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Obe, Lucid Dream, Or Just My Wild Imagination?


About a week ago, I was up all night with a close friend of mine. She left around 430am and I spent the next few hours cleaning because it was passed my 'point of no return' as I call it. If I'm up passed 3am, I can't sleep until late morning. Which is what I did. I cleaned my apartment until 10am-ish. When I finally went to lay down, I was extremely tired, and with no one else home I was able to relax and drift off to sleep.

Normally when I get to such a relaxed state, it feels like I'm floating on air some where else, but I can still feel my bed beneath me. The relaxed floating feeling is accompanied by a sort of pulling feeling. It usually starts in my head and chest. It's almost like you would think of something 'pulling at your heart strings' I guess. And the pulling in my head is that same feeling, but more in my forehead and the front of my face. It's in the same area as where the third eye is said to be. Sometimes I'll even feel my shoulders pull, or my hands. But soon after I slip into sleep.

Last week was different. It started the same, but I remember falling asleep. It was almost like sleep paralysis. I knew my body was asleep, but my mind was wind awake. I opened my eyes, but my physical eyes didn't open. The eyes that did open saw my room in front of me. Again, I was aware my body was asleep, but I was fascinated that I was looking at my room when I was clearly asleep. Then I tried to sit up. I got my head off my pillow, but it felt very heavy. I guess I 'sat up' (because my body didn't move) too fast because I sunk back to my pillow. I tried again, and quickly got my head and shoulders up. As soon as I was about to be sitting up straight, I hit the pillow and woke up.

All I could do was laugh, because I wasn't sure of what had just happened. I'm still not sure if I was lucid dreaming or if something like this counts as an out of body experience.

I've experienced the pulling feeling when drifting to sleep or meditating for years, but I've never done what I did last week. I'm just looking for opinions on what this might have been, if anything at all, and if anything similar has happened to you, please comment about it. I'd love to hear your stories too =)


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Nad (1 posts)
9 years ago (2012-01-10)
Hey! I guess ill be the first to comment... I have been having what I now think are OBE's (out of body experiences) for years. My experiences have always been very frightening to me, especially because they seem so real! Mostly its either that I begin to feel like I'm levitating up off of my bed, 3, 4, 5 inches. The covers are still on top of me and I can feel and hear them sliding across the sheets. Its so insanely vivid, and often happens when I have only been laying down for a couple minutes so I still feel like I am awake. Very strange. I also feel like I am sometimes sliding off of my bed, I can't feel anything touching me but my body just feels like its sliding right off almost like I'm being pulled! That is a scary feeling, and both of these experiences I resist, and eventually wake myself up after I feel my body gently revert back to its original position.

Its funny because a few days ago I was discussing these feelings with a friend who suggested they are my spirit attempting to astral project or travel (im assuming you know of this theory, if not you should check it out cause its pretty cool!). She suggested that the next time I have one, I should just let it happen and try to go with it. I had NEVER thought of that possibility but interestingly the subject of astral travel has popped up a few times in movies, tv, books, conversation etc in the last few months so it got me thinking... And last night I had quite a slide! It was so intense that I got really scared and fought it once again; it was so real I was afraid I would actually land on my laptop which was on the ground next to the bed. I resumed sleeping with a lucid dream, a realm which I am trying to have a bit of control over lately... Oh what a night!

Just began meditating myself about 4 months ago, prior to that I was always interested in spiritual practice but never took the time to develop. My advice for you is that if you get that dream experience again, the one where you tried to sit up, you should try to float or glide out instead, fully concentrating on your spirit body. Or I have also read someone tell that they could begin to control these OBE's by concentrating on a spot in the room to send their spirit to before they went to sleep. Who knows though? Good luck and safe travels!:)

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