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Slowly Getting There


Hey, My name is Leah and I am sixteen years old, for years now I have been hearing things and I just thought oh it's okay, maybe just my own thoughts but then one day I heard a little girls voice call for help and it wasn't my own, I turned to my friend and asked if she'd heard that and got told off for talking in 2 minutes of silence for the whole school, which made me remember when I was very little about the small girl who used to stand in my door way and listen to me sing at night, I told my boyfriend (who is now my ex) and he told me I was being silly, but things slowly started to happen in his house, eg things being thrown, his sister was hit one night in her sleep and a man was lay next to her in bed then disappeared. I heard a small girl tell me to get out and the felt two hands around my neck squeezing tight, my ex also saw the finger marks on my neck, we went to see his aunt and she told me I needed to look into what was happening to me.

Me and my ex had some troubles and I never looked into it, 7 months later an old friend of mine who is now my current boyfriend told me about how he looks into someone's eyes and see everything about them and know what they are feeling, this made me think has he ever looked into what he has? He also feels things around him and now we are both looking into the things that we have or may not have. I have been told by a few people whom I know of and know about psychic abilities I am clairaudience. So hello:) I'll be keeping people updates and your help is very much appreciated with helping us both.

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