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Was It An Orb?


Last night my daughter and her friend were having some supper in her bedroom and she broke her lamp over the weekend so her friend put their light on his mobile phone and was recording as they are always recording then putting silly films onto their fb anyway after eating they played back their recording to find a round bright light moving past her wardrobe then a minute later another one a bit smaller, I have never seen anything like this, however have heard of orbs. Could this be one? If so are they good or bad?. I have told her friend not to delete it as would love a professional opinion on this.

I have also read that dogs can sense orbs and I have a dog that always sleeps in my daughters room at night so doesn't seem to be bothered by it.

Another factor which again may or may not have anything to do with these findings is I have been in my house now for 13 years and my children were always convinced that someone is in our house, over the years we have had many strange things happening candles flying off the top of the tv which I explained could be the vibration of the sound, also mirrors falling off the wall in my bedroom but fitting still in place? Objects ending up in the bath from the window sill, I have always found an excuse to why these things happen as my children have got scared plus I am not a believer of this, however since moving in that house I have never felt happy and have had nothing but misery and bad luck in my life again probably nothing to do with anything.

Any advice or comments would be helpful.

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cleocleo4 (guest)
12 years ago (2011-12-19)
Once I saw an orb. My dad was in the same room as me when I saw it, but he sure dint.

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