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Possible Entity Following Me, Advice Needed


Firstly, I apologize that this is so long but you will need the background!

I don't believe I'm psychic or a medium though I do have those abilities, I just don't control and don't use them. My mom started to realize I was a bit different from other people when I'd see things before they happened, completely irrelevant and over very varied time periods from seconds to years away and I'd talk to people that weren't there but my mom wouldn't allow me to talk about it or anything like that so it just existed in the background, unmentioned.

When I was about 4 years old I started seeing a shadow, I have no idea why it started appearing, what set it all off, but that's just how it is. This thing used to stand in my room, watch me throughout the house and because I wasn't allowed to talk about it my mom would pass it off as an imaginary friend and that's how it was for a while, it was just always there and sometimes I was scared but not always, just mostly when the lights went out and we were alone in the room.

When I was 6 my dad's nan died of old age and she remained in the house we were living in and I think she knew this thing was there, I think they were aware of each others presence in the house and my great nan was frightened of it seemingly and started to pace constantly across the landing and one of the days it sounded like there was a chase, it was very loud but my parents were in denial. After a while my mom was downstairs and this "entity" attacked her by shoving her over whilst she was alone in the kitchen, apparently it was as if someone had physically pushed her and she blamed my great nan because she knew my great nan was in the house because she had seen her. It also attempted to push her down the stairs a few times. The activity with my dad is unknown because he'd never acknowledge it.

I don't know which age this was but I'd say 7 or 8 maybe. Normal thing, go to bed and get ready for sleep but then I feel this weight like a brick pushing down on my legs, but cold. I look under my covers and this thing is there, making an upwards digging action. I bolted as fast as possible so I only got a glimpse but the main feature were its lack of eyes and clawed fingers, very humanoid, but one finger on each hand was bright green. When I managed to get out of bed (it was a bunk bed) I ran across the landing and one of the fingers chased me through the floorboards, literally like sharks in water! When I got to moms room my mom and dad were both eyeless in the light.

Years on and this thing is still in the background doing the occasional odd thing but nothing you'd call the Ghostbusters for (metaphorically speaking) but when I'm 9/10 years old I'm falsely put on an antidepressant which causes hallucinations and I'm starting to really deteriorate, I can't speak and things and it's because I have had epilepsy since I was born but the doctors didn't know and on this one particular day I'm looking in a mirror during quite a severe hallucination, I move closer to the mirror because I'm confused and I see it standing behind my reflection. This is the first time it's revealed it's face (if you can call it that) which is just a horrible eyeless thing. I'm fixated, I move closer to this whole scene then the hallucination (the reflection) "headbutt"'s the mirror somehow and I wake up on the floor, no idea what happened because I was home alone. As I started to weaken it started to "imprint" itself onto faces again. One day I ran into my moms room and she had its face kind of, it's hard to explain, it was awful, just like when I was younger.

So now we jump to 16 years old, moving into a new house just me, mom and my sister. The "eyeless one" as I'd renamed it had given me only the occasional visit so I'd started putting it down to hallucinations. First day in the house I'm stressed and I'm practicing meditation to calm my nerves when I get a strange very calm yet very focused state which I couldn't break then within a few minutes our little friend "the eyeless one" was seemingly back for another visit, which confused me as my medication was working again. It's first appearance was in the corner of our bathroom, on the roof. The next appearance was in my doorway... You get the point, it got closer and closer, stronger and stronger and then started entering my dreams, always holding a sign that I could never read. After two weeks it disappeared, well, in our world. In the dream world it was a constant visitor. It never left, always holding a sign I could never read and I could never touch the entity.

January that year came and so did exams and I was stressed so I tried meditating, I had avoided it but this time vowed to be careful (though what of I wasn't sure) and it happened again. Nothing worth mentioning, I'm not making anything up.

I started seeing more of the eyeless one in my dreams and one night I dreamt I was in a car accident, I saw the accident in great detail and when I walked out and looked back it was my moms friend lying in the car with the eyeless one sitting with his hand or arm on her but this eyeless one looked different and carried no sign. A few days later this accident did actually happen exactly as I saw it.

