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Why Can I Leave My Body?


I do mediations a couple times a week, it's always different mediations like grounding, spirit, ect and I have recently just been able to leave my body, I imagine myself than a string going into the core of my body than pulling my inner self out and leaving just a body, I can look at myself lying there, and I can go other place usually these places are peaceful places that I find comforting, like a forest with a stream or a forest with a water fall, is this dangerous and should I stop? Sometimes I don't mean to do it and it just happens, also I'm a lucid dreamer, I don't have to do a mediation to lucid dream it just happens I can control every last detail in my dream, the lucid dreaming part I don't even mean to do it just happens by itself. So I don't know if all this is dangerous and if there's something I could do to stop it, so advice would be great!

Also I just did a power animal mediation and I was relaxed I did everything properly I touched my power animal, and I brought it back with me, and I knew it worked because when I turned my head in the dark were two green glowing eyes the same my power animal had, my power animal is a wolf by the way and the height of the eyes would be where my power animals eyes are, I turned my computer light towards the eyes and just faintly I saw a mist of a wolf, I'm not going to lie it scared me a little but because I wasn't expecting it, and I was relaxed and my guard was down; My power animals message was "strong, brave, courage" so obviously I get the minor meaning but is there a bigger meaning to it? Also is me actually being able to basically reach out and touch my power animal normal? Or should I be alarmed?

Oh, further information, when I left my body yesterday I was in a bright white light, and yesterday morning my aunt passed away from cancer, when I left my body I went to her she took my hand and said " no more crocodile tears, I'm happy now, I'm pain free, you are beautiful and you are going to go places my baby" my aunt only said "no more crocodile tears" once to me and I forgot about it until she said it yesterday, so is that normal?

I know I asked "is that normal" a lot but I don't feel like any of this is normal

But thank you for reading this and taking your time to comment

I will be participating in the discussion so comments are welcomes,

Thank you.

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vicgal123 (3 stories) (15 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-27)
Deepthoughts: sorry this took so long to reply to, but there are ways of knowing imagination from projection, I mean, when my spiritual body is out of my physical body I can't move, if I was imagining my spiritual body leaving than id be able to move, another way of knowing is that imaginations only go so far, you know what I mean? What I do when I'm in my spiritual world or whatever you want to call it because I have no idea to be honest, I can go to a forest feel the blades of grass, the coldness on my feet, the wind in my way, the sounds of running water or crickets, there's a lot of ways to tell imagination from projection. I guess everyone just has a different way of taking out there spiritual body I see a string pulling my spirit out, you may see something else you may feel something else, I can't really give you a expert answer on this because I'm not an expert I'm a 16 year old girl that's still confused about my psychic abilities but somethings you know are real, and something you know aren't. I don't know if that anwsered your question but I tried the best I could. I didn't mean to scare anyone by my story so I apologize for that. I've been told before that I have a very powerful ability by someone from the street, so I don't know what that meant but I guess I do.

Lillianaluv99: its good to meditate its not only good for your abilities but its good for calming down and pushing away troubles, especially if you say you have these abilities its good to keep them focused so a good mediation is a good idea, if you want help/adivce on which meditations to do just email me at victoria. Gallant (at), I can also give you more advice/information because I have done TONES AND TONES of research.

That applies to anyone that reads this that has questions or advice for me thank you


Victoria.gallant (at)
Lillianaluv99 (1 stories) (6 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-23)
OMG! 😲 I have the same sensing feeling. It happens when a person is coming (which I can use when my brothers try to sneak up on me 😊) and random times. BUT I think that when I sense something and nothing's there, I do think that something IS there, either calling out to me or a spirit. Also, there was a possession at a sleepover on two girls which I felt sensing a lot that day. I don't meditate but you should try to ask a person in an "experience" why you're there and if it is safe:)
Deepthoughts (3 stories) (11 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-21)
How can you tell the difference between astral projection and imagination? Because this sounds like what happens to me in my meditations but I don't see a string.

I surround myself with a white bubble for protection, then my head feels heavy and fuzzy and then I always end up in a forest and I can go places and visit people. I thought it might just be a visual meditation but after reading what you've said I'm now confused.

I know my little brother astral travels in his dreams... And I have lucid dreams but don't think I've ever really astral projected/traveled.

Sometimes it seems like people even come to ME in my meditations... People I know... But again I thought it was just a visual meditation or my imagination.

