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Hypnagogia Or Astral Projection?


I've been researching a lot on what has been happening to me for many years now. On Wikipedia it is referred to as hypnagogia, which says "The equivalent transition to wakefulness is termed the hypnopompic state. Mental phenomena that occur during this "threshold consciousness" phase include lucid dreaming, hallucinations, out of body experiences and sleep paralysis." I just had another one of these experiences about an hour ago in my bed and I lucid dream as well without trying. Ever since I was little I'd see "spirits" or things that weren't there according to everyone else, but it was never as strong as it is now and it has been progressing for maybe 6 years now (I'm 19).

So not more than an hour ago I was lying in bed trying to get back to sleep when I came into a catatonic state and my body began to vibrate. I started hearing sounds that were not there before and I saw a demon-looking creature lying on my chest staring blankly into my eyes. Normally when this happens (and I'll get to the other examples later) I am instantly filled with a horrible panic and terror. This time I was still afraid but not to the extent I normally am. The thing on me had bronze-gray "skin" and small pointed almost cat-like ears. Its eyes were a dull yellow and didn't blink. Usually they appear evil but this one was looking at me with sad curious eyes. I have been reading about this and also get links to astral projection, which I'm very interested in. This might be the case so in my fear I asked the thing in my mind what I should do next and what's going to happen (regarding astral projection). The thing didn't open its mouth or move but I heard voices everywhere telling me to just lie there very still on my back. I started to stay still and tried to relax and the vibrations became more violent and I freaked again and screamed no in my mind and tried to move my body. I got one of my fingers free and kept squirming until the thing on top of me slowing brought its finger to my face, touched me, and then I was "released" and everything went back to "normal" again.

Hypnagogia Or Astral Projection?

In the past the things were not so kind. I've had a time where I had the radio on when I was sleeping and it happened suddenly and the music turned to a woman screaming as if being tortured. A shadowy demonic thing appeared at the bottom of my bed and worked its way forward to me laughing with its teeth out. There were lots of screaming and evil laughter and shadowy things flying about. The one from the foot of my bed charged towards me and rammed into my face, and then I could move again and I gasped for breath because I was having trouble breathing then. Sometimes they talk to me and don't do anything evil but they fill me with such terror and have such a menacing presence. At times it's like they want to have sex with me and I give up fighting them and say fine then, but then they just laugh at me. When I ask them what they want they just mock me and laugh. I've heard of an astral plane that is filled with "parasites" such as these and I was wondering if that is the case or if this is something else? Sometimes I begin to feel as if I'm floating above my bed but get afraid and fall back into myself.

A few other things: one time after one demon thing entered my body and I could breath again I bolted up in my bed and instantly began laughing crazily and then it changed suddenly to me bawling my eyes out. I ran out of my room and instantly I stopped crying and felt normal.

Also, people have told me that they can sense negative energies around me. One random person came to me and gave me a crystal for protection and said they felt I needed it. My sister's boyfriend's friend told my sister that after I stayed with them for a few days he could feel negative energy around me and sense evil spirits and that I should be careful.

I want to continue to attempt to astral project and learn about it, but every time I try (or even if I don't try or even if I begin reading about it again) these sort of things happen. If anyone has any advice or if this is normal please give me some advice! Other astral projectors have said it is terrifying as well. Am I in danger? Am I feeding into my imagination?

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Watcher909 (12 posts)
13 years ago (2011-09-10)
Well these things usually happen during puberty when you're just growing use to your abilities and changes occur within your own body.
Naturally you will grow to master these abilities. I had an similar experience once with astral projection. I know exactly how you feel, your body can't move, only your eyes and parts of neck.
First time it happened to me, I freaked out a little as I was just astral projecting into far off places, when I woke up I couldn't move. Simply close your eyes and focus after a few seconds of calming myself down, I was able to move freely once again. Astral projection can be really fun! 😆
CrystalDeathbird (1 stories) (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-09-06)
Thank you both for commenting and helping me with this. I have been diagnosed as a manic depressant in the past but I am not medicated so I can see how the parasites could feed off of my depression as it comes. I've been trying to meditate again but I'm not the best at it. I will definitely work on it though.
I think I'll take you up on your offer Anne and send you an e-mail sometime. I have lots of questions!
chibi-X-o-X-o (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-09-06)
Hmm... Very interesting. Iv'e actually experienced something similar... It can be scary:/
But like always, Anne gave perfect advice very similar to mine... I am proud/freaked now to say that there is now a demon in this world with a crush on me...
I hope astral travel works out for you, and those pesky demons bothering you just need to crawl back down to their caves.
You can, however, raise your. Energy vibration/level to a higher level by continuously meditating and doing good deeds. These things generally tend to ward off weak spirits/demons. None of them wants to pick on someone stronger than them! ^-^
Good luck, Love is on your side:-)
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
13 years ago (2011-09-06)
This is text book pre astral projection and etheric anomalies. If you can, go read my other sister site to this one (

There are parasites in the lower astral and when we first leave our body, we are at the lowest point vibrationally so that's when we see them. I know, I've gone through what you've gone through too many times to count which is why I authored that other astral projection website.

Ok so before you get too deep into the actual astral experience itself, you've got to mostly resolve the parasite issue. Parasites are attracted to volatile energies and that can include lust, rage, depression and fear. They literally feed off of that. So either you or someone in that house is attracting them. Even if it's not you per se, you get to experience them because you're lucid in the etheric. They may be bothering others but they are not conscious of it.

When I was a teenager (decades ago!), I was bothered a lot by these things but I had an extremely unhappy childhood. It wasn't until I moved away, got over my anger and matured enough that they naturally fell away as there was nothing there to feed off of.

Screams from souls don't necessarily mean a parasite. Many times souls that are stuck in the lower planes are just desperate to be heard and so they scream.

I see by your age you're still young so you may not have control over your housing situation. Other things you can do is to practice the very emotion that they have zero resonance with; love. They want you afraid so they can feed off of that. I remember dealing with my fear and eventually ignoring them and they went away. As I matured into adulthood and worked on unconditional love, I was actually able to put that forward so totally that they either morphed into something loving themselves or flat out disappeared. This is hard, I know, and it took me many years to master it but it is possible. (Try this with a living human and see that it morphs them too).

It may not seem so but you are lucky to have the internet to find information and people related to this. I had no such luxury. Everything you're going through is already published either in books or on the web. I would also be more than happy to help you if you have any more questions. Feel free to e-mail me at eclecticraven [at] There is little I don't know on the subject since I've been seriously pursuing it for many years and have had lots of projections to the higher planes and beyond.

This is not your imagination. I have gotten verifiable proof over and over that this is real.

Be well!

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