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Unsure Of Myself


I am 18 years old and the weird stuff started happening when I was 15. At first it wasn't anything much, just me predicting random little things like my phone ringing, getting a text message so I pick my phone up a second before believing I have a text message, hearing someone say my name very quietly but no one was home. I didn't think much of that stuff until I started to notice a number. Ever since I started to notice the number 911 (I'm not making this up I swear) I've started to have flashes or something I can describe as video clips in my head of unrelated to just about anything events. I now see the number 911 is several different ways. I brushed it off every time I saw a digital clock like on my phone or a computer, but the weird part was every single time it was 911 I would look at my phone/whatever to see what time it is without thinking about it... I'm a gamer and I tend to see it in scores or sentences or at stores when someone is charged, $9.11.

Anyway, at first those video clips were just in my dreams, but about a year ago I began seeing those images in my head while I was awake and it happened more often. Today on the 2nd of August, it happens once a day. Those flashes are events/places/people/things that I have never seen or heard or felt, but I feel like I've already done it/seen it/heard it. It feels like a memory. Normally you would toss it aside as Déjà vu but it feels so real and there is no way you can mistake, "I think I've been here before," with "I've never been here but I know right where the silverware is."

For my actual story for everyone to ponder over:

The most recent event was Sunday, the 31st of July. I was unaware of my friend who was having a baby shower that day, thus I had no intention of going. I was woken up by a phone call by my friend telling me to get ready to go. I asked where and he said to the baby shower, he then proceeded to explain who's it was. I agreed, but it already felt weird because I could swear I had that very same conversation with him already, but I just ignored it. When he picked me up he told me the name of the building and asked me if I knew where it was. I said no because I've never heard nor been there. So we stopped for directions and eventually ended up to the right place. As we drove up to the building, a flash or a memory hit me as if I recognized the place, but the thing is, I've never been there. Again I brushed it off as Déjà vu and ignored it. As we parked I grew a little more annoyed of how the situation kept bring more memories as if I've been through it once before. As soon as we stepped inside I look to my left on the wall was a poster of a duck that I've never seen with everyone's name on it saying something. That I remember specifically, because it was after that moment that everything was going exactly how I remembered it. (I'll skip to the major events.) For example, I knew my friends were going to through candy around, I knew we were going to have to clean the place after all the guests have left, and I remember something that you can't predict, there is just no way. I remembered a huge argument between the baby shower girls boyfriend and her family, I remembered in detail what they would say, do, and how it would end. I was in complete shock as it was happening, not because of them arguing which I'm glad my friend that picked me up was able to subside the argument over time, but I was shocked because of how ridiculously familiar everything was. I remembered people that I've never met, did things that I never did before that day.

That was just one of the many events that have occurred, it just was the most recent.

If anyone has any advice as to me seeing the number 911 or the overwhelming feeling of remembering events/places/people/things that haven't actually happened, please help me out here. I'm at a loss as to how I should go about this or if this is even something worth note.

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WritingLover (2 stories) (11 posts)
10 years ago (2011-08-07)
Wow! That is weird. I don't have anything to say to the 911 thing but I do get de ja vu a lot. I don't think mine is ever that severe though. It is a cool gift though and I hope you can find a good way to use it. Take care and God Bless. ❤

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