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It's an odd beginning; My Mom and I had just moved to a new city, in an old building; away from everything and everyone we knew in our lives. I began having odd dreams; now I know this is not the dream site; this is not about the dream as much as the events that followed. I dreamt one night that there was something wrong in our family; on Mom's side; and that something was happening to my cousin; Well within a weeks time a police officer came to tell my Mom her sister had just passed away; and the fact that my cousin had just married the week before was a shock as I dreamt of her specifically. Six months later; I had another dream that was very short but less specific, only that there was another event in the family; same side, different branch; About another week passed, again Mom told me as she had before that dreams are just dreams and the first was a coincidence; Well we had the police come again; (we had no phone;) and our cousin had passed away; (oddly both died of heart related issues.) Both in their 40's. That was 1981. Five years later, in 1986; I was privy to a sighting; an apparition, female, she seemed from an earlier time; neither transparent nor solid; she seemed to fade in and slowly moved across the dining room of the nursing home I worked in with my Mother and other friends made there; she moved as tho in slow motion; but never stopped; she walked gracefully and with purpose; I looked away at each window and door to be certain it was not an illusion of light or of shadow; as I looked back she was a bit further along in her walk, but there still none the less. This lasted quite a while; I remember her as tho this happened yesterday. Tho my Mom tried to convince me it was fatigue or fear as it was approaching dark outside I assured her it was not imagination.

Nothing happened for 24 years then one week in 2010; September I was touched in a special way. I was on the internet, on Youtube; searching for the music of a performer, from Japan whose music touched me deeply back in 1963; when I was 6 young, I heard Sukiyaki, by Kyu Sakamoto and the song stayed with me for my entire life. I looked him up and found a wealth of songs, and the story of his death in a terrible airplane crash in 1985. I was playing the songs/videos nightly as it helped me sleep and I was singing with them, trying to memorize them; always could sing in Japanese, cannot speak it tho; anyway; this one night watching one video I felt a strong shiver; thought nothing of it but the next night, while the same video played I felt another shiver; really strong; I knew something was up; but thought it was just that I was attracted to Kyu, so I just went to bed; the third night that week I played it and there was the shiver; but something followed it; a definite pressure on my right shoulder; I could feel but not see a hand; Kyu has become my spirit guide; I have received protection, company when I'm stressed and visions; One night I asked if things were ok with his family before his death and I laid down and a very vivid picture of Kyu and his wife came to me; they were holding each other and the emotion was very peaceful and loving; I was not asleep. It lasted seconds; I was given a vision of the events in the plane he died in; stewardesses and passengers all in pure terror and panic; I was in the plane; I felt their fear and it was overwhelming; it lasted only a moment; when I was calmer Kyu lead me to a video re-enactment and it was nearly identical; but I know I had never seen that video. He leads me to new photos of him and videos of old televised events in Japan. I was attacked years ago and when a flash back occurred away from the house I called him in a whisper and he stayed with me until I got home. In friendships I can feel my friend's emotions, positive moods are just easy and relaxing; I am barely aware; but negative emotion; or someone in mental distress is draining; I feel like my whole being absorbs their turmoil and pain like a sponge; it takes hours to become myself again. My surrogate brother and I can write the same sentence in an IM window; or speak the same thought as though we were twins. I playfully call him my psychic twin. Well there is more but I shared enough. Thank You.

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Ssara (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-21)
❤ I also "dreamt" of My Dad's Passing, and that I would not be invited, only weeks before... I was mistaken that nothing happened for 24 yrs, that happened in March of 2003. Just thought I'd add that; Ssara.

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