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My name is Damien, I am 20 living in the western part of Texas. I'm a pretty average person but lately things have been occurring that make me wonder if I'm not so average after all. It isn't just one or two things but various senses and abilities. Lately I have been able to "feel" what other people are feeling and what they usually are thinking as well. I can't really hear thoughts, sometimes I hear words or sentences but I feel it's just me saying it in my head. I know when a person is sad and why they are sad as well.

Another reason I know this is more than just a feeling is I've never had previous study in palm reading, I've never read or seen anything having to do with the subject but I started reading palms just because I was curious and I tend to read almost everything correctly. From the person's past to what they are going through. It just naturally comes to me from no where.

In addition to those things, I can also I, guess you can say, heal physical pain. If a person has a bruise or a pain somewhere, I touch it and I can take it away. It occurred once when I was with my mother who's going through chemotherapy, she complained of back pains, I naturally wanted to help her so I started massaging her back. While I did, I felt it getting warmer and she said she felt it too. When I let go, she said it was gone, like nothing at all.

The last part is I can 'sense' other presences, like spirits. Whenever I pass a strange house or go near certain areas I get this tingly feeling, I guess you could say like spider-man. I know something is there, I just can't see it but even though it's invisible to my eyes, I can like follow its movements whatever it may be.

I can't really explain any of this. People ask me if I can see the future or move objects with my mind, I doubt that it's possible for me to do it now but after I've experienced all of these things that's happening all at once, I don't doubt it's impossible to achieve that.

If anyone has any ideas, theories, or just thoughts about my story please let me know, I'm not out to become famous, I just want to understand what's happening...

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FireFly (4 stories) (35 posts)
13 years ago (2007-12-08)
It seems to me that you were have are senitive psychically and your abilities are growing stronger. Also you seem to have already found your strengths which seem to be sensing others problems and pain and not only that but relieving them of pain. If you ever want to learn more just research of the internet and read some books that's what I did. I hope I've been helpful.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
13 years ago (2007-12-05)
Damien - I am 48 and could fill a book. You are like me - sensitive to pain I think. It doesn't mean you can't stop it and you may have it yourself. It just means you will understand and accept it probably.

Probably you like risks a little because you defeat them. I don't advice it - there is always some pain involved tho you defeat it.

You may get bored easily - have varied interests and keep busy. Drug or alcohol abuse is an easy way out.

Over the years, I have said, if this is real then this and this will happen and then, later it happens. I don't accept it. Then I say it again. Well accept it. Move on. Get on with life, your story and learning whatever it is, and don't lag too long in that otherworld. Be a man, a provider, and protect your family. You are good at it. Success is not stuff - when your babies are 20 - are you happy

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