About a year later I was very spiritual and wanted to learn to find who I truly am, be at peace with myself and find my spirit guide and on my first meditation session a few days after I'd seen the other "eyeless one" (which I now refer to as the omen because whenever that particular one is there then that dream is real every single time and they're always disasters) I think I called that eyeless one to this world by accident somehow, I don't know how, and we suffered the worst attack we have ever had which assured me that this thing is real and there are two of them. The omen seems to dislike people, I'd hate to say evil or say its a demon because I have no idea but as I've said, the one holding the sign all these years has very rarely harmed anyone. This thing has malicious intent and is much more powerful.

So this attack lasted around 3 weeks and consisted of the first proper poltergeist type activity I've ever seen in my life and usually I am prime target but this time it took a liking to attacking my mom and sister. First activity was it would unscrew everything in the house, you'd go to open a door and bits would fall off, chairs would fall to pieces and nobody in the house was doing that, I can guarantee you. It would unlock and open doors including the front door in the middle of the night, electricity would cut off, bulbs would blow, objects were thrown around on occasion, objects would be ripped from you especially quilts and blankets or if you were standing on a rug it would try to pull that the second you stood on it, it would trap you in rooms by forcing doors shut, it will directly hurt you as well by pinching and scratching mostly, it would pull objects down like shelves, blinds and pictures which were very firmly stuck into the wall and you'd hear noises especially around sleeping time or over your shoulder in the middle of the day as if it was right behind you and would physically manifest itself. It would push you very very hard and it actually physically pushed me and mom over multiple times, it tried to push me down the stairs, it'd flash lights and slam doors... It was just horrendous really.

So I admitted to my mom about the whole situation and she said ignore it so we did until I couldn't take it any more and if I haven't mentioned this before: I never communicate with them, so I stupidly went against that thinking it might just be angry that I won't talk to it so it's making its presence known so I tried to meditate (I had no idea how to communicate) and asked it to leave and it let out a deafening scream of something, I don't know what it said, I think it was "GET OUT!" but I could be wrong. And it went straight for my sister and to this day we do not know what it did but it was like it took over her, I'd say possessed but I thought they then had to be exorcised? So I got straight back into the meditation state as my sister was talking to it, I think, and I kept demanding it leave and leave her alone and that went on for hours then my sister stopped talking and I fell asleep... That was it. She has no recollection of any of the events during the entire time it "attacked" her.

I'm now 19 and currently we still have the problem. Between June-October I went through a horrible horrible time which a fraction of involves 15 people I'm close to dying in separate incidents and without going into detail, the "eyeless omen" showed every single one and we had another haunting but nothing like before as I didn't meditate but in this period of time it physically manifested itself outside of dreams many times, which my mom saw which did help a little seeing as I thought I was losing my sanity without it even having to be there... But a week ago I had 2 other dreams with the eyeless omen which both came true 4 and 3 days ago respectively, neither people died but if details are correct then I need to save a certain husband from his wife and the activity has started up again but just like June-October its nothing serious it's just the obsession with unlocking doors and unscrewing things. It still imprints its face and my dreams with the eyeless ones are more regular and seemingly lucid, I used to be able to put my hand through an eyeless one if I went to touch it (I learnt how to after a while) but now I can't, they're solid. And I guess it's celebration time, yesterday I actually watched it unscrew the door handle as I was sitting on the toilet with my own two eyes for the third time whilst yelling something ironic to my then current situation... I think it intended to trap me.

So I have a few questions:

1) I know these things are real, but what are they?

2) Where could they have come from?

3) What do they want?

4) Are they dangerous/evil?

5) If they're evil, how do I get rid of them?

I try not to be afraid but I'm absolutely terrified of these things, I'm frightened to meditate or do anything even vaguely similar so I'm really stressed all the time and it's making me ill. I can't decipher good from bad with them. On the one hand the omen attacks me sometimes unpredictably as well as my family but in dreams shows me events which are going to happen very soon and poses no threat, it has saved my life and others a few times and the one always holding the sign I don't remember ever harming me despite attacking my mom. I just don't understand why anything is going on really... If anyone else has any similar experiences please reply, I'm very confused! I'm not desperate for help but I'd be very grateful for some! If it makes any difference: When there is activity, my pets go wild and at 4am on the dot every morning it unlocks the kitchen door and let's the dog out, I've blocked the door from both sides with containers and I stayed awake and those containers are physically dragged or tossed away from the door. Its all calming down again but it's annoying me.

