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My Ghost Experiences And Dreams


My name is Lauren and I am 14 years old. When I was 6, I was taking a shower and saw the shadow of a dark figure wearing boots. I told it to go away and it did. Sometimes I hear footsteps and voices around my house, when I am home alone. I can also sense that something or someone was behind and can even feel them brush against me at times.

I have dreams about dead people and they send me messages. The people seem to be spirits that I have witnessed around my house before. Words appear in the dreams and they are messages to people.

My house very close to an old cemetery.

I was at my Grandma's house once and we were going to bed, when all of sudden I sensed a man and he told me "family". About an hour later, I heard a voice in the corner saying "help me" very faintly.

One time I was sitting watching television and felt someone grab my arm. I do not know why I can see/sense and hear these things. I have a hard time getting other people to believe me.

Some have told me that ghosts and spirits do not exist, but I believe that they do.

I do not believe these are harmful or mean spirits, but I also believe some of them may be family members who are now deceased. I do not know why I have these dreams. I get what I think are messages from the dreams, and ironically, I have recently been having nightmares from my dreams, even though as I said before, I don't believe the spirits are mean or harmful to me in any way.

Has anyone else had experiences like mine? When did they begin and did they continue

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