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Always been very sensitive to animals. I was "talking" with animals before I was talking to people. I say talking but it isn't the same as talking as in speaking words. I do talk out loud but I feel something when I am near an animal it just depends on its mood. I remember once I found a scared kitten that was very frightened and hissed and clawed at everything that came near it, but once I got my hand on him he suddenly became very docile and started purring.

If emotion was light it would be like we are sharing our light with each other. If I feel fear I try give them my light, my emotion and they calm down. All my life I have done this with animals and have never had a problem with it, but recently something happened.

There are animals I don't as easily bond with. Dogs. Well dumb dogs. I am not saying that to be mean it is just a fact. Like I can feel if they are simple minded. My mom's dog is like that. I had no problems with my friends half wolf half malamute dog. I enjoyed many hours with just sitting with that dog. Feeling warm, happy, content. However like I said some animals I just don't bond with, (mother's dog). The animals I connect very well with are cats, (our independent/ curious personalities mesh well).

Then it happened. No warning. My mom's dog leapt at one of the kittens and grabbed, shook and killed her. When it happened pain raced through my body. I couldn't breathe, blinding pain in my head and shoulders. Pain, fear, and hate. I was on the ground screaming I was in so much pain, but what was over riding that was the hate. In that moment I wanted nothing more than to tackle the dog to the ground and kill him, beat, scratch and tear at him until he stopped moving.

I have never hated an animal. I hated that dog. With every fiber of my being. Nothing I write will ever truly describe that feeling of pure molten rage. My mother must of sensed something since we rushed the dog away quickly. Once he was gone the hatred subsided enough to let in grief. I didn't even own the cat, but when I saw her laying there all I could think was "my baby" I had held her and we had shared warm happy vibes nearly every day since her first day a few months ago, (she was very lovely and was such a young thing).

It's mostly sadness now, but every now and then when I see that dog I feel a phantom pains in my back and shoulder, and I see her laying on the floor in a puddle of her own blood and the hate is back in full force. What is wrong with me? Why was there so much pain?

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LunaGem (19 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-23)
This is the same feeling with my cat.
I love all animals, but especially cats. But my one certain cat is just different. She came from my Grandma's farm and it was like she found me. She ran up to me and crouched down in the grass and then ran away as if she wanted me to play with her. I brought her home (from MD to FL) and she follows me everywhere. If I talk or sing she answers back (lol) And she has the weirdest "voice". She hates it when she gets held, but I can hold her. And she comes when I call her. She comes to no one else, but me. When I'm alone with her it feels like another person's in the room and not just an animal.
I think you must have a strong connection with that feline that died, like I do with mine.
Hope that helped.
❤ Gem
Krit-Kat (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-23)
Thank you to those that commented it does help.
The breed of my mom's dog is a German Short Hair, (pure bred, open any hunting magazine and you will probably see this dog).
Part of me is just happy that he didn't get a hold of my familiar. Since the connection with her is a lot stronger then any of my other animals.
(he won't go after her her name is Sparta for a reason and when I first found her half dead and blind one of her first actions was nearly blinding that dog, he is afraid of her).
shapeshifter78 (2 stories) (169 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-23)
I agree with PathR and have to say that you probably made a connection with your cat and even gave some of your excess energy to her/him. When you did this and had the exchange you made yourself more connected to each other and also made you better with other animals too. This made you able to feel your cats pain as the dog attacked.

Another part I am about to say is just speculation based on my experience and belief and you can dismiss it if you feel like it. Some people say that cats steal a humans breath. I believe they just take part of a humans energy away. I do not mean this in a parasitism way. I mean they take off part of the excess energy and you are not harmed. I noticed this between me and my own cat and think this might be also the reason both of us are good with animals.
I hope you can get over the death of your cat

PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-23)
Now what I am going to say may sound strange,
Felines are known to take their owners pain, emotions and even illnesses unto themself.

Strangly enough you have in the past
Aligned your self energetically so as to aline with you cat
Experiencing your cats demise seeing pictures, experiencing phantom pain of the cat.

Phantom pain is felt by humans even after the limb
Has been gone even for years.
This has to do with the Aura which expands and exchanges.

As humans we share our aura with loved ones, and
Pets. A part of your life/environment was ripped
Away from you leaving you helpless and in a normal
Grieving process.

The things that may help is sharing your feelings
With people whom just listen.
Writting and saying prayers for your pet.

May I ask what type of dog your mother has?

Why the dog got hold of the kitten could of been
Due to jealousy.

Some breeds are known to lock their jaws once
Latched on.

So sorry for your loss,

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