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My Family's Gifts


Growing up right after my sister was born I was only 12 years old at the time, I started to speak to this little boy and this dark entity, I knew the little boy, he was a friendly spirit, for the fact that he was my little cousin who died when he was a baby, I knew it was him because he gave me his name, he said he was Daniel the exact name of my relative and he looked just like his older brother who is my age and he was born 6 days after I was and Daniels brother and me were inseparable. The mortal of this story is as I grew older the dark entity would tell me bad stuff, like the world hates me, I am ugly, my family wishes I was dead, I would get images in my head on how to kill myself, I would come home and just lock myself and starve myself and just sleep, like I felt the need to sleep. My mom finally had enough and she enrolled me in a mix martial arts class, I started getting fit and started ignoring the entity. Let's just say this dark entity had evolved into this tall dark shadow that every time I would fight whit my brother above me it was like he had changed and always had this dark evil anger and he would have a black glow, and it only happened when my dad was not home, but if my dad was home my dad would just be mad all day and my dad would always be mean to just me, and I saw the same thing as I saw whit my brother it was the dark shadow behind him, I tried to ignore it but I was just running away from a gif I had, I could talk and communicate whit them, but as I grew older I grew fear, I would see things and feel things but I would ignore the feeling all the time. When my sister turned 8 she had the same feeling I would have, for example there was this night it was just my sister upstairs doing homework, and I was downstairs watching TV when I heard her scream my name so I ran upstairs to see her and she only said" He keeps staring at me and I don't like it" I asked her" Who is staring at you" she replied" That dark evil man standing by the door" I found it weird what she was telling me, I taught I was the only one to see him, so I tried being the knew me and told her to ignore him and if she wanted to come downstairs whit me and she said no its ok, so a minute a minute later she said "I am done whit you" so I ran upstairs and she started rambling some words I could not understand, the only words I would understand is you get out now by the power of love and the holy spirit, she is only 8 she does not understand what that meant but this little girl had so much strength and believe in what she was doing, she ran to my mom cabinet, my mom grew up in the old aztec rituals so she has rosemary and other scents and this crystals, she ran and got them and she started chanting she walked all around the house down the stairs and opened the kitchen door that lead outside, While she was doing this I could see what tormented me my whole life acting so week to my little sister and running away from us now so my sister said the finals words of get out NOW! And slammed the door after that the house felt open and like a someone removed dark curtains from the window, I could breath. My mom later showed up and she parked her truck in the garage but she said that the instant she turned into our driveway she had this heavy feeling and she noticed the light of our driveway, the light has a sensor so it should of light up as soon as my mom drove up but it did not, she closed the garage behind her and went to the door, and as soon as she opened the door that dark shadow stood right in front of her face and my mom ran to the house and said what happened, I told her what her little daughter just did, after that my mom could not imagine that her little girl is what people say carries the yellow orb like the sun and every time she walks into a room she instantly makes people smile, a lady told me I had a white orb and and angel that is an elder and that he protects me. I believe my mom my sister and me have something special and just realized I can not niglet myself from my gift. To this day My sister my mom and me are so connected that we can't lie to each other, we can feel each other's pain, and when we think to call one other the other one ends up calling and we always say I was just about to call you! The power of love united by our gifts and knowing that together we are stronger! Hope you guys enjoyed one of my many stories I have of my family's life.

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