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Paranormal Experiences Since I Was 3


Ever since I can remember going back when I was 3. I always felt things around me, like someone was watching me or with me. But none the less, I got over it then in 1998, when my grandfather passed, which at the time I was 9 I swear I saw him in my room against the wall watching me. See I was in the bed but I just happened to roll over and felt the sense of one watching me and he was there. I ran to my parents room and only for my mom to say oh maybe he is trying to tell you to be good and he's watching you, smh. Then several days later I roll over from bed and see an all white gold trimming casket and then I went to the funeral and it was the same casket. So then several years later which is now, I keep having these weird out of body experience (not sure if it's obe for sure). Only when I lay on my back and fall asleep, not every time just three times. But the last one was a horrible one because I fell asleep on my back with my four year old son on my arm and I felt myself lifting and seen my physical body lying on the bed and I didn't have to turn back, I just saw it like I had eyes in the back or something. Anyhow I was lifting to the light (I felt so peaceful, a feeling that is indescribable and felt SOOOO GOOD and Relaxed) then all of a sudden to the left I saw an all black entity by the steps, see my room door was open when I fell asleep and can see my hall leading to the steps. And the entity just stood there, signaling for me to come but I still kept lifting to the light. Next thing you know the entity was signaling for me so much that I called onto god 2 times then I tried to move my body so I can try to get back to myself. That was the only way I was able to get up. But upon waking up, I felt so well rested and at ease. But now after it's all done with I keep having dreams that I can control. Not all of them but a lot of them. SO what's happening? Oh by the way beside my grandfather, I haven't seen anything or any deceased one I know. Well then again an old friend passed at the age of 12 at 4 am and I was 11 then and that morning I had no idea but I looked out the window to see if my friends came out yet to go the bus stop and I saw Shuan the deceased boy standing at his steps mind you I didn't know he just passed away 3 hours prior. And when we got to the bus stop everyone was crying saying shaun died of an aneurysm. But I'm 22 years old now. Sorry for the back and forth story telling just trying to make it make sense. But I still sense those feelings of someone being present but don't know. It's not all the time. Please help me make sense of things. What am I? See I'm not trying to make myself see things at all, I want to live my life regularly and keep going on the great path that I'm on. But if it is a gift I would not mind exploring it. And I want to tune in with my guides but don't know how.


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PathR (4 stories) (1254 posts)
9 years ago (2012-01-11)
Regarding something bad waiting for you.

I'm only going to share what I truly believe is real.
The Astral plane and the physical planes have laws and
Rules. The negative energies, or being is around.
Some of this depends 1) how we handle it
2) do we react with love and light by sending this
3) if our conscious/and astral body is moving upward
And onward, it will not follow.
4) if we have a neg self image: this can be an opening because of the law of attraction, hence using
Protection, and aligning ourself with our own guides and protections is imperative.

So with these ideas in mind. I do not see it an
Area of fear. For myself I acknowledged my poor self
Image at the time of my encounter and have not had once, since, but the occasional once that do not follow as I move upward and onward, by using my will.

Good journey
Spirited-away (5 stories) (46 posts)
9 years ago (2012-01-10)
This is why, I dont't sleep on my back anymore. I can easily astral project if I am sleeping on my back- (facin up) that I don't do it anymore... I still can't put my fear aways, because just like in your story something bad is always waiting for you: (

Thank you for sharing and you MUST check ou annev article she is AMAZING, wish I knew her in real life.
PathR (4 stories) (1254 posts)
9 years ago (2012-01-10)
Strangly its very normal to feel/sense we are being watched.

The bulk of your story is mentioning Astral projection.
You may wish to look up some of AnneV articles, she
Is the owner of this site, and Astral projection is
Her cup of tea.

With the Dream scape: as depicted, I can only say
I had a few occassions were the dream repeated, except
I had the will and intent to intervene and see the outcome. Sort of like watching a moving, except putting amendments of change and seeing a different out come. Like a 3rd Party intervention!

A book that is helpful with exercises if you are looking for one is: Mastering Astral Projection 90-Day Guide to O.of.Body Exp, by Robert Bruce & Brian Mercer.

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