I think in pictures so maybe it's not the same... I don't know.

I'm sorry for coming to your story and asking questions. Your story has just confused me a little and made me a bit scared lol.

Bringing your power animal back sounds amazing! Whatever is going on you are obviously very powerful with it. Good luck with where ever this takes you!
Ruth (4 stories) (156 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-21)
Hello - yes these are normal experiences. We all leave our physcial bodies when we sleep. What a lot of people do not experience, is being concious of this happening. Whilst travelling in our sleep, we are of course attached to our physical bodies by the silver cord. I have had a few of these experiences myself. The silver cord will always bring you back to your physical body. The silver cord is severed when we die and pass over.

Love and blessings
Ruth - medium 5 years ❤
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-18)
You should tell them but just change the story about how you found out. Tell them you had a dream and this is what she said. I would feel comforted by that if I was them. And, yes you will feel powerful emotions on and around that day. Grieving is a necessary part of life that all of us must endure someday. You know that you can take your wolf spirit with you. He can give you support. You can even ask him to get answers to questions you may have. Start out simple nothing too complicated. Have you given him a name yet? Or, did he come with one? Anyhow, I hope all goes well for you and your familly at the funeral.
vicgal123 (3 stories) (15 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-18)
Thats what I usually do I'll fly over a forest or water, or ill go to a forest and walk around usually its by myself sometimes ill see a pack of wolves running around and a bear sleeping by a tear or birds flying in the sky its really peaceful. Yes my aunt is in a better place, if I hadnt gone to her the greaving would be bad but she told me not to cry and she was happy so I'm happy. Her funerals on monday and I can always feel peoples emotions so it'll be pretty hard on me, I want to tell them "she said shes happy no more worrying" but I don't want them to like break down and hate me. But yeah thanks for the congratulations I am greatful for such abilities such as these and my others and I plan to keep them and strengthen them every chance I get!
Eagleclaw (386 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-18)
Anne - That is wnderful advice that you have given. I used to travel all the time when I was younger but only went to visit friiends and so loved to fly over the woods. And, one time my friend flew with me. She told me about it the next day. Thats how I knew. I would have ventured further if I knew I could.
Vicgal123 - Congratulations! Many possibilities are out there for you. You can go to many places. Do many things. And, I'm sorry to hear about your aunts passing. She knew that you are strong and feirce. Hence the crocodile name. Atleast now you will know that she is at peace and happy where she is. Congratulations again for you making contact with your wolf spirit. He will watch over you. And, yes it is fine to reach out to him and touch him. He will not hurt you. Enjoy your newfound relationship. You can have someone to fly with now. He can run on the ground and you can fly. Try flying over the woods. The trees will give you a lot of energy for both of you. Again Congratulations.
vicgal123 (3 stories) (15 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-16)
Its usually just a peaceful transaction, sometimes I'll feel a tingle in my hands and feet, but other than that its seemless. Thank you for the comment its very helpful. I feel greatful that it is rare to be able to do this so easy! Ill defiantly get more information on this ability! Thank you!
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2011-08-16)
The astral projection you're experiencing is normal. What's not normal is that society (minus Eastern philosophies) has suppressed, vilified and even killed people for pursing this in days of old. If I had a child, they would know all about this and be great projectors. However, what IS rare is the ease in which you're doing it. Most people have to labor intensively and for long periods to achieve conscious separation. But some people have a light hold on their astral but this is rare. Just consider yourself lucky.

We all naturally project when we sleep but few remember it beyond a fuzzy "dream". You're very lucky to have such a loose hold on your physical form. Hopefully it won't go away as you age.

Since this is pretty easy for you, create goals on what you want to accomplish. Where do you want to go and see? Know the importance of your "Will" center/chakra. You can do so many things in this state. The question comes down to, what is your goal, if you even have one. Some of my own personal goals were; go to the moon, see the pyramids (inside), visit Stonehenge, time travel (won the daily lottery once via AP so I know it's possible), heal, visit loved ones who have passed and so on. And if you're brave, ask to see beings from other dimensions.

Educate yourself. This is a huge blessing! Don't take it for granted. If you have the time and inclination, read my other site: There is a beginner's guide but also an advanced article.

I'm surprised you don't feel any vibrations when you separate. When I do, they feel like a huge earthquake is happening.

Thanks for sharing!


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