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Blocked Gift


My name is Jenna. I am 22 and my story starts at age 14 when I meet a girl who showed me I had a gift. A gift I did not want anything to do with at 14 like every other teen I just wanted to be normal. The girl and I began to walk. She explained to me that I was gifted and I saw my 1st ghost. She had nothing but black on even black hair she covered her pale face with her hair she fallowed us until I turned around and she was no where to be found. Later I seen 2 spirits in a parking lot they flashed from across the parking lot to two feet away from me before I could blink at that moment I know no human could do such things. That what I was seeing was real but why did I only see them with her? I pushed it off thinking maybe she had something to do with it. I seen a few more with her but it wasn't until the day I seen one at ponderosa's with my dad a place we been to 100 times. I knew every detail of this place and a black women stood outside the window staring at me as I walked up to order in line. Her eyes didn't leave mine and I asked my dad what he seen. He looked at me and said a parking lot. My heart dropped it hit me it wasn't her it was really me, I freaked out. I never seen them again other then in dreams and only of ones I know who have passed maybe I have had more of spirits I don't know but I only know who died in my life and have visited. Like my grandma she told me how happy she was and she looked as if she was 30 again. My friend came and told me he was so sorry for the way he treated me and the next day after waking up I found out he was found died. Along with a few other that is my last touch of my gift right now and I hope one day soon all my reading and researching and looking everywhere for this gift will pay off so I may see them again.

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