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Spirits And Premonitions


Ever since I was little, I have heard voices speaking to me - mostly while I am relaxed, in the dark, in my bed, at night. When I was younger I thought I was going insane, but after recent experiences I've finally come to accept and embrace the gift I have been given. Spirits and things of other planes - both good and bad - visit me on a regular basis. Although I know some are out to harm me directly, I can't quite figure how I am supposed to hone into the "good" ones well enough to hear them clearly and figure out how it is that I'm supposed to use this gift. A man came to me a few evenings ago and he sounded so gentle, so serene, so benign. He was one of the first that hasn't terrified me in some way. But I couldn't hear what he was saying very clearly - his voice faded in and out, like a radio fading in and out of signal, and I couldn't understand his message. Any advice on that would be much appreciated.

Also, I'm a bit confused about a particular recent development - sometimes I have flashes, or premonitions (I believe) of things to come. Mostly not terribly meaningful things - I put my sandwich down mid-bite at work because I can tell the phone is going to ring a few seconds before it does; I go to throw my cigarette out the window while driving and yank my hand back in because I have an image of flashing police lights across my vision, only to see a (non-flashing) police car zoom past me a moment later.

But something last night disturbed me. I was driving home from the store with a friend, and as we went to turn onto his road I had a flash of a yellow school bus turning sharply while speeding and missing us by just an inch. It was so clear and seemed so real that I twitched as if it had actually happened. I'm wondering what something like this might mean. Is it a premonition of something to come in the next few days? Is it a warning to my friend and/or myself or simply an event that is going to occur? Or, was it just. A fluke? Maybe something that happened in the past at that spot?

Any advice or thoughts would be much appreciated! Looking to hone these abilities so I might make some use of them.

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