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Too Many Things, Not Enough Understanding


I don't have a "so this one time" my tale is a over view of what I have experienced that I relate to being psychic. It's all important to a path I cannot clearly see, but I have found my way here.

It takes ALOT for me to share this. Please take it seriously, I am by definition a very serious person. I don't suffer fools gladly.

If you are seriously psychic give this a read. As long as this post is, it's very short for what I've got to share

Having said that

I Don't Know where to Begin.

I read this site and think, why have I found it? There must be a reason. Why now? Because now things are changing faster than they have ever before. The term I was given for what I am. Is Fey, which means Second sight and I am doomed to die.

The context and understanding is much more challenging to explain written than to speak about.

Let's start from the early beginning, it seems to be where most other stories on this site start.

When I was young I never thought of these things, being psychic or abilities until the first event happened. I was just a boy, maybe 8 and I don't remember how the subject came up, but I told my friend I could predict the future. He said prove it. I told him the doorbell would ring. The moment I ended the words, across the house the mailman rang the doorbell.

This started a very long path.

How did I accomplish that? Was it fluke? Sheer luck? I must know, in the same way that when I was young as I would not remember falling asleep, and this bothered me right from the get go and trying to focus on that moment turned me into a lifelong lucid dreamer from when I was very young. In my dreams I am god. I am the creator of my own reality.

This I felt was similar, but where did that knowledge come from? I had to find out.

This started a process I call my hunt for my 3rd dimension.

My physical self, my spiritual self and my 3rd dimension.

Shortly after my first prediction, my SAME friend who witnessed my prediction took me to his church camp for a week during that summer. My family is Christian but we are regular non-church going people. It seemed like a fun time as a kid so I went.

Lets jump to the important part. I don't know why, but I had a weird mental break down at the camp. I was seeing ghosts and demons and devils through the walls. I later joked that they probably spiked my food, but non-the less these events secluded me from the group of kids. I found myself in a hospital ward surrounded by nuns being read the bible for about a week straight. I don't remember much about it, but in the end the church told me, I had acquired god's armor and that I am forever protected by him. This has over came my doomed to die. This has saved my life countless times.

I was in a car crash, I was front passenger, 2 people where in the trunk (I am aware of how wrong this is, but I was not owner of car, I just caught a ride) , 3 people where in the back, and we hit a telephone pool going 80 and speeding up. Everyone was hurt, and I did not receive a scratch, with in less than a second of impact, I was out of the car and opening the trunk to help those in need. It was nothing short of a miracle.

While I was out in Calgary I was walking up the road listening to my ipod, I had just finished charging it. For no reason my ipod just randomly died, first time it has ever happened. Ironic that at that very moment some girl was yelling my name to stop me from stepping in front of a car that would have most definitely killed me. My perfectly working, full charge ipod dies just in the nick of time to stop me from dying? I thanked that girl and I thanked god.

While surveying for oil in northern BC I slipped on a cliff face and started sliding down, my arm and bag got caught in a tree branch wedged in the snow, it caught me from falling. My feet where dangling 200 ft. Above the ground. I should have fallen to my death, but I did not. A stick hiding in the snow saved my life.

This all mattered. Because there are more events than I can type up, many more. I was aware an outside force was at work. Every time.

I feel weird writing these things, as if they won't be properly understood. This is about being psychic as much as so much more.

I started meditation to see what I could accomplish

I see Auras, naturally all the time. I did not need to practice/I was shocked to learn others don't see it.

I started finding my peace of mind; I thought I was making it somewhere.

I attempted Astral Projection and succeeded. This scared me; I did not feel good looking down at my self-sitting in my chair. This really bothered me deep and actually pushed me away from all the good I was doing for myself.

But this is where the story catches' up to currently. There are more events I have missed, but I can't use them all. It started with energy manipulation. I don't know why but I became aware of energy in my body, one I could use but not always. I can build in energy in any part of my body. I can suddenly attune my mind and body as one. I didn't need meditation to pull my mind down deeper; I was just already there.

I could control it. Take it. Use it? Something was wrong. It has been a long time since I thought anything psychic. But I felt a change on the inside the fear had finally gone. So I tried to do something, on the spot at that very second. I don't know why

I was at a party, people where everywhere, people saw this. I pushed with my mind, and the fire didn't just move, it turned into some kind of weird spiral horizontal vortex at looked like some sort of wormhole. People panicked. In the back of my mind, I was told one more push would light them on fire (told?) and I stopped and the fire returned to normal.

I would not believe this if I was told about someone else doing that, but people witnessed me do it. Commented on it. Won't let me forget it. I know I did it, and the wind had nothing to do with it. I got sick after, very ill. I wondered if I had pushed out too much of my own energy so I started (I don't know how I came to this conclusion anymore) to borrow energy, from a church actually.

People go there and meet, good bad, hopes dreams prayers. It all manifests there like a giant ball of energy waiting to be used. So I said a prayer and started borrowing the energy.

It worked! It was working great. But I got greedy. I started taking energy from everything around me. It was when I almost stole energy from a new born that I realized I had gone to far. Stopping myself left a sore pain in my lower back, I had forced a change in the energy's direction and it whiplashed back. Then the same force I borrowed from at the church, took from me. As if it pulled me out of myself. I don't know what it took, but it took something.

I don't know what it was, but after all the help, I let what was taken go.

I started pushing my energy out, like a field around me. I can sense people with it. I practiced with it and it's pretty accurate, I sense their energy. Like a visible grid in my mind, I see all around me in darkness, but their energy grid is there.