As an end note: I do not believe this entity caused all of these disasters or killed all of those people, I think it is a warning for whatever reason. I've never done Ouija and religious history if that's necessary is 0-12 years church-going devout Christian (baptized), since then - present spiritual atheist.

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Zhabesha (guest)
10 years ago (2012-10-13)
If it is as of what it told you there is no reason not to believe it. But I am not sure it is good. It may be doing all that to protect you but that does n't prove it is good. For your information some evil spirit guides you, protects you and do earthly good things as long as you are theirs. I am saying this because I know so. In my country peoples go to persons who can call up on devils and they provide offerings so that they can be rich or have every earthly possible good thing and they are protected by them to have every good thing they desire. Some are born from a family who have a past with demons and they also are protected from any danger. I can tell you a lot about these. But for sure all of them have their souls imprisoned by the demons. I am not inferring that it is evil but don't believe it because it said so. It may be tricking you. You can bring a holy water and ask him to appear and see it's reaction.N.B you have to believe in the holy water fully for it to work. And I would advice you if possible have the holy water from the nearby Ethiopian orthodox church. Also tell the priests what happened and how to use the holy water. (I am not preaching you to my religion but providing you to what I think is the solution) please do not be eluded by what it does. Peoples have been kings, wealthy and a lot but what all of them haven't seen is they have given up their souls, their spiritual development for earthly goods which they could have get if they were with God.
Megalodon (guest)
11 years ago (2011-12-16)
So I thought I'd update this, I think I've finally figured this rather confusing matter and I'm slightly relieved! So for anyone interested, here is what I did, this wasn't planned and was incredibly stupid of me:

Every day I walk to my dads to study, a little more activity has been going on lately but it's not been affecting my family other than unscrewing things which I think I mentioned but it's just been me seeing it in rooms I'm in, hearing it move around me, sensing it and there was incident at my dads which scared me as well which involved me cooking myself something to eat, leaving the kitchen and I hear a clatter after around 2/3 minutes and a knife had been taken out of the knife rack and dropped a few inches away from where I was standing, at the opposite end of the room from the rack and I definitely 100% hadn't touched these knives and it takes a quite a bit of force to pull one out so for that to have happened you would've had to pull it out of the rack, carry it across the kitchen to the opposite side and drop it and it sounded like it dropped from a height. Put the knife back in the rack, settled back into my seat (I know how casual that sounds but there was no point freaking out, not as scary as it may sound) then I heard a bang from upstairs and all of my work had basically been tossed off my bed and it was all across the landing too, windows closed, 400 page book went minimum 5 feet. But anyway, that's just a brief catchup, it sounds worse than it is but I can only say it how it is!

On Tuesday I was on the way to my dads again and for a few days I've reccurantly been seeing myself getting hit by a car after being attacked by an old woman and I just get a gut feeling of what's real and what isn't but obviously didn't know days but not far away from my dads the old woman attacked me like I saw so I purposefully made sure everything "went to plan", I needed to know who's side this thing is on because it has protected me for years, before things could go to plan this woman started crying and backing off, I don't know what she was saying but she was terrified and looking at something behind me and I could sense it was there but I just ignored it, the show must go on! Finished off, started running for the road with the car and there it was! It started begging me to stop, so I just said "I ignore my subconscious" and carried on running, it gradually became more and more desperate but I just kept going, the accident shouldn't be enough to kill me. I go to the road and it's like I had everything ripped out of me energy wise. I went from full of energy to feeling undescribably exhausted so bad it hurt and like I'd been winded or something but that was a rush that lasted a few seconds, I went to run across the road and the car breaked before I even came round the corner, still too late but I just didn't get it!
The car hit me but at a very very low speed, I haven't even got a cut or bruise which I wouldn't say is paranormal but definitely wouldn't have expected that! Either way, after the driver apologised and was all in a panic and upset I got up and before I walked off she asked where my friend went, when I asked what friend she just said that someone ran in front of the car before I did but when she got out to check on me there was nobody there and I'm pretty sure I would've seen someone do that to be honest. I just replied that I didn't have a friend with me, must've been a bird and she just went pale and said it definitely wasn't a bird, whether I was sure, made sure I was okay etc and gave me £20 for my injuries (I didn't ask and told her not to, that I was fine etc but she said she had to).
Limping onward I see the eyeless one, I didn't hit my head but wanted to make sure it wasn't a hallucination and asked him/her to walk beside me if they were there, which it did, all the way into my bedroom. I asked if we could speak, it replied yes, I asked why it saved me and it replied "because that is what you called me to do." and when I asked what that meant and what it wanted it turns out that we met when I was younger and it wants nothing in return for my protection. I then asked about incidents that I was confused about and I have to say, it's right.
As regards the activity with my mom when I was younger, it said that it attacked her because (without going into too much detail) it wanted her to take me and my sister away from my dad, because of the way he was with us all, especially me and mom. Apparently he did attack my dad but my dads nan used to protect him which was why there were always "chases" going on.
The worst haunting I was on a drug called Keppra for seizures which wasn't working and was giving me paranoia which was becoming so extreme it got to a point that I was becoming a danger, this thing wanted me to control myself and believed that talking to me would make me worse but channeling the paranoia until it was either controlled or my family were aware by focussing it on other things would be beneficial, I was paranoid about everything and it was apparently worth a shot to try to get me to be paranoid about just the haunting and making it clear that if I regained a normal mental state I would be strong enough to fix the problem.
Basically it tried to give my life balance rather than attack so I was completely wrong. The thing with entering my dreams, it just said it did because I was ready, not to upset me.

