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My Strange Little Things


I'm 26 and I have a lot of things happen to me and still I'm finding out new things to do. When I was about 7 I started to have dreams that would happen within two weeks never really noticed them until I started writing down my dreams every morning. I never dream of anything good though. Its always about something bad happening. I never see anyone's face. Or when I do dream I'm just in a white place. Or in a white hall with many doors. All though school would be sitting in class and wonder what I looked though someone else's eyes. That's when I started to see myself though other peoples eyes and hear what's going though there mind. Then in 2003 I was driving home about midnight when I saw a bright light at the edge of the road strange as it sounds in that bright light I seen someone standing there. Then in 2004 I just had a baby when I was in deep sleep something made me wake up and I glanced in the door way and I seen a dark shadow looking at my child. Yeah gotta say that scared me. Three days after that it I wasn't cooking or burning a candle nor did I spray anything didn't have a window open either. I was sitting in chair while my child was sleeping when a breeze came by me. It smell so sweet. It smelled like fresh cut fruit. I also know when I have a friend or a family member is pregnant before they even know. I crave strange things for a friend and something different for a family member. Kind of strange me for to do that honestly. 2005 I just bought a car. Needless to say that car had been wrecked. Two day of owning it was driving to work when I started to get kick in the back of the seat like a child was behind me. A week later I was driving home and I was a bit tired and I was listen to music when I heard this faint voice of a little girl. I couldn't understand her so I turned my radio off. Her voice was still to faint for me to understand it. I haven't heard her for a while but she turns my radio on and off or changed the music on me. She don't kick my seat anymore cause I told her I didn't mind her in there but just to stop kicking my seat. But she will kick the sit if anyone else is driving. Then one day I was driving to work I was behind this truck when I feel someone place their hand on my shoulder. Since there was no one else in my car I slowed down and I'm glad because shortly down the road the trucked was turning and it didn't have any break lights. In 2007 a two year old boy was hit and killed by a car. I was driving down the road and as I was passing where the boy was killed I somehow went back to that day and seen everything that happen. It was like I was there when it happen. Then in 2009 I had my second child. When I brought him home I felt something there. I couldn't sleep at night all I could is stare in the door. After a few days of no sleep I seen a older woman glad passed the door way. In the morning I spoke to my sons dad and told him what I seen. With a strange look on his face he told me that was his grandmother and that was what she had died in. Kind of creepy if you ask me. I was spoke to my mother about everything I was doing and she told me that I have spiritual healers in the family. For years now I can feel when something is around in a house, outside, or following someone rather is good or bad. In some houses I get the feeling of being unwanted there something that isn't good, or they are curious I know they are near but they keep their distance. Like here recently I was at a friends house out of state when something scared my son. I never seen him so scared. I talked to the lady who owned the house she told me that there is little girl who was there. They have only seen her once or twice. She kept her distance when my son was up but when he was sleeping she would be like right over me. She never showed herself to me. But she stayed close to me when she could.

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barry2962 (2 stories) (104 posts)
9 years ago (2012-02-25)
Children see much more than us, because they have not been constricted by beliefs or judgement. Just remember spirits used to be people... And like people... There are nice ones and mean ones. There are negative ones and positive ones. Children automatically pick up on their energies and know the difference between them. We can generally feel the difference also.
lc0209 (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2012-02-25)
its amazing how some spirits will talk to people and other will just let you know they are there. I never had anything missing or anything that I know of. I have a lot more happen to me since I had my children. Sometimes when their presents is realy close it bothers me. I guess cause I can't see them. I know kids see spirits more than adults do. My youngest sees them all the time. Kind of scares me because he gets scared and points to them and tell me they scare him.
barry2962 (2 stories) (104 posts)
9 years ago (2012-02-25)
That is amazing stuff... It is comforting to know that there are those who look out for us on the other side.

My mother constantly complains about her stuff coming up missing in her house. I even remember the same when I was growing up there. Eventually, the stuff shows up again... But in unexpected places. Jewelry would always disappear, along with quilts and pillows. My dad thought she was Which leads me to this...

I am learning to astral project consciously, and this is one of my adventures. About a month ago, I was astral projecting, and decided to check out my mothers house next door. I ended up in the living room and realized I wasn't alone. There was a young girl in the room that was around 13 years old. I asked why she was there, and she told me that she lived there. I asked her name, and she said Rachel. I asked what year did she think it was, and she said 1939. She began to tell me a story about how she fell in love with a boy named Billy, which she loved dearly, and became pregnant by. She told me how her parents were ashamed and hid her in the house... Forbiding her to see Billy or leave the house. There ended up being complications during childbirth, and both her and the baby died. She loved her parents and obeyed their wishes for her not to leave the house. She is a very loving soul, and I felt much love and comfort around her. I then thought to ask about all the items that ended up missing in the house. She just laughed and said... I like the pretty things, but I always return them. I just laughed with her and hugged her... What a beautiful soul. I told her she could move on now, but she insisted that her parents told her to stay in the house.

I went to my mother a couple days later, and told her about Rachel and the missing stuff. She said that would explain many things that have happened over the years... After hearing your story, I thought you would be interested in mine.

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