But now in the dark I see colors, a lot of purple, like smoke around me. Last night was the first time I thought that maybe It was energy and that I could use it. I couldn't. But I learned I could see my own psi ball when I can see the smoky colors in the darkness. I still cannot program them, but they are at lest existent.

Then I don't know how to explain this next one

I can push water maybe?

I think I made a pressure zone by accident and cause myself to force water in a direction. I pressured water down a drain that couldn't drain. Like um. Compressing the water. If that makes sense, cause when I stopped, all the water came back up. It had nowhere to go. How does one make water go down a drain then come back out? Doesn't this defy natural law?

My late Grandmother could make things levitate, although I never witnessed it, my family swears by it.

I feel I gained that.

But WHY?

There is no place in society for people like us. I am 23 years old and in times of need I turn to the Buddhist teachings to guide my direction.

I don't believe other people, I feel they wish to be so much more than they are, and look for psychic things to make them feel bigger than they are. I am a skeptic, logic and evidence. But to many years past being convinced, I know what I can do is true

But what about us who got the true calling.

A destiny. A purpose. The ones who are not fake and need guidance.

1000 years ago people like us mattered but not anymore if I told a therapist any of this. I would be chalked up as crazy. Maybe I am. Maybe we all are.

Which lead me to my last thing. I think I can control my health. I think I can control my aging. I look very young and don't want to get old. I am inspired by the 250 year old man. Maybe If I try to control that now, by the time I get a little older, I will have it down. Sustain myself as a young man, instead of old?

This is getting long, I should end it here. I have left out a lot.

But those of us who truly experience these things would know what I mean.

Where the context is sometimes, next too impossible to explain.

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cheysangel (2 stories) (16 posts)
9 years ago (2011-11-30)
Hey I'm cheyenne
I also like tO be taken seriously. I'd like to share
Something drawn me to read your post.
After reading this you started to remind me of a very close friend of mine. Since he was around 6 he saw demons and angels ghosts and the list goes on his aror is also perple. And goes so as he should have died many Of times but has come off with no marks or injury. I know I'm some what similar but not the same as not on of us are the same or have the same experiences.

As a kid I had dreams of a black figure used to follow me in a dream I would have over a period of 4-5 years once the dreams stoped he came in to life andi would see it when I was out at the park ect. Thepast two years I becam a where of things around me I can feel another presence around me sometime it multiple. Then I started seeing shadows dark for demons and evil spirits white for angels and good spirits and during the past 5 -6 months they have become clearer and I can see faces and body's. So much more I have to share with you but I feel like I might be getting of track feel free to ask questions I feel a strong connection reading your post and would lik to helP if possible
quentintheperson (8 posts)
9 years ago (2011-11-29)
i have to suggest a site mytelekinesis to you cause they have a bunch of people like us. People who have power and can control it. Hope you can join us there:D

-quentintheperson master of aura control
Quentintheperson [at]
Becky666 (124 posts)
9 years ago (2011-11-28)
I apologize I get impatient about religion. If you were a medium you would probably start seeing dead people therefore I think you are psychic. You may be an elementalist because of the fire and water incidences. As for the second part suppose psychics were sane and "normal" people are insane would be what I was trying to say.
Anymore questions email me

Warrierprincess13 [at]
Antonius117 (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2011-11-28)
Geo, Your are right. I think to much.

Becky. I'm not sure I follow you properly, can you clarify "you may be a psychic or perhaps a medium however that is not suggested by your "symptoms".also you may be an elementalist. I would like to suggest you question natural law or of course call yourself insane... "


"I would like you to cosider the hypothesis that maybe we are the normal ones and the 'normal' people are crazy"

I don't understand. What is there to reconsider? That this is all in my head? I have been down that route. My late grandmother was head of psychiatric ward for the entire region. She was not crazy. I don't think insanity has anything do with it.

For example mind over matter is a lie

Because when we meditate we clear our mind. So its not in our way.

It catches people in a loop of trying to use the wrong part to get things done. For example. No thought process is needed for any of this. No forming of words.

50% visualizing
50% feeling

But none the less, thanks for the comments. I am un easy sharing this stuff.

I like hearing all angles and arguments.
Becky666 (124 posts)
9 years ago (2011-11-28)
I would like to start this comment with a confession. I am completely normal and have no psychic ability that I know of whatsoever. I don't believe in coincidences your life is planed for you however there are many forks in the road witch you may take. I would like to point out at this time that I am not religious so I am trying to put this in your perspective. You may be a psychic or perhaps a medium however that is not suggested by your "symptoms".also you may be an elementalist. I would like to suggest you question natural law or of course call yourself insane... No offense of course. Supernatural ability is often hereditary however sometimes is not. I would like you to cosider the hypothesis that maybe we are the normal ones and the 'normal' people are crazy. As for the people with the true calling I shall help them all I can before their deadline. I hope I have given you a lot to reconsider

Geo1990 (39 posts)
9 years ago (2011-11-28)
we live in a society where everything needs to be scientifically based, I don't agree with this at all. I have heard a very good psychologist (who has a masters in the field) say we do have a sixth sense.

Our body is made up of energy, the same energy that everything else is made up of (physics proves this) so then why can't these things happen? Why be skeptic about it?

There is more and more place in society for people like us, and we all have some ability, it may differ from person to person, or it may come easier for some than others, it is all about listening to that little voice inside.

The gifts you have are outstanding and you shouldn't doubt them, nor should you question them, just accept them, work on them and improve them.

I think once you learn to be less skeptical your answers will come to you more clearly.

My advice to you, don't think too much, be grateful, and just breathe.

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