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Why Do My Eyes Cloud Over?


I am currently very confused. I have been sensing people a lot lately. I have been able to feel when someone is near. When this happens I get a dreadful headache. I was out with a friend a few days before Halloween and I kept getting those dreadful headaches so I tried to find who I was supposed to see because they intensify if I am close to the person. She was looking at me weird and asked if I had in contacts, after assuring her I didn't wear contacts she told me she could see the outer part of the contact. My eyes had filmed over and made it seem like it was contacts apparently they do that every time I get the headaches and I never realized it. Or if someone who is not such a good person comes around they make me feel faint and drained until that person either leaves or I do. I am sometimes able to still sense them even after I am no longer near them. I can't control it at all I will just completely zone out and go off of what I feel rather than look at my surroundings It's like I am in a fog but noises and voices around me seem to intensify instead of dull. My family is known for having psychic gifts and for witchcraft from both my maternal and paternal side as well as for being healers. I am empathic and, from what I'm told, much more than that though I have no clue what they mean by that. I was wondering if anyone knew why this happens or what it could possibly mean. Or if it is common to have this problem. What can I do to control this or is it possible to do so? Any help would be very much appreciated.

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bbdeathspark (4 stories) (617 posts)
10 years ago (2011-11-05)
Before we go skipping to theories we have to know, do you have any medical conditions? Not everything in life is about abilities and power, so we want to be safe.

But if no medical conditions are present, my theory is that you have hidden Empathy and ESP abilities which you cannot control. As you have not set up a way to be alerted when something happens, it sends you into pain as the most natural way. I suggest grounding whenever this happens, and meditating on your energy shutting everything else out.
PathR (4 stories) (1268 posts)
10 years ago (2011-11-02)
Your eye description is swelling of the conjunctiva.
It can accompany headache.
In medical terms it is called SUNCT.
Your body is responding as if it is interacting
With allergies.

Now the odd thing is many psychic experiences could
Be classified as an illness. Its a fine line.
If you have no results after following some info below
Please see a doctor. Always good to lean on the side of

It would be best to keep a diary of foods and drinks plus
Sleeping habits.

If you believe this is due to psychic activty with your self interacting with people.
Keep another note book!
Important, use a form of protection and grounding which is helpful to psychics,
Sensatives and empathetics day and night.
With meditation you can add quartz as this helps
Strength the aura and works with the etheric aura.
Important to clean and prepare all crystals after use.

When you sense people pulling you energy you can do
Some grounding work via the root chakra.
Also add a clear shield or other type to protect yourself.
When entering a place before checking the energy of location
Or people.
You can use some type of visualized color over you before
Checking around. The reason being with humans,
Even animals there is an exchange of energy energy.
So hence experiencing energy depletion.

If you problem due to psychic sensativity, you
Have a problem with the Astral aura, Vital aura filtering out the activity you are sensing. So I recommend while
Meditating do a little checking of this particular aura. You can Google these two layers for location around your body.

You may find you feel feelings of over load or anger
Come from no where which is common also.
A small exercise is to ask if the feeling or anger is
Not yours for it to leave.

You could easily do healing if you so choose.
But your main focus should be on you keeping your own
Peace and energy. This in itself will be work.
The reality it has been years you have been experiencing the
Depletion so it will take time to change.

You also really need some alone time.

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