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Was A Spirit Following Me?


I recently had a rather disturbing encounter with something. Everything was just like a normal day. I remember hopping off the bus and as I was walking down the driveway, I started to feel a little strange. To this moment I still don't know what I felt, but it was bugging me. Like something was wrong? I knew nothing was behind me, so I kept walking down the long driveway and got to the door.

I noticed for a summer day, the doorknob was quite cold. I ignored it, thinking nothing of it, but when I got inside, my cat, who was sitting at the door as usual waiting to greet me, suddenly bolted to the other end of the house. I went after him and he looked at me with so much anger in his eyes. He had his back arched and was hissing at me. I got a little freaked, and went into the back door, where my puppy was waiting to be greeted as well. She looked at me and raced away too. I looked at her through the door, and she was scared, with her tail between her legs. Then, she ran off the deck down to the back of the yard and started growling and barking at me, with a look in her eyes I'd never seen before.

I actually looked behind me to see if something was following me, or if something was on my face. Nothing was there. It wasn't for at least 10 minutes before they both started acting normally again. I told a close friend about this, and she pretty firmly believed a spirit was following me. Is this possibly true? The reason I am wondering this is because I do see white faces all the time, I'm starting to wonder if I see dead people. I do seem to be able to hear my deceased grandfather's voice. He talks to me at night. I am starting to wonder if my dad may be right. He heard me talking to my grandfather (his dad) one night, and is now taking me to see if I'm schizophrenic.

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