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Am I Psychic Or Sensitive? And How Can I Get Stronger?


I'm 18 years old and have been seeing, hearing, and feeling spirits and energies as well as have been experiencing some psychic abilities as well since I was about 14 years old.

I see spirits in many ways: black or white silhouettes, white full bodied spirits with details, full colored/full bodied and solid spirits, black fog-like mists etc. I also can see animals and I believe the wolf is my spirit guide (I've seen a silver wolf multiple times and even as a child was obsessed with them and would draw them all the time.) But these spirits scare me and the fear disrupts my daily life. Many times I have been woken up by people trying to talk to me in my ear, most recently in my college dorm I was woken up by someone yelling "Goodnight!" When I am really busy and stressed out I can shut off this ability. If I focus and let myself connect to the spirits I can often get faces, names, and even flashes of memories. One time I was at a friend's house and I kept on seeing a woman. I asked him if his aunt passed away recently and if pictured fall of the mantle, and he stares at me in disbelief and says yes. I then explain to him in detail what she looked like and he was blown away. It was exactly how I said. However even with all of these things I still doubt myself and wonder if I possibly just make these things up.

Regarding the psychic part, I have de ja vu often, and can often tell what people will say mere seconds or milliseconds before they say it. I also believe myself to be a sort of empath. I can feel the emotions of people and spirits around me. I decided one day to visit my local cemetery, and immediately noticed that someone followed me home. I began feeling extremely angry and depressed for no apparent reason and it took me a while to summon up enough of my own energy to push out the emotions that weren't my own.

I was just wondering what you think, am I medium or psychic or something? And how can I strengthen my abilities? Particularly regarding the psychic abilities. I am too afraid to continue developing the ability regarding seeing and hearing spirits however. I would provide more experiences but there are just too many to even begin telling.

Thank you so much for your time,


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Nahlire (1 stories) (38 posts)
13 years ago (2011-12-20)
It's quite obvious (for me) that you will have trouble developing your abilities when you are in fact in fear of it.
Sure it's just a part of it. Still it's a part of you. You can decide not to want to have it, it's your life.
I recommend that you meditate and build up your selfconfidence. Focus on yourself and not what's around you.
Also a tip for you would be to analyze the fear you feel. Where does it come from (originate)? What is it saying me? Etc...
When you know the core of it, you will understand yourself better and how to take care of yourself as well if that kind of situation would come up again.
When you feel grounded and in peace, you might discover other things.
It's alright to ask others for help, but in the end you know yourself best and the best answers to unlock your own question is hidden within you.
Listen to yourself and what your body is telling you and you will know when you have found the right answer.


~Be different, be You~

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