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I Thought I Felt Love From An Empath


I am not psychic as far as I can remember. I felt weirder things when I was a child, like dreaming of Buddha, Kuan Yin, and a flying bus filled with spirits journeying towards reincarnation. I felt deja vus more. But this year, I experienced a link with a colleague that turned me upside-down.

It could have happened because 1) my emotions were low from my career change and disappointment with both my previous company and the new company, 2) the year is elementally bad for me feng-shui wise, 3) I really met a psychic who accidentally manifested his skills on me.

When I was having difficulty on the job, oddly, a voice in my head would call out the name of this guy. It would wail over and over again, like I was begging his help. He did offer me help after that. This wailing would happen a few more times, usually when I wished he would help me. He has also overheard my thoughts, as he repeated it out loud. The way he linked was, I think, like this: he projected a rambling of thoughts at me. I was feeling an attack of angry (?) thoughts which I didn't acknowledge. For some reason, I decided to open up to the attack and that was how he linked to me. I felt like a channel had been opened between us, it felt hollow. I could have been imagining but somehow I just believe it to be true. If I projected a thought, it sounded like it had an echo as it travelled to him. One night when I was home, I experienced a sudden heartache. It came out of nowhere, as I wasn't thinking about him. I would always feel like a tug on my heart (like the feeling during depression) if I thought about him.

Also, after knowing him and interacting with him, I felt not only my heart chakra, but also my third eye and crown chakra open up. During a shower, I felt my crown open up and something streaming into it. My third eye would also feel raised often. I could've borrowed his abilities temporarily, from what I've read in other stories around this website. I also experienced coincidences like this: I decided to try out wearing the same colours of shirts as he did one week. The colours were blue, green, black, blue, blue. The blues were light blue to marine blue, but you get the point - I chose the same colours that he did! These many incidents made me wonder if he was either a blast from my past life, or my soulmate. At the time, I reasoned that if we were soulmates, we could be together in the astral realm, and we would wait for each other in our next lifetime. I have since quashed the soulmate theory, from what I read around here. But I think I did fall in love with him for awhile. One day as I was walking, I saw him and my heart involuntarily fluttered (I have never experienced a fluttering heart before). Another time, when I passed him, I smiled at him and suddenly I felt something shoot into my heart, warm and quite strong. I thought it might have come from him, rather than from me.

He felt pretty bad about me, from the heartaches I was getting, so I quietly wished him well and not to be unhappy. Immediately the heartache would disappear. I sent him love which was a feeling of strong energy radiating out widely from my heart.

The link stopped when he decided to put a stop to it. He stopped thinking about me, and I did the same. It was hard for me, but I let it go. The odd thing is, when I experienced it, everything fell into place. I knew how to send healing, or radiate love, pacify his emotions. Everything was second nature to me. I lamented the loss of this love, even if he never openly confessed it. Nowadays, I don't have any more psychic experiences, so I think he is the psychic. The funny thing was, when all those things happened, I could google awhile and find the answer to exactly what was happening.

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WanderingWayne (4 stories) (107 posts)
12 years ago (2011-09-12)
Beside having soul mates we also have "soul group" members according to the book "Journey of Souls" by Micheal Newton. This book and Destiny of Souls may shed some light on what was going on.
CJRyan (1 stories) (36 posts)
12 years ago (2011-09-02)
Actually you could be some sort of physic. Its possible for some one to go through a time in there life were they have physic experiences, and than other times to not have any experiences at all. That can be because of the way your mind is or your way of thinking. It could have to do with your chakras. It could be any one of many reasons. Feel free to e-mail me at: momsfavgirl2010 [at]
I am willing to help you look in to all the different reasons.

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