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My First Intended Initial Contact With A Spirit


Now that I know what is going on and why my experiences with the paranormal (i.e., spirits, ghosts, etc) seem so much more vivid than what others experience (see my previous post). I have been contacted previously by spirits, but thought that was normal for everyone, especially later on after seeing all those ghost hunting shows; silly me huh? I didn't know that most people cannot interact with them in a meaningful way.

I recently when back home over the Thanksgiving break to be with my family. While there we went to visit one of my Mom's friends. I normally shy away from these events, however my mother was insistent that I come. I knew of this friend for some time and had met her on a few occasions over at my parents house when I was living there before I was accepted into school. For anonymity's sake I will call her Barbra. After my cursory protesting about being dragged out of my bed well before 10 am on the day before Thanksgiving and informed that I would be going with her to visit her friend. I know Barbra is going through a tough divorce and I figured I needed to help move some god-awfully heavy object (I am a former offensive line-man); this would be interesting seeing as I am still healing from a near-complete triceps tear.

I was aware that one of the houses she lived in was haunted per her, but she had moved so much that I didn't know which house of Barbra's was haunted. Turns out it was this one.

I went into Barbra's house with my mom (who is a fairly gifted medium herself). Barbra was really agitated with the divorce and all the happenings included in such an affair. When I walked in there was a "funk" about the place, however I chalked it up to the messiness of the divorce. While my mom lent a should for crying purposes, I took my leave and walked about the mostly empty house. This house was the one Barbra and her husband lived in before the divorce and was subsequently being emptied.

While I was milling about in abject boredom, I happened to notice a different feeling in the upstairs, specifically the bonus room. I walked in and was filled with a sense of not being alone. I reached out (metaphorically of course) trying to sense what was in there, if anything was at all. A few moments of this, in my mind's eye, I saw the figure of a man. He had to be at least 50 and he was in typical 1920s-1930s period dress typical of a farmer. He had thinnish features and looked disheveled. This was not a total image but more of a feeling that's what he looked like or wanted me to see him looking that way. Now what was weird, at least to me was I kept getting this phrase over and over again. It was "the land" and "lower". I tried to clarify this to no avail. This area was farm land many years ago like most of middle Tennessee was before the suburb boom. While I was trying to figure out what he mean by this, I started having this sharp pain in my back right below my shoulder blade on the right side. Then I felt short of breath, however I had taken my asthma meds the night before. While I was experiencing these physical manifestations, he seemed to be nodding at me like I was understanding what he meant. The best I could piece together was He was concerned about something to do with the land and he died of a heart or lung problem. When the symptoms subsided the spirit was no longer present at least is I could tell.

Later, unfortunately much later, we left Barbra's house. While on the way back to our house, my mom asked me if I had "felt" anything in there. I reluctantly told her about my experience but not all the details especially the part about "the land". She told me that she had come into contact with him some time before. She didn't know what he looked like, per se, but had a general idea he was a farmer and had been dead for quite some time. She said that she got the distinct feeling from him that he was pissed off about the "raping" of his old farm land, especially since it was reshaped into what it needed to be in order for a housing development to be built there. After this revelation, I told her about the back pain and shortness of breath as well as the phrases "the land" and " lower". She told me that when she first encountered him, she swore that she had smelled tobacco smoke or something similar in odor.

Apparently she wanted to see if I was able, at some level, of controlling my gift. This is mostly due to the fact that of recent I have been having extremely strong experiences. These new experiences have not been as intense as the one I related in my previous post, but strong enough that it was causing me some trepidation. I talked to her in great depth recently about how she shuts down when she doesn't want to be interacted with by spirits. She taught me about how she shuts down her connection, however she said that sometimes something that is really trying to communicate with her that the spirit still comes through. This will be nice since my future is full of working in and around hospitals and from my experiences around them they are full of upset and confused spirits.

It was great that she had sensed the same stuff that I had. It's nice to know you aren't losing it especially since we covered psychosis recently and, of course, I though these medium experiences were related to some sort of psychosis (I know I'm not psychotic, but still it made me think). As a side-note, I wonder how many psychics/mediums have been committed or treated for psychosis when it was actually their abilities manifesting themselves and they didn't realize what they were. I read a very interesting book about the subject written by a psychiatrist back in the 70s about his experiences with institutionalized delusional psychotics and how some of them knew far more about him and his personal life than any patient could possibly know about.

Thanks for reading!

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