Wow, the irony. It takes you to deliberately face injury to pluck up the courage to have a real conversation with something that's been there for years... I asked what it was and it just smiled and said I knew, I asked its name and it said "whatever you like". So thanks for your input guys, I guess the mystery is solved... Kinda. I'd like to say I have a guardian angel (not saying it is) rather than a demon because apparently that's now hardly fair. Also, yeah, I know how stupid I was but I really didn't think (clearly) and I don't regret doing it now.

Just have to get back to my best spiritually and become more in tune, get the "don't sit there", "don't do that" etc back again from it I hope, and I'm going to rename it!

I am going to try to remember where I found it though, but I'm really happy that it doesn't want to harm us!
Megalodon (guest)
11 years ago (2011-12-06)
Thank you for your help fairy, much appreciated. I will be visiting a Christian church when possible although this I don't understand:
Why would a demon save a human?
I forgot to include this in but one of my first theories was that it was actually a guardian angel sent from heaven (I was Christian before) to protect me because it has and does protect me or at least one of them does, I think. Something has always protected me even when I was very small and it was this shadow being. It still protects me even now at times. My boyfriend and I got in an argument a few times and the shadow gave him a nosebleed for upsetting me or hurt him every time, a few months ago it went after him because he upset me and he'd see it in every mirror behind him and it'd move his things, watch him from the corner of his room and follow him. When I was little a group of teens pinned me to the floor and started kicking me and something threw them off. Just things like that.
It was so clear in my head before that it was an angel that left black feathers behind that my world turned upside down when the omen one appeared and attacked me and my family and destroyed my house... Guardian angels don't do that.
fairy (4 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-06)
I was given these by a physic many years ago as I was in need too. She also advised on the herb angelica- which I bought I chew on it, she said to add to water and spray around room. You are taking control and are on the right path to creating a better life, this is because you want better and you want a better life. Peace xxxxx
fairy (4 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-06)
Those who live in the shelter of the most high will find rest in the shadow of the almighty this I declare about the lord he alone is my refuge my place of safety he is my god and I trust him. For he will rescueyo you from every trap and protect you from deadly disease he will cover you with his feathers and he will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armour and protection do not be afraid of the terrors of the night nor the arrow that fklies in the day do not dread the disease that stalks in darknesss nor the discaster that strikes at midday. If you make make the lord refuge if you make the most high your shelter no eveil will conquer you no plague will will come near your home for he will order his angel ts to protect you wherever you go they will hold you up with their hands so you won't even hurt your foot on a stone you will trample upon lions and cobras you will crush firece lions and serpenstr with your feet if you make the ord your rfuge and the most high your shelter no the lord say I will resue thosse who love I will protect those who trust in my name when they call on me iwill anwser I wil be wuith them in trouble I will rescue and honour them I will reward lwith along and healthy life

