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Premonition Of Break Up


One of my psychic abilities is clairvoyance. I get feelings gut feelings of the future and I know it will happen future wise if the emotion is not the emotion that I am feeling or could possibly be feeling. I can tell if it is a good or bad prediction based on the good or bad intense emotion I am feeling along with all my normal feelings. Another ability that I have that relates to this story is my ability to dream and get a vision of the future through my dreams. The dreams are crystal clear but sometimes a little faded and they happen in real life later on in the future. Anyway, when I was 15 years old I was dating this guy. One day though I got this intense feeling of loss and sadness even though that wasn't my emotion. I just wanted to get a day of P.E. And school over with. My feelings were annoyance, but then I got that intense feeling of loss and sadness. I wasn't sad and I hadn't lost anything. It turns out my boyfriend of a year was breaking up with me later that day. During the weekend I was still curious as to why he broke up with me when I had a dream. In the dream the color was distorted but, I saw my ex-boyfriend giving a friend of ours a chocolate rose for valentine's day which would be that next Tuesday. Tuesday came around and our friend was talking to another friend holding the red chocolate rose that I saw my ex give her in the dream I had. It turns out he was the one who gave her the red chocolate rose exactly as I saw him give it to her in my dream. At least in the end I found out why he broke up with me.

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praveen3 (6 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-07)
I also dreamt similarly when I was in 10th grade, that uneasy feeling was really different followed by increase in heart beat. Its hard to recall everything.

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