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I'm Sure Of It Now, We Are Telepaths


In late August of 2000 my twin brother came to me complaining of hearing voices. This was shortly after our 30th birthday. Since I had no experience with this I suggested that he visit a doctor. He wound up spending a few days at the hospital and came back with a prescription for an anti-psychotic. This did not help and from what I could find out the doctors solution would have done nothing but create a dependent. I continued living with him for another year, but his constant catatonia and the sudden financial burden had become too much. I moved him back to our parents (the destruction of the Twin Towers happened in this same month) The health department told my parents to throw him in the street. "That's the only way these people learn" I remember the words. I didn't know how I was going to recover.

Three years later I was living in New York because of my job and I too started hearing voices. I knew right away that my brother was right and that I was experiencing some kind of telepathic communication. I remembered when I was in high school physics thinking that if starlight was entangled like physics says we, because of constant sun exposure, we should be entangled too making us telepaths. At the time of my recollection I was working as an analyst at a bank which has confidentiality concerns.

During the next six months I considered what my options might be. I thought about everything I had seen in my life and the lives of the people in it, about what real telepathy would mean for our society. We are not designed to be telepaths. The internet is a convenient model to conceptualize this, imagine an internet with absolutely no security. This lack of security translated into a lot of stress for me. I didn't know if I could keep my personal information safe let alone that of my employers. People were going to jail, hospitals, to war or school. All this while my workplace seemed to be deteriorating. It became a big production to get someones attention for even the littlest of things. My politicking boss only seemed slimier than I wanted to believe. I sounded exactly like my brother. Eventually I had to quit the bank job and I returned to my parents place to regroup.

It didn't take much research at all to confirm the patterns in my story. Not only are these details available from anecdotal accounts on websites all over the internet, but they match stories ranging from classic literature, TV, the movies and even history. In the Bible Jesus speaks of a kingdom not of this world. The people I could hear often times sounded like Lord of the Flies. The stories are just too consistent to disregard.

My brother was working again by this point and summer was dragging on. We were home one night after a golf tournament where I had a horrible telepathic experience, and got into an argument. We scared our parents pretty good and wanting to help my brother I agreed to go to the hospital so that we could both tell our story. He called an ambulance which they put me into forcibly. My brother signed me into the hospital before going home! I got a good look at how the mental health practitioners are approaching the patients. They are deaf to any of the patients interpretation of the diagnosis, they quickly resorted to drugs, I doubt they even would remember the particulars of what I said. Ultimately they seemed heartless and intimidating. Totally useless.

As years passed my jobs were some of the best I ever had, but like clockwork as soon as I began to get comfortable the assignment was coming to a close. I was in my mid thirties by this point and the feast or famine nature of consulting seemed to coincide with antagonistic intellectual property thieves apparent exploitation of me. The list of plagiary accusations and obvious malfeasance I have would curl your hair! They seem to enjoy human suffering.

Feeling the need to address the situation once and for all I created a scene telepathically (I threw a fit). If there wasn't anybody there no one would know, otherwise... I went on with this for a few years. I told them I was a warlord because they seemed to be playing some sordid game which I figured must've been quickly put away in the face of invading warlords throughout history. Presumably social change and cultural growth would follow.

Slowly a dialogue developed. Very tricky and only one question and one answer at best at first. Almost two years later and its kind of like a chatroom here in Chicagoland. Different towns have different people, I can feel a wave of change as I drive from one neighborhood to the next. Everyday I see improvement in sanity levels to the point that I wonder what kind of big oil or pharmaceutical company or nation state is going to be left holding the bag. So much of this research got hidden or laughed at, their conflicts of interest has risen to the surface.

I can only hope that there is a cavalry ready to go soon on this. There is so much more to say than I could write here, but at least know you're really communicating with people. Some of them are straight out of a horror movie, but its not everybody.

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Nagath_Sun (1 stories) (12 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-06)
Thanks for sharing your story. Sometimes I think we (humanity as a group) are getting better and sometimes I doubt myself when I run across a particularly negative group of people. As an Empath you only know how people are feeling, not exact thoughts. I'm sure you and your brother came here with a purpose, and with each other you have someone to share your burden. Dealing with people's emotions can be taxing enough, I imagine this is why there aren't many people with telepathy like you describe. It would take very strong will to deal with what you've described. It's good to hear about change for the better.

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