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How Can I Become A Better Psychic?


My names Eve and I'm 16,

I'm a confused girl that really needs help. I am a psychic but I don't know how to advance my abilities I have looked for help of many sources but not very relevant.

I've asked other psychics for help but I think I've asked so many questions they our ignoring me now (lol). All they have told me is a I'm a psychic medium and that's all... And where do I go from there?

I do feel the presence of spirits but haven't learnt to see them nor speak to them... I forever feel cold spots around me; at times it is really frustrating, feel like something watching me. I really don't know what I am doing.

Moreover, I have tried meditation but I don't really feel anything all I see is a mountain and a wall which I discovered today my friend had a vision of it to (she's a psychic to). When I tried meditating for the first (PROPER) time yesterday I felt like my body was shaking a bit then I felt a little dizzy... I felt even with my eyes closed I could still see my room and objects around me is that normal?

I've tried automatic writing where I found out info on a spirit here I did get dizzy but I don't know why? And a head ache then tired to sleep didn't work.

I've had tried over the last few days trying to speak with my guardian angel and spirit guide but I think the only think I talk to them is with automatic writing. I think I've seen them but I'm not sure if its my imagination: I think the angels a guy and the spirit guide a girl.

I keep getting wind or cold around my ears every time and EVERYDAY one time I think I heard something but it was low and not clear about 2 weeks ago.

I have no clue on what I am doing.

How I can improve?

I've found lots of research but don't know how to use it wisely.

I'm new to this and have no clue.

I think the only thing I am improving on at the moment is my visions. I really really want to learn how I can improve and keep my self save and use my abilities and work on this with my friend.

If any one has any suggestions or discovers

any information about me please do tell it

would help me a lot.

Thank you!x

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Pieman43 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-23)
I can only stop and start wind but I want to learn more can I please have some advise
Armywife (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-11)
I'm 20 years old. And I first realized of my gift at a very young age. But as I got Older my gift started to make more since I saw a car crash on the interstate and I was in tears. My mother asked why I was crying and I asked her if she saw it she said saw what so I left it alone. That night while I was at work my manager came in was talking about a very bad wreck on the interstate. I had to leave work I was so up set. Another time I was on vacation with my mother and I saw something about the back door of the hotel being locked or broken very well thAt night we couldn't get into the door it was broke. My mother is very religious, and she is afraid it's either an evil grift or a gift from god. So I tried to deny and forget it. I don't see things as much as I use to but this is bothering me. I feel as though something is missing. I don't understand my gift and was hopping I could find help here.
JCH (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-16)
Hey Eve, I have been in your exact position two years ago.

I have found not to rush into things too fast and that it will come to you in time.

I do recommend on trying to work at it, you will keep stepping forwards and forwards at small paces.

Keep sticking at it and never loose faith at it now matter how frustrated you feel:)

In the space of two years for me I have came on leaps and bounds to the point when I was in my local town when this man walked past me and I felt a lot of sadness when instantly I kept getting he lost his wife to cancer recently.

Keep at it:) If you need any advice please feel free to send me an email which is on my profile.

Growth247 (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-19)
[at] Agstorms: I will try but nothings happened lately nothing exciting. Lol the air things cool, I think I can make things cold around me every time I think of something I feel like cold air around me.

[at] Hayley: I think something similar happen to my mother she told me once she had a dream that a old man who died in a flat she just moved into, he told her stop smoking and he dropped the cigarette on the floor then she woke up and saw it there she was scared so she went the the housing office and described the man to the person with was the right description. I have a feeling she might of past something on to me but blocked it out has a child.
Agstorms (183 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-13)
[at] Haley what do you mean by energies? Spirits and stuff like that or auras?
Agstorms (183 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-13)
P.S my gift is manipulating the element of air! I can't see spirits but my dad does occasionally hehe:)
Agstorms (183 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-13)
[at] Growth247 just keep on trying and persisting and your gift will increase in power:) worked for me;)
Haley (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-01)
I'm 15 and I also know how you feel My mother was 'gifted' as am I my mother shut it out when she was young and lost most of her abillitys but once she had me and seen I was going through the same things she did as a child she studied up and helped me best she could I moved out when I turned 11 and moved in with my grand mother she didn't understand when I was scared of something she couldn't see so I just stop bring it up I never told my father my mother had told him of her gift and he called her crazy and they wound up devorced around a year later so I keep my mouth shut now I find out my 7 year old brother is going through the same thing and he is much more gifted than me or my mother he can see hear and feel engergys my mother could hear and feel and I can feel see and I have something kind of like priminitions? My brother is scared to death it still scares me but he is terified I need help with knowing how to embrase this gift and I need to know how to help my brother also
PPayne (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-31)
I just found this site and this is my very first post. I think it is amazing that there are now ways to help youth and the recent out of the closet gifted learn. Primarily that they are normal and not alone.

As a young girl, my (well meaning?) grandmother tried to have the evil spirits cast out me, because I scared her. It seems I still do, for the longest time I felt outcast and abnormal. I now know these things are not happening to me alone, no pills or holy water needed, just some logic and control. You tell me who is insane?

Now as a grown mother of two more just like me, I say woohoo and hats off to excepting and learning to control your gifts! ❤

I hope you find the answers your looking for, remember just to remain you. All else will work out with some time.
Growth247 (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-30)
Thanks for the advice guys and the book names and sites...
[at] Agstorms: lol yes I do get the same feelings but right now nothings really happening maybe my abilities waiting to explode again lol I feel bored without them
Agstorms (183 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-26)
I'm 12 and know exactly how you feel do you get random
Times were your powers or gifts whatever you want to call them work heaps and then the next day they're non existent and do you always feel like you have all this energy inside you but you can't channel it feels likes it's waiting for the right time to just explode? Because that's how I feel:)
mychael1121 (5 posts)
13 years ago (2011-05-26)
Look up, remote viewing/ Major ed dames. You can also check my page
True psychic abilities can be greatly advanced by using remote viewing.
GypsysHeart (guest)
13 years ago (2011-05-24)
I know how you feel. It took me until I was 19 to find a way to control my abilities. I know of a book that might be able to help you. It's called "Psychic Development for Beginners" by William W. Hewitt. I found my copy at Barns and Noble in the New Age section but I'm sure you can find one online as well. I know that you might not be able to get a copy so if it isn't possible for you right now I'd be glad to help you by giving you some exercises to do.

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