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I recently wrote a story on the strange things that have been happening to me lately and I thought I would explain more in detail one of the experiences that have been happening to me. I could always tell what people were feeling since I could remember but until now they were little feelings. Like the type of nervousness you feel when someone is angry or upset or the wanting to comfort someone when you can "tell" they are sad.

Well before it was like that, little feelings here and there but lately they've been getting stronger. Now I can see a person and know how they are feeling exactly almost like if I feel it with them. I can tell when a person is lying to me, hiding something, or they're shy and want to say something but can't.

I was with a couple of friends one night and we got into the subject of psychics and fortune telling. I told them that I had somewhat of an ability too and they wanted to test it out. So I went ahead and started to tell them what each one was feeling and what the cause of it was. I had no idea one of them had problems with their significant other and yet I was here saying things that were true. I felt her insecurity and confusion. Her sadness and fear thinking that things weren't going to work out with her and her boyfriend. At the end she started to cry because she didn't believe me at all but I guess hearing her exact emotions told to her touched a soft spot.

At the same time, I've always heard about mind reading and how it exists as a lifestyle in some cultures but I've only read limited articles on that. Sometimes I myself hear things in my head when someone is near by. It could be just a word or a whole sentence. I tend to think sometimes that it's just me saying it's in my head, but other times it isn't. Sometimes it's really faint and other times it's stronger.

I know I'm not insane or have some type of mental disorder. No mental disorder exists in my family line and instead it's the opposite, psychic phenomenon has existed. So now I wonder whether I got the same trait and whether stranger things will happen.

I've been told by family and certain people that I should try to train myself to make my abilities stronger but I have no idea where to start and how. Hopefully someone out there can give me some feedback or theories or advice.

Like I said in my last story, I'm not out to be famous, special or well known, I just want to know and better understand what I'm experiencing...

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Katie (guest)
14 years ago (2008-02-19)
Hi you know like everyone likes to go on holiday not me cause I can feel everyone's emotions. Its really bad does it not get to you and make you nearly cry! Sometimes I just don't remember doing some things cause of feeling other people's emotions. I wrote a story on it! I think its called feeling someone else's emotions. Its on my profile anyway or just click on my name if you haven't read it. When I get things right like you did people start to get shocked and like wow and all that. There not used to it but If I come out with what there saying they like pause and like Katie how did you know that! I'm used to it its funny in away. I'm a bit telepathic not all the time but some days I am it depends how I'm feeling but I would like to improve on it.
knicole (guest)
14 years ago (2008-01-15)
im thirteen. I know exacty what your feeling. I have that ability too. When I was younger like three or four I would guess birthdays. And now that I'm older I sense feelings. Can anyone tell me how to make it stronger or like develope it?
FireFly (4 stories) (35 posts)
14 years ago (2007-12-08)
I agree with your family you should try to develope your abilities, I mean with abilities like yours I think you could help a lot of people. With all psychic abilities you basically start with opening your mind and there are exercises on the internet you could practise. Also meditating really helps I find, opening your Third Chakra what ever you want to call. HOPE that helps and good luck. 😉
latrivette (1 stories) (1 posts)
14 years ago (2007-12-04)
hello damien I'm lori and I'm sixteen I think its so strange that you are having the same experiences as me. Like walking into a store and feeling others emotions to where it almost hurts sometimes. Like you I have always had a little bit of this (sorta gift) since I was very young but just recently it has became very strong. My family has told me it may be because I'm a teenager but I know its something more. I have went into tears at times when I have no reason to and then find out I was sitting next to a womans whose husband just died. It hurt so bad to feel the grief she was going through. So when you talk about your experiences I can totally relate to you. What really helped me was going to church and believing that god gave me this gift to do some good with. Just knowing that hes on my side helped a lot. I'm not an over the top christian or anything I'm just saying that's what helped me sort out why this was happing and also helped ground my ablity so that maybe I can help others. I hope this helps you in some way shape or form. Thanks Lori 😊
Lisa (guest)
14 years ago (2007-11-29)
Damien, You definitely have Empath abilities. On this one forum I belong to, many of the young people there are Empaths, so don't feel alone.

You may want to look into grounding yourself if people's emotions get too tense and you are picking up too many strong emotions in crowds of people.

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