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Precognitive Or Overactive Imagination?


I couldn't find where I could ask a question on the website so I will try to find a way to post it here. So hopefully someone, somewhere has some answers for me. I'm used to having premonition dreams. They come usually when something big is about to happen. Sometimes not happening for a few days, months and even one case a year. But they have always happened when I was asleep or very close to it. But today I think I might of had one while awake. I was sitting watching TV with my mom when all of a sudden I was having like a day dream. But usually in my daydreams they are not very detailed and I can change things that happened, I couldn't do this in this one. But I was sitting at my friend Kim's house on her couch, while she was at the computer desk. It was nighttime cause her husband had already left for work and she only had on the tiny light next to the computer on. We were talking about the business we want to start when she said "About that I need to tell you that I was talking to Mary and she told me the best move I could make was have Amber be my partner. Only because she has kids we could get more money for us that way. It doesn't mean you have to quit the crew. You are still an asset and besides your my assistant remember" But I was mad so I got up and left not knowing what to do, walk home or just sit outside and cool off. Then I came back to I guess you can say.

Now in real life about a week ago Kim had asked me to be her partner to start a business. I of course agreed because the business was something I loved to do. And by being a college student I could change my major to business to help us out a bit more. Kim has been talking to a Mary about grants and things here recently.

Now if this was a regular dream I never would have questioned it, but it wasn't. It was in the middle of the day and felt so real. And afterwards I felt the same hurt and betrayed emotions as in the "daydream" and I also felt really sick to my stomach. My question is do you think I was having a premonition dream or just fears taking over my brain? I have never experienced this before if you have an answer for me please help me out thank you

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alex150o (2 posts)
11 years ago (2011-07-20)
Hi my name is Jesus, I'm 19 years old, I'm a boy from mexico...

This happens to me to! I came to this website to look for answers, my dreams are more like lalala00's dream, but mine are like a serious of sounds and pictures and voices that flash by fast, I suddenly wake and I can remember most of it, I tell my brother the images and sounds I heard so that when they come true I can prove I really had dreamed about it... Is this a gift? Something else that happens is that I can hear some voices, most of the time I can't understand what they are saying, just last night I was in bed about to sleep when all of the sudden I heard someone breathing in my ear, I quickly sat up and woke my brother up to tell him, maybe this may be a ghost? I have seen some shadows and there are some strange things that happen in my house:noices,shadows,etc, we actually haven't seen anything moving by it self but I feel like it will happen soon...

There's something else, I think that I may have an ability to control weather,, this is what sounds the weirdest to me, but if for example, I'm standing in the middle of the street and its hot (i'm from mexico, so its always hot) and there is no air, I say I want air and concentrate and all of the sudden wind blows right to me, or if I want it to rain I can also do it,, I read on a post in this page that when that person was angry he/she made it rain, but I actually really love, love rain...

The most surprising about this was one day that I went to my grandmas house (she lives next door) and I told my cousin ¨I really want it to rain¨ and went back home, as soon as I went inside my room it started to rain, it was at night but it wasn't cloudy (like black clouds at day, when you can tell its going to rain)...

If anyone can please help me understand all this,, I have actually came to think I was going insane, But now I know there are more people like me,, it makes me feel better.

Ghosthunterbc If you found any info about what happens to you, would you please share it with me, anybody else that can share knowledge, please do!

Sorry for posting my story here but I thought it would be more convinient,,
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
11 years ago (2011-07-13)
There's a few things you can use to verify.
One is ask yourself do you have history with this
Person to mistrust this individual?
If your response is no!
Then you have seen the future.

2nd ask your guides/or angles for verification that
This is a future event.

Seeing the future is sort of like a time warp, is my thought.
According to science: even light has mass and can
Transcend time, so why would it be impossible for our mind to see images of future. According to the Mayan there is not word for past, present or future.

I've had my own question puzzle: of a neighbor is it future or is it a spirit lady I saw. See this while
Completely awake in broad daylight, can make us take a step back and pause with questions.
Lalala00 (2 posts)
11 years ago (2011-07-12)
I don't have "day dreams" but sometimes I have dreams of like scenes or something that's going to happen and eventually it does happen. Like once I had a dream, and all I remember about it was I was standing in a really dirty bathroom and I was scared. I was only 7 when I had this dream. A few years later when I was about 12 my friends and I decided to go to a "haunted" house for fun and when I walked in I saw the exact same bathroom that I'd had in my dream years earlier. I had never been there before in my life except for that one night. I don't know if it was just coincidence but I have had other experiences like that too...

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