned to me and smiled saying 'there you go'.

I am not religious we are not a religious family I don't know what if anything I believe in but I am starting to think there may be more to life than we are born, we live, we die.

I wish I could be at peace with this thing, but I sometimes don't want to know the things I do, it scares me and sometimes it makes me sad I also have the feeling if I relax and let go I will know more, I will feel more, I will hear people who have passed, but I am scared because I see that this would feel noisy like lots of people trying to be heard? I just want to hear someone say they get me, that this is not as weird as I think it is but...?

I don't want to be looked at like some weird freak, I haven't mentioned this to my husband, my daughter knows because I told "her oh I had this weird dream" and then she would be like whoa that has happened!

So the questions may be why me?

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lindajean (5 stories) (109 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-19)
Whyme; Sounds like deja vu, I have them from time to time. I believe they are just little ways our guides and angels let us know there here. Also, you may be more advanced in your psychic abilities and would be quite easy to fine tune them. Don't look at it in a bad way. If you think people will think your nuts, keep it to yourself, you'll know when the time is right to share it with the general public. This site is great for expressing yourself.
Also, bear in mind that there are certain teens out there that are living in a fantasy world.
Your blessed! ❤ ❤ ❤
Newblood (1 stories) (202 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-06)
Ok well this sound wierd but when things happened to me it was like an awakening in me to. But for me at first when the inner me awakend more outer things wanted in bad thing but once that all started to go away I had the same things happen. Just to day I was with my girlfriend and the phone rang and after the first ring I pointed to the phone an said its amanda, sure enough she picked up an it was amanda from next door. There is bigger an bigger thing that keep occuring just like what you have going on and myself. An from what I know of it which I won't share all of it because some people might think I'm wack, but some of it has to do with nostradomis and his predictions and others like him.

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