Find some who knows the bible and ask whicvh psalm these are - one is defo 121. The other I'm not sure get a bible and get the words correctly from that. I just found it very difficult to bring up the words for you.
fairy (4 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-06)
i look up to the mountains does my help come from there? My help comes from the lord who made heaven and earth, he will not let you stumble indeed the one who watches over you never slumbers or sleeps. The lord himslef over you the lord stands beside you as your protective shade the sun will not harm you by day nor the moon at night the lord keeps watch over you as you come and go both now and 4eva amen xx
fairy (4 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-06)
bloomin heck! Sounds awful!
Id strongly advise you visit some physic people who can help you directly, we all need to connect with our warriors of light. They can give you some advise- you may need a strong spiritual person who can help you to clear this with you. You need to do this asap x
Also try below psalms;
Pslam 121 and another which I can't remember number

I tried writing them but it won't let me publish. Angelica herb too ❤ ❤ ❤
Megalodon (guest)
11 years ago (2011-12-06)
Also I forgot to add this, it's probably nothing but it's been really bugging me:
I wear stones like amethyst, carnelian and clear quartz for their spiritual properties but when I have them on (and this especially applies to carnelian) they go very hot and darken quite a few shades in colour. It sounds normal but something seemed really strange so I tested something out:
Bare in mind my natural body temperature is slightly lower than average and my fingers are always unnaturally cold, this is England and its quite cold here at the moment.
Me and my friend both wore my typical attire of carnelian necklace, amethyst bracelet and clear quartz bracelet, all of the exact same colour shade. We never took them off once for the whole 8 or so hours and did exactly the same activities. At the end of the day, my necklace was many shades darker than my friends and much much hotter, it was hot to the touch, not just warm and when she felt my chest it was still relatively cold, the same goes for the bracelets. Her bracelets and necklace didn't change colour and didn't really change temperature either and we had the exact same bracelets and necklace...

Just thought I'd add that if there was any relevancy at all, it happens with all the stones in a short period of time we just did 8 hours because it was available to us really. The colours do revert to normal after around 24 hours away from me cooled or not. They don't go black or anything freaky like that they just go very dark, especially Carnelian and at one point when I was spiritual more in tune I got it to change colour just by sitting close to it without it touching me.
Megalodon (guest)
11 years ago (2011-12-06)
Thanks for the replies!
Kristina - I did try to contact it once during the worst attack and only got a deafening scream (possibly get out but it wasn't clear) and before I could ask any other questions it did something to my sister so I don't know if trying to contact it again would just provoke it again, I don't know how it works, but thanks for the suggestion anyway!
Anne - Thanks for sharing! Very interesting post! So you do astral projection (sorry, I'm not an expert) and are these demons there, all the time? Either way, it doesn't sound corny! I'm very very different from most people my age, especially in the respectful manner and things. It doesn't sound corny at all, I just don't know where I'd start and I have a very firm belief that both of these things are somehow deeply connected to me and have been since we met because they do literally follow me. I've moved house 3 times whilst they've been with me and I've actually brought activity (though very mild) to other places on very short visits, even as short as 3 or 4 hours. I mean yesterday as a good example I got prepared to go to my dads, locked the door and double checked by pulling the handle and things, certain it was locked. I get to my dads which is the house I was living in before I was 16 with my dads nan in and I'm sitting in my room studying with my iPod on low (I'm not a loud music person) and then I hear the floorboards creek and the thuds. I'm okay with it usually because it's usually just my dads nan and she's obviously a comfort to me in a way and my door is half shut because my dad is playing his game downstairs then my door slams open at full force (all windows shut) and about an hour later I get a call from my mom who's just got back from work saying the door was unlocked. I know I locked that door and nan found the front door wide open around 10-20 minutes after I left.
Returning home isn't the problem, being with it constantly is. The hauntings as I call them can come and go, always accidentally caused by me but its not constant. The entities themselves I believe remain in or with me in some way and it can't just be in dreams because you can't just rip things out of dreams, I'm used to a lot of the activity now so I'm not as scared but it does occasionally make me jump if something randomly happens unexpectedly! I will try what you suggest, I don't know how but I will try! Thank you for your comment!
Biela - Thank you for your comment! I am new to this site too! Years ago I probably would've said the same thing and I'm not going to debate it, but how can a demon sit in a holy place without suffering throughout prayers? I would've thought that was the best place to drag a demon to cleanse someone. Since the activity is back and it's definitely close to my soul then I'm dragging us both to a church service, I won't speak to a priest and I know this is going to be very uncomfortable for me but it's worth a shot. I still have a bible that I always keep close, it's only a pocket one but if you believe any prayers from that may be useful let me know?
BielaAtkelsong (3 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-05)
Hello friend. I got very sad when I read your story. I can't imagine what that must be like. I signed up on this website so I could reply. I read that you are a practicing spiritual atheist... I am a practicing Christian, so our views on deities might differ, but I would just like to present my opinion.
*What are they?
According to what I belief, there is a spiritual warfare taking place all around us. There are good entities and there are dark ones. According to the Bible, they are fallen angels. They can take any form they want and have spiritual powers beyond our comprehension.
*Where did they come from?
I believe they are demons. Nasty creatures that can be beautiful and cunning when they want to be, and cruelly terrifying as well.
*What do they want?
If you were in church for that amount of time, I think you see where I am going with this. They want your soul. All around you, as we speak, there are battles being raged over you.
*Are they dangerous/evil?
These are the most dangerous things in the world. The Bible tells countless stories of people being possessed, manipulated, and harmed by demons. If it happened then... Why not now?
*If dangerous, how DO you get rid of them?
You know that these that are happening are not by chance. You've GOT to know, somewhere inside, that something bigger is going on. Something supernatural. Something we humans can't understand. These stories of people being possessed and hurt... If you can believe in something as horribly evil as demons, how could you not believe in something as purely good as a God who could give you the power to stop them? Who could give you some understanding a wisdom on how to deal with them? Some strength to get rid of them?
From Christian to atheist...
I pray you find peace.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2011-12-05)
What do demons do? They demonize of course. They love to scare people because they feed off that energy. And they have succeeded with you because you now live in terror. You match their frequency and vibrations and they'll be with you for the rest of your life or until you stop resonating with them. Yes, I understand demons can plague good people but some door has been opened. If you were born with epilepsy and other physical ailments, the very fact you have damaged chakras/auric field could be the way in. Whatever reason, that door exists. It can be location, unhappy situations (constant stress for one), a past life issue, a needed lesson, and dozens of other reasons.

