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Is This Real Or Inside Of My Head?


I think I may be gifted. I've had paranormal experiences on and off since I was very young. I've seen spirits, heard spirits' voices. I've had them get physical before. At times, I only feel a presence. Other times it's a flash of an image, word, feeling, or thought. I can pick up on things about them. It's the same as if they were a real physical being. Rarely will I hear things out loud. These experiences scare me sometimes. I try to stay as closed off as I can. I also dream things. I've had dreams of deceased friends and family members. It's not a normal dream. It feels like we're actually visiting with one another. Just in a dream setting. I've predicted the sex of all my sister's children, through dreams. I knew when she was pregnant with her second child. She took a test because of me. Once I had a dream about a boy I had never seen before. In my dream, I was attacked by him. I began school shortly after that. I saw that boy in my school. He was even in one of my classes. I stayed away from him. Just in case my dream was true. I can pick up on feelings or thoughts of others. I pick up on peoples' "vibes." I can tell if they're a good or bad person. Sometimes I know things without knowing how or why. It comes to me as a thought. These experiences don't happen every day. One year I may have experiences. Then I could go years afterward without anything at all. I prefer that. I don't talk about this with people, because they make me feel like this is all inside my head.

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InjuredAngelHeero (4 stories) (87 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-06)
By the sounds of it you have many gifts: claircognizance, empathy, clairaudience, and lucid dreaming or astrial projection (not sure which). You have people that can back you up on some of this so it can be seen as proof that it isn't in your head.

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