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Awake Or Asleep, Not Sure


I have just come across this website today through a friend that told me that he sees the number 11 everywhere. So I started reading on that subject which took me in a different direction. I ended up reading about people having out of body experiences and weird dreams, premonitions etc. I have been having certain things happening to me fairly constantly ever since I can remember myself. I have déjà vu's a lot, some of them stronger than others. For some reason I seem to be innately connected to a time long forgotten, something so remote that it makes it hard to describe and I deeply long for things that I have never encountered in my life yet are weirdly familiar to me for some reason. I find myself missing the old days, but I am not referring to my childhood or anything like this and I am only 25. When I say that, I am referring more to a very old time, ancient. Why I would find myself heartbroken for such things that are so hard to pinpoint I have no idea. And sometimes it is so strong that it brings me to tears and I am afraid that others might think I'm crazy. So I choose to keep this for myself. I also have reoccurring dreams and dreams that weirdly come true. Sometimes I might not remember the dream until whatever happened in the dream happens in real life and then I realize I've just dreamed about it. However, what I would like to ask you guys about is another phenomenon that has been happening since I was just probably a child or a preteen. Sometimes I am in this weird state where I somehow know that I am asleep yet it feels like I am awake. It always happens in bed after falling asleep. It is a very eerie feeling to be so sober and yet know that you are actually asleep. And just because I am so awake when this happens is what makes it weird. Because I am familiar with and can easily recognize the state when you are in between the 2 states: asleep and awake. This however is somewhat different and much more intense and it always starts with the bed shaking. It's like I can see myself in bed sleeping and feeling the bed starting to shake and then realizing that this could not be real. In the beginning, because back then I used to live in Europe not far away from an earthquake center zone, I used to think that maybe an earthquake has started and when I would be fully awake and out of bed I would realize that there is no earthquake. I don't actually SEE in the classical sense, I see with my internal eye. I have never had visual psychic experiences yet I am more of a sensorial person when you see more with an internal eye, you feel it. And this experience is very scary and sometimes feels like someone evil is being forceful with me. I am looking forward to seeing if other people have similar experiences, especially the bed shaking (I feel that even when I am wide awake until I actually physically get out of bed) and what you guys might think this is. Maybe it's just a very deep sleep. I try to convince myself but somehow I find that hard to believe. I guess I'm not very convincing.

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AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2012-01-13)
These are the same pre projection conditions I just shared with another reader. Again, more info on

As for your yearning about a bygone era, you could easily have lived a past life in that time. Or you could be like a lot of us that just plain don't like this one! (sort of kidding).

Why not ask your higherself, right before you go to sleep, to show you your past life or where you were from prior to this incarnation? I've had marvelous results with this.

Thanks for sharing.

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