I once had this very clear dream where I was fighting a demon. I was all full of anger, rage and really getting into duking it out with this demon. After a while, the demon easily slipped from my grasp, morphed into an angel type being and said, "The only role I have ever served is to teach you unconditional love." Hardly anyone will get this because they only see demons as demons but all things that plague us (even human type demons) are still, unbeknownst to them, love disguised - sometimes very deeply. In their own way they show us the light because they are so dark. We get to see this contrast and make the decision for ourselves which direction we will choose. These beings ultimately teach us how to love and what better way to test yourself than against a demon? I continued to fight demons in my dreams and astrally until I finally evolved to the point of loving them unconditionally and then every single one of them from then on out morphed into positive beings. You can practice this on mean people you meet during your own waking life if dreams remain too hard to control. Try loving someone (truly on an unconditional and pure state) who is unloveable and watch them morph under your love. You'll then get a glimpse of what I'm talking about. Every loving deed you do, every loving thought you think raises your vibrations. It won't happen over night but you can slowly move from one end of the vibrational spectrum to the other. Don't think about meditating right now. Work on treating others, even strangers, with love. You can do this every single day and it's a free pass out of hell. To young people this sounds corny but I'd rather be out there cornishly loving humans and evolving than going home to my demon infested house and living in terror.

You're one of several people who have recently posted demon related stories. I sometimes wonder as I watch us making energy shifts (perhaps related to 2012) if this is going to become more common place. I read an interesting article a few years back relating to this where events were going to unfold that would either cause you to digress vibrationally or ascend vibrationally. In other words, all these disasters, wars and demons are going to drag you/us down or push you/us towards enlightenment. A war of positive and negative so to say. The easy and natural path is to buckle and be afraid. The very hard path is to be at peace internally regardless of the train wreck around us, even those events close at home and not take the bait and descend. I do not blame anyone for this failure as it's hard for a reason and our world is cultivated on fear.

They come from the same lower astral as other negative parasites. They can know the future because time is irrelevant in the astral. I've personally travelled into the future so know this is so.

Thanks for sharing.
Kristina (4 stories) (31 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-05)
Have you tried talking to them? That's one way to know what that want.

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