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Unseen Energy Saves My Life And Is With Me


Manhattan, NYC, 1966, 10PM. My twin sister Laura, her boyfriend Gregory, and myself, Billy is my name. We were standing on the corner of 88th Street and Second Avenue, saying our good nights, and talking. Then they would walk to the IRT Subway on 86th Street and Lexington Avenue, uptown to the Bronx. And I would walk to 92nd Street and Third Avenue to my apartment. Yorkville was the neighborhood we grew up in, So we would meet there two times a week, with our friends and socialize. And after, like one hundred other times, we would stop for a while, talk, then go home. As we were talking, something "pushed" me gently, but there was a power, a force, in it, just hard enough for me to take a step, as I took the step I glanced behind me quickly and nothing was there. I had a feeling, that I had, had before of not knowing but trusting, a calmness, that I gave in to, I said "come on let's cross the street" while walking, they followed still talking, and we did. As we reached the curb on the other side of 88th Street. We saw a taxi speeding to make the green light on 88th Street, collide with a speeding car on Second Avenue, jumping the light. The Taxi hit the car so hard on the right front side, the car did a 360, spun all the way around. The Taxi careened off the car, speeding out of control went right where we were standing six seconds before, through the glass and half way down into the store. This happened in a split second. We all would have been killed. What "pushed" me? And why me, and not Laura or Gregory, why? As a child I often had my "Up on a cloud dream" where I felt I was high up watching myself and family as we lived. Why? I saved a little black boy 10 years old, a man yelled HELP, I swam out, he handed me the boy under water, he was drowned. I took him to shore and gave him artificial respiration, pushing on his back, nothing. I kept at it. Nothing. I said to myself let the energy come from the universe through me into him, I felt it was right above us, close to us I screamed BREATH, BREEATH, telling him to breath, he coughed, water came out of his mouth and he started crying. I felt and heard nothing, people's mouths were moving, I did not hear, I walked to the water, everything was in slow motion, I dove in. As I hit the water and went under, a glowing gold dust started from my finger tips, and covered my body like a cocoon, then disappeared, and I could hear again. Years later in LA a girl took me to this woman's house said she was a seer, I did not believe in it at the time. As we entered quietly 15 people were there, she was talking to them, she stopped, turned and said, "You are a very old soul, this is your last time here." These things have happened to me all of my life. Ever since I can remember, I felt this oneness this connection with everything calm and total. We are made of atoms, the universe is made of atoms, we are connected and one. We are it, and it is us.

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Angiebaby (2 stories) (12 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-02)
Hmm, your story caught my eye for a strange reason. My daughter's name is Laura and if (big if cause I was very certain it would be a girl) it was a boy his name would have been Gregory. So with the two names together like that it caught my eye. Hence, I was quite curious to read the rest of your post.
I was not surprised by any of it. Why? Because I have also had many similar experiences. I've known I am an old soul since the age of 5. I also figured out that I have been around before (many times) at the same age. All my life I have just 'known' things. YES we are all one. And that message keeps getting repeated to me over and over lately.
A interesting vid is on the "TED series" Jill Bolte concerning a stoke she has and her moment of enlightenment. And how she figures out we are all one. And she is a brain scientist. Very interesting and always makes me cry when she gets to the part about the connection and choosing to remain. You might find it interesting too.
Thanks for sharing.
monty (11 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-02)
The dream you had indicates a real event that happened with you probably in one of you past lives. Its a flashback yet you do not remember it in details. You probably have flu or cold like problems. You probably also face unwanted expenses. You were a very spiritual person in the past but in this life you have lost quite a few of your abilities. You still have the potential but unsure of how to master it again in this life.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-02-01)
The energy probably pushed you because you're intuitive enough to even take notice of such things. Someone else in the group probably would have written it off and not taken action and it was not your time to leave this earth plane.

We all have guides but they don't always participate in our lives on a conscious or even physical level. Not only does yours do that but you've developed your intuition over lifetimes and it's only natural those abilities would manifest in this one.

The good we do in this life matters. Your presence is needed here in this crucial time to help bring peace, consciousness and understanding in a time when by all outward appearances it is anything but. We're glad for that.

Thanks for sharing.

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