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To sum up, my family has a history of clairvoyant experiences. (On my mother's side). My great grandmother had it, my grandmother had it, my mother had it, and now my sister and I believe we may have it. My sister and I are practical people. We grew up hearing our mother's story, but always tended to roll our eyes:

"The first time I met your father our mutual friends introduced us. The moment I saw him, I heard a little voice whisper in my ear 'this is the man you are going to marry'. I had to turn because I thought someone was right there, but no one was there".

My parents have been together 30 years now.

My great grandmother had a tingling sensation in her arm when she was going to "know" something. My sister gets this tingling sensation. Her premonitions seem to be mostly injury related. She will get feelings when someone is about to get hurt. Example: One day she woke up and thought "what is wrong with dad's hand?" Later that week, he slammed his finger in a machine, and the nail turned black and eventually fell off. Another time, we were leaving the movie theatre, minus my brother. She thought "if [he] were with us, he would have been ok". When we get home, we find the basement had been flooded in the rain, he slipped and fell on the cement floor, and injured his foot.

Mine seem to be dreams. Don't get me wrong, they don't happen often. I normally dream extremely extravagently. If we could record my dreams, I would turn them into movies and probably make a fortune. Mostly I have dreams of adventures or mysteries, or something. Sometimes though, I will get the out of place dream that would come true. Example, In high school, I would dream of the projects that our teachers would assign us weeks before they would assign them. This had its advantages, because I could plan ahead for them and get great grades. I know that sounds silly, and it was, but it was kind of fun too. My mother always told me that I should "tune in" to my abilities so I could make more use of them. I never really knew what that meant anyway, and didn't know how I could do such a thing. I thought it was all fun, or coincidental, or something. I've always been a realist, and figured there was a rational explanation for everything. Sometimes there were other dreams that would come true regarding friends, or people I'd meet. I hadn't had a "psycic" dream since high school.

Now I'm 27. Last week I had a very, very powerful dream. I had a dream where both my grandmother's (both had died) introduced me to my daughter (whom I don't have). It was the child of my boyfriend and myself. She had my face shape, and eyes, but my boyfriends hair and nose. We were incredibally in love and very happy. It was anything but a typical dream for me. I had been the happiest I'd ever been in my life, and the feeling of overwhelming love and happiness I felt was out of this world. I had NEVER had a dream like that before. I don't usually have dreams in emotion, unless I dream of someone ticking me off. I certainly was not thinking of having kids. (We're not even married yet. My biggest thoughts are ridding myself of my credit card debts, and then traveling to an island for a well needed vacation.) It left me shaken for over a day. It felt incredibally real. There was no elaborate scenery, just a cloudy fog. I never dream of children, or of my grandparents. I really really felt it was more than just a dream.

I told it to my sister, and like I said, we're skeptical, but don't deny that extraordinary things are possible. I guess I won't ever really know unless my boyfriend and I have a child and she fits that description.

I guess if anything, I am interested in knowing if what my mother told me years ago was somewhat right. Should I try to "tune in" to something more than the redundant day to day? Is there even a way to do that? Though I'm skeptical, I am sure that such things are possible, and really would love to hear what some of you have to say. I do believe that people on Earth have such gifts. I also believe some people just want attention and make it up. The latter of the two need not reply.:-)

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stephyw2001 (3 stories) (108 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-29)
Thats interesting that she saw you as a toddler. My "daughter" was about 2 or 3 as well. I wonder why it is we see them at the toddler age?

I will probably end up marrying my boyfriend, and he really wants kids. It will be interesting to see if mine comes true too!:-)
sparkle (1 stories) (28 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-29)
Yes! Definitely tune in! Never let such a precious gift go to waste. That's like having all the potential in the world to be a famous singer or actress, and never rehearsing, and expecting yourself to be prepared for a huge show. Kinda silly, don'cha think? I mean, life is a much bigger deal than a show, so your powers can prepare you for anything. That's how I look at it.

And it's interesting that you mentioned dreaming of your future child. That happened to my mom, with me. (She also has very powerful dreams and has had prophetic ones, and that was passed down to me.) She dreamt of exactly how I'd look as a toddler before she had me, and it came true. Eactly like her dream.

Her dreams have kept her safe at other times as well, and my dreams *always* warn me when something bad is happening - or will happen. So take that into consideration. Your powers can be used for protection.
stephyw2001 (3 stories) (108 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-28)
Update: I was just on here reading other's stories and noticed that mine posted. I have been reading up on people's past postings and the advise other's gave on exactly what I asked on how to "tune in". So I do have an idea now, but still welcome other's opinions and advice.:-)

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